Review of epidemic situation in many places in China, hot spots of public opinion in Qinghua and Ma Baoguo (11.16-11.22)
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 Epidemic situation in many places in China 、 tsinghua “ Touch hip door ”、 A review of the hot topics of public opinion in Ma Baoguo's week (11.16-11.22)

【 Current political news 】

Public opinion focuses on

Forum on comprehensively promoting the economic development of the Yangtze River

11 month 14 Japan , General secretary Xi Jinping chaired a symposium on the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in Nanjing, Jiangsu province and delivered an important speech . At the Symposium , The general secretary fully affirmed 5 In recent years, the Yangtze River economic belt has made great achievements in the economic and social development and the turning changes in ecological environment protection , At the same time, it outlines a new development path for the Yangtze River economic belt , requirement “ Make the Yangtze River economic belt the main battlefield of ecological priority and green development in China 、 Smooth domestic and international double circulation aorta 、 Leading the main force of high-quality economic development ”. Xinhua believes that , The Yangtze River economic belt “ Green turns ” It is a profound statement that , Ecological environment protection and economic development are not contradictory relations , It's a dialectical relationship . The environmental management of the Yangtze River area should be from the source 、 On the whole, the ecological environment restoration and protection should be carried out systematically , Stick to governance “ A game of chess ”.

The national 19 All the poverty-stricken counties in the provinces, autonomous regions and cities have been lifted out of poverty

11 month 16 Japan , The people's Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has sent a notice to Xiji, the last poor county in the region, to withdraw from the poverty-stricken county sequence .11 month 17 Japan , The official website of Sichuan Provincial People's government announced , Announced that all poverty-stricken counties in Sichuan Province have been lifted out of poverty . Puge County mentioned in the notice 、 Zhaojue County 、 Hyde county 、 Butuo County 、 Meigu County 、 Jinyang county and Yuexi County 7 counties , They are all located in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province , Once belonged to the deep poverty-stricken areas of our country . thus , Sichuan, China 、 Xinjiang, etc 19 All provinces, autonomous regions and cities have been lifted out of poverty .

Public opinion is concerned about 15 China has officially signed RCEP

11 month 15 Japan , Ten ASEAN countries and China 、 Japan 、 South Korea 、 Australia 、 New Zealand has 15 countries , It was officially signed during the series of leaders' meetings on East Asian cooperation 《 Regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement 》(RCEP), CCTV news reports that , The signing of the agreement marks the largest population in the world 、 The most diverse member structure 、 The construction of East Asia free trade area with the largest development potential has been successfully launched . Xinhua News Agency commented that , This is a major milestone in the process of regional economic integration in East Asia , It has injected new impetus into the regional and even world economic recovery .

【 Epidemic area 】

The new local cases in many places in China attract attention

11 month 21 Japan , The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has reported novel coronavirus pneumonia cases 2 example , They were all confirmed cases in Manzhouli City of Hulunbeir . By 11 month 21 Early morning , Tianjin added this week 5 Local confirmed cases , among 4 All of them live or work in the same building of guanhaixuan community in Dongjiang port area ,1 The case is a close contact of the exposed hairtail with positive nucleic acid detection in Dongli Xinhuiyang cold storage .11 month 20 Japan , Shanghai added 2 A confirmed case of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the , The relationship between them is . As a new coronavirus vector, cold chain transportation has attracted public attention .

【 Social hot spots 】

Ma Baoguo explodes , A martial art “ Breaking circle ” Draw attention to

Reference resources :《 from “ Versailles ” To “ Ma Baoguo ”: The new characteristics of the generation and fermentation of network public opinion 》

In recent days, , Once upon a time “ Young people don't speak martial arts ” And Ma Baoguo, who is on the Internet, said he would return to a peaceful life . Ma Baoguo was originally active in the martial arts circle , But driven by popular culture , Its video is in the form of “ Kichiku ” Culture is famous for B It's widely spread on the station . Ma Baoguo caused controversy among netizens , One side , This year, 5 Yuema Baoguo is in a duel with Wang Qingmin, a young fighting coach “ Fiasco ”, Some netizens are dissatisfied . China Youth Network thinks , Netizens want to see more pure traditional Chinese martial arts , Instead of all kinds of consumption of traditional martial arts words and deeds or even commercial behavior . On the other hand, there are voices pointing out that , Martial arts is popular for its non serious content , Minority sports can be used as “ Out of circle ” The opportunity , We should also reflect on how to do positive energy “ Cross circle ” Try .

“ Qinghua Xuejie ” event

We should pay attention to the scale and boundary of network rights protection

Reference resources :《“ Qinghua Xuejie ” Please accept this network exposure and onlookers guide 》

11 month 17 Japan , A girl from Tsinghua University was suspected of being sexually harassed in the canteen , And think it's a student who molested his buttocks with his hands . After the woman checked the boy's student card , Publish his name and other information on multiple social media platforms , Call it sexual harassment and make it “ Social death ”.18 Japan , The surveillance video showed that the boy's schoolbag had no intention of touching it . The girl told the boy through the counselor “ Explained on social media , We apologize to each other , It's over ”. The incident triggered widespread discussion among netizens . With the spread of new media , Many individuals do “ Exposure ” At the same time of maintaining their reasonable demands , Some need to be verified 、 Even unreasonable demands are more likely to attract attention . however , Revelers and onlookers should not be “ The noise ” The producer and disseminator of . What is needed in this era is an honest and sincere voice 、 A sound voice 、 There is empathy and a voice with temperature .

The reporter was “ Move out of group chat ”

Build a healthy public opinion ecology of three-dimensional supervision

Reference resources :《 The reporter was “ Move out of group chat ” —— The quality of local public opinion should be a compulsory course for local cadres 》

In recent days, , After media reports reported that the prices of restaurants in some parks in Jinan were on the high side , The reporter was removed from the media group by the staff of Jinan Municipal Bureau of landscape and forestry , The latter also means ,“ Supervision is normal , But I also have difficulties ”. It is reported that , A few days ago, Jinan Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture issued regulations , It is forbidden to set up clubs in the park to serve the minority people 、 High end restaurants, etc .11 month 15 Friday night , Jinan Municipal Bureau of landscape and forestry responded , The parties have been dealt with seriously , Will seriously rectify , Be nice to the media , Respect journalists , Consciously accept the supervision of public opinion . On the one hand, the public officials did not pay attention to the social responsibility of media supervision , On the other hand, it is the self-interest psychology of abusing one's own power and avoiding responsibility . Now , Whether it's the media or the general public , The subject consciousness is stimulated , The healthy public opinion ecology of three-dimensional supervision depends on joint efforts to build .

“ The murder of a mother ” The client Yu Huan is released from prison

It has triggered public opinion reflection

11 month 18 Japan , Shandong “ The murder of a mother ” The party was released from prison ahead of schedule with commutation , The news quickly triggered a heated debate . Many netizens support the court's commutation judgment , However, some netizens pointed out that the family involved in the case “ Usury ”“ Illegal fund raising ”, Question whether the public opinion in this case has the suspicion of affecting the justice . Some lawyers pointed out , This case has deepened the public's understanding of the legal provision of self-defense , In the face of unlawful infringement , We should protect our own safety first , But encouraging self-defense does not mean that self-defense can be abused .

《 Wu Zetian's mother is in Qinzhou 》 The research leads to a heated discussion

Local apologies

11 month 19 Japan , It is said that Lingshan County, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province was established 《 Wu Zetian's mother is in Qinzhou 》 Working group on historical and Cultural Studies , This quickly triggered a heated debate . Many netizens first noticed that the expression of the research name is too vulgar , Question why not “ mother ” replace . Besides , There are also netizens who believe that such research is carried out locally “ I'm in a hurry ”, Yes “ Waste public money ” disrelish . Xiake Island Official micro also commented that , If the relationship between Wu Zetian's mother and Qinzhou originated from folklore , The subject may be rash . The local government apologized that it would seriously rectify , Decided to rename the working group , Continue to promote research work , But there are still netizens who question the need for this research project .

Shandong women were abused to death due to infertility

Leniency requires caution

Because I can't get pregnant 、 The husband's family and his mother's family have conflicts and disputes , Fang Anyang, a woman from Dezhou, Shandong Province, was abused by her husband's family , And in 2019 year 1 month 31 I was beaten to death many times . The public opinion hotly discussed in this case each defendant's serious maltreatment behavior and the first instance judgment, in view of his confession repentance “ A lesser punishment ”. According to some of the lawyers and the media , There are many problems in the procedure during the first instance of the case , Will be in 11 month 19 The trial will be held in Japan . In response to the case , On the one hand, there are media calls for severe punishment of the accused .《 On the application of the system of leniency of guilty plea 》 mention , Seriously endangering national security 、 Public security crimes , Serious violent crime , And major sensitive cases of general concern to the society , We should be cautious and lenient , Avoid handling cases that are obviously against the people's concept of fairness and justice . On the other hand , In response to the case , Yucheng women's Federation in Dezhou, Shandong Province, said it had not received any help , otherwise “ We will definitely take measures in the first place ”. Public opinion calls for friendship 、 Three dimensional social support environment .

Doctors drink glucose water after surgery, causing public opinion controversy

In recent days, , A doctor in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, shared his own post-operative experience online “ Booze ” Video of glucose water , Some netizens questioned the video after its unexpected popularity “ Who pays for the water ”, It has caused controversy in public opinion . A large number of netizens think that the doctor's operation is very hard ,“ What's wrong with a glucose water ”, However, some netizens believe that this is a matter of individual media deliberately choosing extreme views “ Follow the trend blindly ”. CCTV host Bai Yansong commented that , Doctors are also human beings ,“ Who pays for the water ” The lack of concern for people .

staff 16 Tianwei was dismissed without signing in on wechat group

Public opinion is concerned about the court decision

Recently, the media reported that ,2018 One year, a man with a continuous 16 Tianwei was dismissed without signing in on wechat group , After filing a lawsuit in court , The court finally ruled that the enterprise lost the lawsuit , Consider that the employee has not seriously violated the rules and regulations . This is a hot microblog search , Many netizens commented that they supported the court's decision , I think that in the face of some unreasonable regulations , We should be good at using legal means to safeguard legitimate rights and interests . But some netizens questioned that , Half a month in a row , The employees themselves have problems . Some lawyers pointed out , Employers can send notices and systems to employees through wechat , But when it comes to employees' own major interests , The employer should first inform the employees that the company will publish the system in this way .

Tact “ Inner ghost ” Let the cat out of the 40 Personal information of ten thousand citizens

As report goes , Recently, there are many illegal elements and Yuantong express “ Inner ghost ” Collude with , Steal citizen's personal information by renting Yuantong employee system account , Then layer by layer reselling citizens' personal information to different downstream criminals . Regarding this , Yuantong responded that the case had been reported , The suspect is on 9 The moon is caught . The incident triggered a heated debate , Some netizens are concerned about how to sentence the incident , And appeal to increase the intensity and scale of citizen privacy protection . Some experts say , The internal supervision of enterprises should also be strengthened , Check and correct yourself , To achieve customer information inquiry, leaving traces throughout the process .

Changsha police station and community joint notice

All prostitution and whoring shall be reported to family members and units , To dispute

In recent days, , Network spread Changsha Yuelu District business city community and Wangchengpo police station posted a notice saying “ Those who engage in prostitution and whoring will be informed of their units 、 Registered residence in the community ( village committee ) And family members ”, It has aroused heated discussion among netizens . The relevant person in charge said that the purpose of the notice is to let the illegal personnel have scruples , At present, the effect is obvious . Some netizens think that this measure is not inappropriate , It can also act as a deterrent . however , Some netizens also said that this move may infringe on personal privacy , Should not “ Use the law to crack down on the law ”. meanwhile , There was a voice saying that family members could be informed , But it's not right to inform the unit and the community . Besides , There is a voice calling for not to question this rule with “ Clients ” equivalent , And beware of making “ Gender Antagonism ”.

“ Confinement challenge ” Being questioned

The live broadcast content still needs to be standardized

In recent days, , Some media noticed that , There are companies on the webcast platform “ Confinement challenge ”, The challenger is required to live alone in a room with zero contact with the outside world 30 God , Challenge success and get bonus . Some netizens commented that , This kind of challenge seems simple , In fact, it may bring great harm to physical and mental health , And it's hard for people to see the positive . For such live content , The relevant departments and the live broadcasting platform should not only require the sponsor to report in time , Standardize safety management and risk assessment , In addition, it is also necessary to set up prompts for the audience , Warn the public to evaluate their own situation rationally , Don't take part in such challenges easily .

“ Brush your face to pay ” Still need to improve security

In recent days, , A woman in Kunming found her medical insurance card was separated 10 Many kilometers of a drugstore was stolen , At the time of the incident, the medical insurance card was in my hands . at present , Kunming Medical Insurance Center is dealing with this . According to media reports , Yunnan Province medical insurance electronic voucher this year 5 month 15 Officially opened on , It is the first country in the country to realize face brushing settlement , Already in 7 Home hospital 1527 Home pharmacies to achieve medical insurance electronic voucher online . This incident reflects ,“ Brush your face to pay ” While providing convenience , The hidden danger behind it should not be ignored . While the relevant departments are investigating the cause of this matter , Still need to build “ user name + password + biosignature + In vivo detection ” More advanced 、 Three dimensional protection system .

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 Epidemic situation in many places in China 、 tsinghua “ Touch hip door ”、 A review of the hot topics of public opinion in Ma Baoguo's week (11.16-11.22)

 Epidemic situation in many places in China 、 tsinghua “ Touch hip door ”、 A review of the hot topics of public opinion in Ma Baoguo's week (11.16-11.22)

 Epidemic situation in many places in China 、 tsinghua “ Touch hip door ”、 A review of the hot topics of public opinion in Ma Baoguo's week (11.16-11.22)

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