Which company is good at the real estate tiktok?
Push Amy 2020-11-25 18:56:24

In fact, there are a lot of fishy things in real estate agents , Many people who sell houses and sell houses don't understand , It's a lot of money to buy , If you sell your house, you lose money , So whether it is to buy or sell a house, there are some small knowledge that we need , That's the entry point .

Now? —— It's not just now , It used to be the same , Selling houses depends on electricity , I'm on the phone all day , This kind of low probability event that depends on luck is called on me to do , I can't do it , It's like an assembly line worker , But he has more skills than the assembly line workers . I met a real estate salesman in Shenzhen , He knows Feng Shui , He talks to clients about feng shui , As we all know, Cantonese attach great importance to Feng Shui , I like to watch Feng Shui when I do anything , Especially some big bosses , So the sales of villas are very good . In fact, he doesn't know Feng Shui at all , He told others that his grandfather used to be a local geomantic master , My ancestors see feng shui , And that's right , Also holding a map from Baidu map to download and print out of the topographic map , Point to the mountains and tell people , ah , Here is the dragon vein , Dragon vein , Absolute promotion and wealth . What others hear , Because Feng Shui itself is very mysterious , People listen to listen to believe . All her feng shui knowledge was learned from Taobao for a few yuan . This is also a starting point . When you buy or sell a house, you will communicate with your customers , There must be stories in the communication between people , Editing these stories can make a good play . You may bring ten or more people to see a house , Everyone's requirements and vision are different , The stories that come out of it are all material , Make good use of the material , You can make good short videos .

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