Ten operation mistakes and knowledge points of Taobao operation
Liu Yufan 2020-11-25 19:58:01
Hello, everyone , I've been preparing for double 11 recently , So there are fewer updates , Now we're almost ready , Let's share it with you , I believe it will be 70% Benefits of e-commerce , Know these points, your e-commerce must be less detours ( I don't say much nonsense , Let's go to share )

First of all : Is it useful to make up and buy before the double 11 event ?

Have you seen some training institutions recently ( It's actually a software developer ) In the name of double 11, we are constantly promoting the double 11 plus horse racing ranking ? Many of my friends asked me if this was useful ? Here's the answer , It doesn't really work , But it doesn't work at all , But it is certain that for small and medium-sized sellers, this is really paying IQ tax , It's a time of looking for people , In terms of labels, this effect is really negligible !

second : Do you need to replenish the flow ?

answer : no need , This for today's tag recommendation traffic, the role is really not , The system won't let you down because you're pouring in traffic , After all, this is a fake ( Unless you're manually marking traffic , But how high is the cost ? As one can imagine , It's better to drive !) therefore , Don't go any more. It's a mistake ! The most correct is to do according to the system flow label , For those who can't operate, you can see my previous articles !

Third : Does the shop brush hierarchy work ?

answer : The first three levels can do , No more than three levels ! This is probably the most frequently asked question , So why do you have this idea of brush hierarchy ? Because Taobao algorithm inside , The hierarchy will affect a traffic cap for the search ! This is true ! But in many cases, you can't get more than half of your traffic at this level , If you can get more than half of the sales, you don't need to do this ! In addition, the competitive environment of each level is also different , You can't be number one at your first level , You go to level six and level seven, and you're not competitive enough , Nature doesn't help your search either , It's like fighting , You can conquer all the cities in an instant , But your internal management controls ( That is, you are not competitive enough ), Failure is something sooner or later , Ambition is not worthy of talent ! Furthermore said , If hierarchy is useful , So many rich people , It's OK for everyone to do this , It is also unrealistic to think about it from Ali's point of view ! But why say 1~3 The hierarchy can be done , Because the competitiveness of the first three levels is exactly the same , And some activities and so on 3 Hierarchy is also a very basic requirement ! So this can be done ( The first three levels do some basic work )

Fourth : Does some software code on the first screen of the card work ?

answer : Yes , But it doesn't work very well ! We can do a little bit when we do sales in the early stage , But when we do it, we don't make a deal directly , It's a decentralized operation to collect, collect and purchase footprints for payment ! A lot of friends are infatuated with these , Especially small and medium-sized sellers , But after our constant testing, we say , That dozens of single action is really less , You see, the beautiful data published by training institutions requires a single quantity, which is thousands of calculations ! But as a small and medium-sized Seller itself is a lack of resources , Lack of money , There are several that can be operated in this way ? And reliable resources are wasted without you ! So it's very nice to analyze the opponent's operation by marking honestly !

The fifth : What is a premium curve ?

answer : This should be a more conventional question , But recently, there are many friends asking , So I'll give you a brief answer ! As shown in the figure ! New product operation is accompanied by sales / Traffic / Collection / The increase of additional purchase , The decline of conversion rate finally tends to market average ! It has to be said that a certain e-commerce God has excavated thousands of popular funds, and this curve is really significant , But unfortunately, I don't know who the original is. Ha ha !

 Taobao operation must know 10 Point operation misunderstanding and knowledge point

The fifth : What is the core essence of through train weight ?

answer : Click through rate , Clicks ! Do not accept rebuttal ! No matter how the through train changes now , One of its core priorities is still these two points ! Click through rate is high rise quickly ! In the case that the click through rate can't be improved , The number of hits is large enough to increase the weight of , So what we often do is ride in a white car with high click through rate , Click assist is faster ! Then someone asked , Is swiping still useful ? answer , The software doesn't work ! But if you do it manually, it's still useful ! In fact, has the through train changed ? No, , It's just tagged ! So the marked click is effective ( This is the value of the through train ) In addition, the through train is only auxiliary ! Tools !

The sixth : To change the main graph, we must 0 Do you want to change it ?

answer : not always ! If you click high enough on the main image , You can change it at any time ( Notice a little bit here , This sentence applies to search for ) If the traffic structure is search, just remember this sentence , But after the change, the search will have 1-2 The sky fluctuates , Don't worry , this 1-2 Tianwei has a good sales and related channel ranking ! In addition, if your channel traffic is to do guess that you like the home page, then you can change the previous operation search stage , Later, if you guess you like it, don't change it , In this case, you can see that you have lost a blockbuster !

The first 7: Can I change the title ? There must be 0 Do you want to change it ?

answer : Tolerable , Change at any time ! But when you change it, you must analyze your data , This is root data , Because we know that the core nature of search is still in the root , And the root represents a certain group of people , Therefore, it is necessary to retrieve 7-30 Make a decision after analyzing the data ( This is for search ), If you're guessing the traffic you like , So you can change it when you're doing a search , Guess you like the home page flow, do not casually modify , Every word you change changes a certain group of people ( We all know that the home page is a flow based on crowd recommendation )

The first 8: Do you need to delete the baby who has lowered the right ?

answer : Sub situation , If it's not been done for a long time , Then you can delete it and start again ! If there is a lot of sales quality evaluation , Then you stay , After all, there is another thing called connected transaction ! In addition, if you have this link home page or gold money flow, then you can continue to operate the home page or gold money flow , Because the right to reduce the right to reduce the search and do not affect the flow of these channels , And non standard products because of the right to reduce the home page traffic skyrocketing everywhere !

The first 9 Well ..... ok , All of a sudden, I'm stuck in my mind , Leave a message , I will try my best to answer the points you often encounter

Pay attention to me , Let's understand the essence of e-commerce , Little detours , Finally, I wish you all a big sale on November 11 !
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