How to dismiss unqualified employees with dignity

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 How to dismiss unqualified employees with dignity

Introduction :

For any business manager , It's an emotional thing to fire an employee , It's also something that every manager doesn't want to face . Because say it yourself “ I'm sorry , The company has decided to fire you .” this sentence , It's very cruel , It's also easy to offend people , It's easy to affect your relationships . therefore , How to dismiss unqualified employees with dignity , The test is the wisdom of managers .

Yueyue has been in the company for nearly half a year , There's nothing remarkable about the work , Her colleagues didn't respond well . The boss wanted to fire her , But because Yueyue is a relative's child , Worried about the embarrassment of dismissing her . therefore , It's been a long time since I took care of it .

One day , The boss suddenly thought of using QQ Chat to dismiss Yueyue , But how to say it ? The boss felt that he had to be tactful , Let Yueyue know what she means , Leave wisely , So that you don't hurt the harmony .

 How to dismiss unqualified employees with dignity

One day at last , The boss thought out what to say , He said to Yueyue :“ I want to talk to you about career development planning , You have been in our company for nearly half a year , I'd like to know if you are interested in this job ? Do you want to continue to develop in this industry ?”

Yueyue said :“ Tell the truth , I'm not very interested in this job , I really want to have my own business , Such as opening a clothing store or a Taobao store , Do your own thing , Life and work .”

The boss said :“ In fact, with my usual observation and understanding of you , I don't think you're very interested in your current job . Oh , Do you usually pay attention to this aspect ? I suggest you enter the clothing industry first , Learn something about the industry , It's very helpful for you to open a store in the future .”

yueyue :“ I think so too .”

Boss :“ Otherwise , You send me a resume , Let me keep an eye on the work in the clothing industry , Because I have a few friends who are in this line , I wonder if they can help you find the right job , How did you like it? ?”

Yueyue said :“ well , Thank you .”

A week later , The boss got Yueyue a job in the clothing industry , Yueyue left happily , Entered the clothing company .

 How to dismiss unqualified employees with dignity

In the whole process of dismissing employees , The boss and the staff are very calm , There's nothing unpleasant about it . In contrast, some managers dismiss employees , Make a face red, neck thick 、 Strike the table 、 Stare , Do you think this kind of euphemistic dismissal can make employees leave with more dignity ? The image of the enterprise 、 The image of the manager and the relationship between the superior and the subordinate are beneficial . and , Let employees leave voluntarily , The enterprise does not have to bear the legal responsibility and corresponding compensation for dismissing employees , It's also a way for companies to save costs .

In the above case, the boss adopts the method of euphemism hint dismissal , I.e. not pointing out employees' mistakes , Don't attack employees , It's about beating around the Bush , Suggest that the employee is unqualified , Make the staff retreat in the face of difficulties , Leave . however , Although some employees have been repeatedly hinted , But still acting confused , It depends on the company . This phenomenon is also relatively common , Maybe he hasn't found a new job , Job hopping is another adventure for him . This is the time , It is necessary for the manager to communicate with the employee , Get to know what he really thinks , Explain the company's dismissal decision directly when necessary .

Of course , You can also use a third way to fire employees , That's trying to get other companies to take the employee “ poached ”, If the employee is a senior employee , This method is easier to operate . Because the salary of senior staff is relatively high , Well known, too , It's easier for headhunters to pay attention to , You can recommend to headhunters , Ask the headhunter to call the employee . So the employees will realize that the opportunity is coming , So as to reduce the pain of being dismissed . By working with headhunters , It can protect the face of employees , Let employees leave with dignity .

 How to dismiss unqualified employees with dignity

It is worth noting that , After dismissing the employee , Appropriate appeasement and compensation should be given to employees when necessary . such as , Financial compensation , In general, this cannot be less . We should also try our best to introduce the dismissed employees to their jobs , To avoid the discontent of dismissed employees , Do something bad for the company .

in addition , You also need to reassure employees psychologically , Reduce the pain . You can also keep in touch with the dismissed employees , Holidays , Send a blessing message to the dismissed employee , Or invite them to a company dinner , Let them feel the humanity of the company , Realize that there is no opportunity to work for the company , But you can talk to the leaders of the company 、 Colleagues are friends .

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