Is the dark horse coming? Kwai Shou will be the first year of the direct broadcast, eager for a fight.
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 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

The Kwai live broadcast will be held for the year. !

It has developed nearly 5 The fast broadcast business of Kwai , The first annual live broadcast ceremony will be held this year . In terms of the scale of the event , The live broadcast of Kwai Tat will throw a stone in a slightly dull entertainment live market. .

500 Multiple awards and Awards , There's an anchor on the platform “ The year of bankruptcy ” A cruel remark . meanwhile , The guild matches on the Kwai live broadcast have already started. , The performance and achievements of some guilds are as good as the big families on the platform .

Year of year , It's a fight without gunpowder , It also shows the comprehensive strength of a platform . In this annual event , Who will be the biggest black horse ? Let's see the Kwai Chung year. .

Kwai live live broadcast for the first year

“ We're going to release about 10 percent this year 500 Multiple awards come out .”

Zhou Chi, director of fast broadcast business, told Kwai hung. , In Kwai Fu, such an active anchor number is almost the total number of other platforms on the live broadcast platform. , Holding such an annual event is essentially a national carnival , Hopefully, get as many hosts as possible to participate .

11 month 20 Japan , After 3 Days after warm-up period , The first annual ceremony of Kwai live broadcast is officially opened. , The live broadcast room of the station almost all appeared the patch of this activity and the track list .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

according to the understanding of , The online event of the annual event will be launched from 11 month 20 Day goes on until 12 month 19 Japan , There will be an annual guild competition 、 Division championship 、 Regional Championship 、 There are four events in the annual finals .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

The first annual guild tournament will last four days , The final decision is based on the ranking of its anchor's peak value 6 Family King Association 、3 Diamond Association 、3 Family platinum Association .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

The next three races , They are all set up for the anchor of the platform , Whether you're a new anchor with less than 10000 fans , Or a big anchor with millions of fans , You can choose the corresponding track according to your live broadcast content , Ranking and promotion according to the number of fans , In the end, he won the awards of this annual event .

The difference is , Kwai live broadcast Awards 、 Play and help anchor exposure 、 Increase revenue and other aspects of the annual ceremony made some platform specific content :

The second runner up anchor in each track can get it 600 ten thousand -3000 At the same time, the flow coupons of ten thousand different rewards , They also made millions of Kwai packs for them. . There are also stars 、 Personal glory UCR、 Urban landmark exposure and other personal value promotion rights .

In the studio, they contribute to the anchor, and paid users are taken care of , The live broadcast of Kwai live online has been launched for them. 、 Cool entry effect 、 The annual event VIP Equity 、 Double the scorecard 、iPone12 Wait for rewards .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

In the Kwai live broadcast ecosystem , Medium and long tail anchors account for a large proportion in both quantity and revenue contribution . So this annual event also created a series of additional exposures for them 、 The way to gain profits :

First , The middle and long tail anchor has its own match range with fans , This eliminates the threat of head anchor competition . Secondly, in the competition stage , The whole host can enjoy it at the specified time 5% Integral addition of , How hard it works, it will double , Finally realize the reversal against the wind .

Besides , play 「 The host battle」 The loser can get the anchor 5% Integral addition of , But the loser will not reduce points ; Fans enjoy the opportunity to do interactive tasks iphone12 And other opportunities to respect the rights and interests of users , The host can get a lot of powder and traffic exposure ; Every host 15 There's one more sidebar in minutes 1 Exposure opportunity of sign position …… You can see , Kwai live broadcast has set up a large number of anchor for the annual event. “ Be seen ” Exposure opportunities .

Although it's the first annual event , But the growth and development of Kwai live broadcast has already been very close. 5 Years of accumulation . The opening of the annual ceremony , The Kwai live broadcast is an incentive for the platform anchors. .

2016 year , Kwai Fu has gradually opened the live broadcasting function of the community. . Live broadcast of Kwai live. 2017、2018 It maintained a high growth rate in ,2019 When the first live broadcast data was released to the public in , The number of people living daily has exceeded 100 million , Beyond all domestic live broadcast platform data .

In a prospectus released shortly before this year , Kwai live broadcast has reached the first half of the year's revenue. 173 One hundred million yuan , Monthly paid users reached 6400 ten thousand , with 33.10% The growth of .

“ Rapid growth of Kwai live broadcast , Mainly because the number of its anchor continues to rise sharply .”

Kwai Chou, head of live broadcast business , The quick Kwai Hui has created a good traffic accumulation for the middle and long tail creators. , After the live broadcast function is opened, these traffic values are fully released through live broadcasting , This has brought about a very good growth for the live broadcast of Kwai live. .

I see , Except for the head anchor , Kwai Tong will also be encouraged by similar annual events. , To support and develop the long tail anchor . that , This year , Will there be a black horse ?

Annual contingent “ Dark horse ”

This is the first annual event held by Kwai live broadcast. . For guilds and anchors on the platform , We've got a lot of energy .

meanwhile , Many associations on the Kwai live broadcast platform also told Xiao Hong. : The company has been adjusting its business focus and operation proportion , To participate in the annual event of Kwai Fu. .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

Anchor , Several Kwai Chung anchors have announced their full participation in the annual carnival of the annual carnival. . In the platform, the number of long tail anchor also did not give up this important opportunity .

Xiaohong observed that , This morning, a lot of anchors who had been broadcasting in the evening chose the morning time , To increase the duration of the annual sprint event .

Combined with this activity setting , Xiao Hong has made statistics 8 Month to 10 Kwai March fast track anchor income TOP20 The list , These anchors are on the list , Whether it's from the fans or the reward situation , Are likely to be the most popular anchor of the year .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

The specific term , It's on the list 17 More than anchor fans on the list 1 Ten million , Yes 8 Anchor income in 1 More than 10 million .

The biggest fan is Sanda brother 5163.8 ten thousand , But its income is 948.7 ten thousand , No. 9 . Two donkeys have developed rapidly in recent three months , The number of fans is 4302.6 ten thousand , The income is as high as 5613 ten thousand .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

Look at this TOP 20 The host , It is easy to find that the number of Kwai traditional anchors is only accounted for. 6 position , Compared with the previous, the phenomenon of traditional anchor frequently dominating the list has been reduced .

Besides , There are also changes in Kwai's head entertainment hosts. .

Just from the near 3 According to the monthly income , We are familiar with some of the platform head anchor did not appear on the list , On the contrary, it is Sichuan cola 、 Hi ha ha 、 Peach sister and other new rising anchor number in recent year increased .

Take sister peach for example , She is a beauty entertainment anchor who rose in the first half of this year . With excellent singing and dancing skills , She's Kwai in. 9 In the midsummer peak competition held in June, the fifth place of the peak king was won , It is loved by many audiences .

In addition to the head entertainment anchor pattern change , Xiaohong also made statistics on the participation of five guilds this year .

Due to the 20 The morning of 11 spot , We can see that fanggu times ranked first in the king's track , Its top anchor has 292.6 Wanda with ten thousand fans . The Kwai is released in a quick video that it will use its first half savings to fight for the annual event. , It's a must for the championship of the year .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

Entertainment and entertainment ranked seventh , The current 32.7 Li Damien of Wanfen ranks first in contribution value , The strength of guild and head anchor is not fully displayed .

Kwai Tai media increased its layout in the second half of this year. , Its biggest anchor was also in the hands of Li Kwai soon. . The dance emperor ranked 10th in the king's annual list , It can be imagined that once Yu Li makes an effort , Guild ranking may usher in reshuffle .

Another guild nut culture , At present, it is 17th in diamond track , But its contribution Peak The number of top three anchor fans is not more than 10000 .

11 month 20 Japan is a guild game 32 Into the 24, By 24 Time settlement , Guilds have a long way to go . It's not hard to imagine , The first match point of the annual guild match will be held tonight .

Kwai live broadcast “ Ecological warfare ”

in fact , Behind the first annual event , It is also a Kwai live broadcast to gradually improve its own ecosystem. .

After years of development , Guild system of Kwai live broadcasting platform 、 The ecology of the long tail anchor has become rich and diverse . This also allows Kwai Fu users. 、 Content ecology has been further developed , So as to promote the ecological prosperity of the platform .

1、UGC outside , Improve the guild system :

The Kwai Chung annual event opened the guild match. , But in fact , Quickly in 2019 year 12 The guild was officially opened in May .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

After the settlement of the open Association , Many old head guilds are like the dance emperor 、 Sikai 、 Nut culture 、 Huaxing brothers and so on have been stationed in Kwai live broadcast. , And cultivate 、 We have developed a group of powerful Kwai anchor players. .

On the reasons for the introduction of guild system , Kwai Chou, head of live broadcast business , The platform needs to use guild to achieve better management and operation for the anchor , We can only achieve growth by self iteration UGC Anchor group introduces new growth system .

According to our understanding , stay UGC aspect , Kwai live broadcast has always been the best. . In well quickly , The government adopted the algorithm first 、 Operation mode of reducing manual intervention , The principle of flow distribution is maintained , Let every ordinary person's live broadcast be seen and paid attention to .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

Besides , Developing UGC At the same time , Through the adjustment and encouragement of guild policy , Let the guild gradually enrich the live entertainment content of the station , Finally, the two kinds of live broadcast are developed harmoniously in Kwai live broadcast. .

For the guild , At present, the degree of association of Kwai live broadcast is relatively low. , There is also plenty of room for the development of live entertainment content . So this annual Kwai Chung is an opportunity for live broadcast. , Also released the platform to enrich the entertainment live signal .

For ordinary users UGC Live broadcast content and guild's PGC Live entertainment content , Greatly enriched the content ecology of Kwai live broadcast. , A pluralistic situation has been formed .

2. Do a good job in stimulating activities , Enriching the growth ecology of medium and long tail anchors :

since this year on , Except for big events like the annual event , Kwai live broadcast also hosts a host of motivational activities. ——

Supernova competition 、2020 Surely you are the most popular 、 Kwai Chung peak summer night , And Wanfen project 、 Qixi Festival treasure box, etc , These are all held by the platform for the growth and development of the anchor .

 Here comes the dark horse ? The first year of Kwai Shou direct broadcast , Rubbing hands “ The host's appearance ”

And this kind of incentive activities are more inclined to the long tail anchor of the platform . Kwai live broadcast is the main medium of the long tail. . No matter how many fans you have 、 Whether your live content is life or entertainment , Can be found on the platform to participate in the corresponding incentive activities , To increase your exposure , Achieving revenue growth .

We can also see from the holding of the annual grand ceremony , Kwai live broadcast will be more abundant in stimulating activities. 、 More moves , In order to give the platform anchor more opportunities to be seen , And ways to increase income , Finally, a rich and diverse host growth ecology will be formed .

“ This annual event is a bigger release .” Kwai Chou, head of live broadcast business , This time we will demonstrate Kwai Tai's live broadcast by the strength of the platform. 、 A variety of producers and good looking content , It's done every year, no surprise .

At the end of each year , The annual grand ceremony of the platform will set off a heat wave in the industry . This year's year , Kwai also added a quick figure. , This also makes the annual smoke more intense .

The year often shows the comprehensive strength of a platform , Kwai's performance is also very much expected by the industry. !
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