TikTok Classroom: how to choose the outboard sound for decoration companies?
Li Jing 2020-11-25 18:56:21

How did the tiktok start? ? The key to tiktok * It mainly lies in the combination of user participation and music , We will not elaborate here , I'll tell you something about you * A topic of concern . How does tiktok run the company to tiktok? ? In fact, the operation methods are the same , There are many similarities between common Internet products , It's just that the platforms are different .

One 、 Location analysis

Analyze the needs of users and the brand of the enterprise , Conduct account brand positioning , Formulate relevant operation strategy .

1、 Access to brand information ( Understand the company profile 、 product 、 Culture 、 Website and other related information );

2、 For the brand 、 Product positioning and analysis of target users ;

3、 Analysis on the competitive environment of the industry ;

4、 Data analysis of short video industry ( Competing products 、 Target population ).

Tiktok operation professional company , Local tiktok video operation photography company is guided by three major marketing algorithms. , Standing on the height of marketing thinking , Research on user demand and enterprise brand . Information search in the era of big data 、 Arrangement , Accurate division of user circles , Conduct account brand positioning , Better mining related pain points of target users .

Two 、 Basic services

Tiktok accounts and Applications 、 Head portrait 、ID Etc .

1、 Tiktok account application : Tiktok's official account application ;

2、 Tiktok official image IP Optimize : Tiktok official Icon 、 Header image 、 Personal signature and other optimization ;

3、 Certification explicit identification : Guide enterprises to carry out blue V Logo application and certification services ;

4、 Long video plug-in : Configure long video port , Support 10 More than seconds 60 Video upload below seconds ;

5、 Mall plug in : Configure the shopping port of the mall ( Support online commodity trading ).

3、 ... and 、 Account operation

Tiktok accounts are the daily maintenance updates. ( Audio and video editing and publishing ).

1、 event planning : General generation operation team has its own professional copywriting team to help you combine your products 、 Environmental Science 、 Make a certain plan and give the plan that suits you , Assist in online marketing activities ( Brand theme activity planning , Activity planning and implementation analysis , Implement according to customer needs ).

2、 Professional shooting personnel video editing production : We have our own professional shooting team , And the post production video crew , Help you to make your video more colorful without technology .

3、 Video sharing language : According to the needs of enterprises , Conduct ( And a half ) Original writing , It is convenient for enterprises to shape and publicize their brands .

4、 Tiktok video operation promotion : Later maintenance , Including video upload , And later video operation promotion .

In short, according to the needs of enterprises to customize short video marketing , Customers are welcome to consult . If you are interested, you can baidu search giant push media . Account number solution service , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, We provide you with the best service .

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