Website promotion traffic acquisition still needs to find new channels to obtain website promotion traffic
Blood wolf SEO 2020-11-25 19:58:05

 Website promotion traffic acquisition still needs to find new channels to obtain website promotion traffic

Facing the real-time changing user demand market every day , It's hard for webmasters to maintain their daily operations by consolidating their website traffic , Or rely on the way to get new traffic to make up for the loss of user access traffic every day . And in search engines , There are many ways to get traffic , Stationmaster wants to break through the shackles of traditional acquisition , It's about finding new sources of access . So in this stage , How should stationmaster expand new flow to obtain channel ? The following is a detailed analysis of this problem , I hope it can help you .

1、 Structured data development

From the change of current search engine, we can find that , Baidu is constantly trying to expand small programs to break through the accuracy of website traffic acquisition , Like Aladdin 、 Professional Q & A and a series of policy support , Let the website direct docking applet , The ability to develop structured data is required . As long as the webmaster keeps the website content updated with high quality and originality , Website can get relatively good traffic .

2、 Website image search

as everyone knows , To some extent , At present, image search in search engines is still trying to get traffic , It has relatively high exploitability , Images are highly relevant to the website and can attract users more accurately , In the website picture column . therefore , The webmaster is in the process of picture optimization , You can adjust the details of image optimization . for instance , Work hard on the speed of website image loading , Or in the picture alt Tags add keywords , Help to improve the searchability of website pictures , Although it will be more challenging , But there is also potential .

3、 Short video traffic acquisition

Usually search for a keyword in a search engine , It will show in the results that the video is increasing , This shows that short video traffic has become an important part of website optimization . Rank according to the title in the video page , At the same time, considering the possible problems of short video on the shelf , If webmasters want to get traffic through short videos , For the search engine to get ranking, we can analyze and study some production details .

in summary , New channels to obtain traffic should not only be considered from the form of flow presentation , More to advocate the user's search traffic access , Think through these two angles , I believe webmasters can get more diversified traffic results . Hope that the content shared today can help webmasters to complete the corresponding analysis .
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