How to introduce accurate store flow through through through train for Taobao online shop agent operation?
Right way 2020-11-25 18:56:32
With the rapid development of the Internet , Platform traffic dividends disappear 、 Traffic is severely fragmented , The difficulty for businesses to obtain traffic is gradually increasing , In this situation , More and more sellers have launched through train promotion , But most of the sellers , They are complaining about the bad effect of the through train , There are even many sellers who are burning money , So Taobao novice sellers how to use less resources to drive a good through train to the greatest extent ? Taobao shop agent operation to share with you , How to drive a through train to introduce accurate flow !

 Taobao online shop agent operation how to introduce accurate store flow through the through train ?

One 、 Product testing

When testing the product , Sales are also one of the bases , Test results of products with sales volume , It's usually more accurate , Zero sales products , In addition to more specific data , It also needs to be judged according to the operator's subjective experience , The main purpose of the test is , It is to judge whether the product has the potential to be popular , Special treatment for special products .

Two 、 Make a promotion plan

When running through trains , A plan should be drawn up in advance , And mark out the specific name of the plan , In order to distinguish it from other plans , When you have a plan , You can add the baby you want to test , If you can't find it , You can also do a full title search , At the same time, it's better to make a replacement plan , In case things change .

 Taobao online shop agent operation how to introduce accurate store flow through the through train ?

3、 ... and 、 It's a good word

Choose the key words : Whether it's standard or non-standard , When choosing keywords , Be precise , Can choose more accurate traffic long tail keywords , You can choose according to the conversion rate given above .

Match well : Matching people and keywords , Try to be precise , However, some categories have been blocked , If you do a precise match , It may lead to not showing .

Four 、 Keywords bid

Keyword bid , It will also affect the specific situation of traffic , And the price and flow must be positively correlated , Want to get good traffic , You have to set the right price , When setting keyword bids , Need to follow the principle of account budgeting .

 Taobao online shop agent operation how to introduce accurate store flow through the through train ?

5、 ... and 、 Know your competitors

As the saying goes :“ Knowing one's own and knowing one's other will win every battle ”, So I want to stand out in the competition , We need to have a more detailed understanding of our competitors , Like a competitor's offer 、 The highlights of driving through trains, etc , Combine this information with the actual situation of the store , We should develop our strengths and avoid weaknesses , So in the process of promotion , The effect of through train promotion will certainly be more prominent .

For many novice sellers who are just entering the e-commerce industry , May not be able to immediately understand the mysteries of through train operation , This requires sellers to put some thought into it , To delve into the relevant skills , Only in this way can we do a better job in Taobao store operation .
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