Where does the article have the income? These six writing and earning platforms help you achieve financial freedom

 Where does the article send profit ? this 6 A writing and making money platform to help you achieve financial freedom

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Recently, many friends have asked me , Which platform should the article be sent to .

I believe that many new writers also have such confusion , I don't know which platform the article is suitable for publishing , What are the operating rules of each platform .

So we will introduce some common we media platforms and their advantages and disadvantages .

1. official account

The official account is about 12 It was born in , It has a history of six or seven years , The dividend period is long past .

A group of people who have done early have bought cars by official account. , Reach the peak of life .

Like mimone , Zhou Chong , The fog is blocking Jiangdu, and it is based on the official account. , It's said that they took over 6 One ad can buy a BMW , The income can be seen .

But for novice Xiaobai , The official account is not that good. .

Entrance of official account is relatively closed. , If there's no fans watching , There is not much reading in the post , Traffic is also needed 5000 Only fans can open .

This means that the volume and revenue of official account articles are linked to fans. .

thus , To make money in official account , It takes at least a few thousand fans to make a little profit .

Now the opening rate is getting lower and lower , Listen to a lot of friends said that hundreds of reading, only 20 or 30 yuan a day .

Although the official account has powerful functions , It's not difficult to get the original mark after the novice period .

However , The official account is very popular. , If there's no big fan base with strong stickiness , It's impossible to get high reading volume and high income .

2. Simple books

Simple books are a great writing platform .

First , The registration process is very simple , There is no need to submit various identification documents .

in addition , There is no limit to the number of articles per day , The theme does not need to be vertical , Write whatever you want .

secondly , Each article can be submitted 5 Topics , The number of people who pay attention to each topic varies from thousands to hundreds of thousands , The exposure is very high , Even if there are no fans, articles can be seen .

Last , The short book is the gospel of the author .

There are many senior editors active on the bamboo slips , Short books also provide authors with the benefits of mass publishing .

As long as your work has potential , It's fast to update the text , The article is more vertical , The dream of publishing a book can be realized sooner or later .

Like I write in a short book 4 months , Just received 8 The invitation of Publishing House , Main feature: Chicken Soup .

One of the publishing houses in Beijing has also published an inspirational book for the author of the bamboo slips .

Although writing in simple books has many advantages , but 2016 There have been a large number of v.

It's very difficult to catch up , Novice writers prepare hard 2 Hours of articles , It's better to be big v Menhua 2 A short text per minute has a high reading volume .

Besides , There are a lot of spurts in bamboo slips , After all, when the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds .

In the face of these boring people , The best way is to ignore them , It's better to write more articles and earn more money if you have time to fight with them .

 Where does the article send profit ? this 6 A writing and making money platform to help you achieve financial freedom

3. The headline number

I am a 18 year 7 Registered for the headline at the end of the month , In the last half year, only a dozen articles were published , The number of recommendations is very low , The amount of reading is only a few hundred , There was no gain , Gradually gave up .

12 A coincidence at the end of the month , Because it was published 10 More than quality articles , Get the original bid successfully , In order to avoid revocation of permissions , Articles can only be updated periodically .

Later, it was found that the number of original articles recommended and read was several times that of the past .

In the past, there were only a few thousand recommendations at most , Reading is usually only a few hundred , After opening the original bid, the data has been greatly improved .

Good recommendations 13 ten thousand , There are also tens of thousands of reading , This brings me more creative passion .

As a result, the activity of the article has changed from a few days to a day , Of course, the amount of reading is high and low , But there are thousands at the bottom .

I wrote about dry goods , Readers don't have as many hot articles , But the amount of reading is satisfactory , After all, there were only a few hundred fans at that time .

The beginning of January , Original article 《 After realizing financial freedom by writing , this 5 I want to tell you the rules 》 Get the jackpot ,300 element / piece , It's also my first income since I made headlines .

It made me realize that headlines can be cashed in .

As long as I keep delivering quality content , If you often get subsidies from Qingyun plan , A month down, there are thousands of income , Not to mention the revenue from headlines .

So I started working hard on the headlines , And every day to answer a Wukong question and answer , Post a micro headline .

Hold on for a few days , I found that the number of fans quickly increased from a few hundred to more than 2000 , The most popular day 120 Multiple .

The speed of powder rising is much better than that of simple books , Jane played for half a year , Keep one shift every three days , It's just about 2000 fans .

The number of fans has increased in a few days , It makes me wonder , And I was encouraged to spend more time seriously running the top line .

 Where does the article send profit ? this 6 A writing and making money platform to help you achieve financial freedom

in general , Headlines are still in development , Friendly to Xiaobai's author , Liquidity is comparable to the official account. , Fast rising , The earlier the position is occupied, the greater the profit will be .

But I want to remind you , Articles must be published manually , That is, you start the official account in a key to copy and paste. , Do not set up automatic publishing .

You use the platform a lot , The platform will naturally give you more recommendations for your articles .

Of course, there are lots of headlines , The quality of readers is uneven , Most of the readers are from the third tier cities , Consumption power may not be very high , If the price of the product is not too high, it is recommended to sell it online .

4. There was no.

Baijia is suitable for hot spots , emotional , Author of story writing , I've posted dozens of dry articles on it , But the response was flat , It's just dozens of readings .

Sometimes it even appears 0 Recommended quantity , I can't find the reason myself , Maybe I can't step on the words , Or it's not suitable for dry goods .

I have a friend who writes hot emotional articles , Post articles on this topic frequently .

For about a year , She read a lot of articles , It's more than 100000 reading , And at the end of the year, he also got the bonus of Baijia plan , Get 1000 element / The income of the article .

The cashing function of Baijia is also very powerful , But I estimate that it is also necessary to get the original bid in order to have profits .

Novice Xiaobai still needs to find the right position , Continue to update , It is the royal way to win the original bid as soon as possible .

 Where does the article send profit ? this 6 A writing and making money platform to help you achieve financial freedom

5. You know

Zhihu is an unfamiliar field for many authors , I didn't know there was such a platform before writing , Later, in order to collect material, I specially downloaded one , I'll check the answers here when I'm free .

Occasionally, the official account will be synchronized here. , But there has been no splash , The writers who have watched over 100000 fans are no exception .

in other words , Reading amount of articles published in Zhihu , Far less than answering hot topics .

I started answering hot questions on Zhihu last month , There are four or five answers , stay 24 Tens of thousands of reading in hours , At present, the number of visitors has reached more than 100000 .

But the effect is not very obvious , Although I'm watched every day , But only a few slow growth .

The successful example of Zhihu is the founder of Goddess evolutionism .

She answered for two or three years , Contributed to 169 High quality answers ,164 Original articles ,243 Ideas , Only then did they gradually understand it 77 Million fans drain to official account , Become one of the best-known cosmetics .

If we can stick with her for two or three years , Continuous intensive cultivation in one field , We will also have a very loyal following , It's not hard to cash in at all .

If you want to gather a large number of fans on Zhihu , It is impossible to reach the goal in one step .

After all, there are thousands of answers to hot topics , How good is your answer to beat so many opponents , therefore Zhihu's "powder raising method" is a continuous answer , whole .

As long as every answer brings new fans , Over time, the number of fans is also very considerable .

By then , Whether you want to open a paid column or sell a product , Making money and cashing in is just around the corner .

6. douban

Douban is a very mature platform , I remember since I was in high school or even before .

Douban is the most popular book reviews, film reviews of these articles , All of them are the contents of literature and art that are partial to the minority .

For example, I published several articles on writing dry goods last month , Almost no reading , It's like drowning in the sea when I put in the corresponding topic .

If it's a new writer , It's hard to stand out in Douban , The flow is inclined to the big guy , The novice's article is not appreciated , It's no use writing well .

But if you are a friend who writes book reviews, film reviews and manuscripts , The article may be very popular , It may also have some influence here .

These are the advantages and disadvantages of several we media platforms .

If you want to write, you can register your account on every platform , But there are some trade-offs .

First, we don't have so much energy to manage every platform , Operation typesetting , It takes a lot of time to maintain fans .

Second, the tonality and audience of each platform are different , The feedback from articles is also different .

Just select one or two platforms with good response for key operation , Others are supplementary .

At the beginning, you can give yourself a period of time to try and error .

Publish articles to different platforms at the same time , See which platform has more reading , The powder rises faster .

After finding a suitable platform for your writing, you should continue to post articles , Maintain perpendicularity and liveness .

Last , The most important thing is to stick to it , Intermittent efforts don't produce much , Only the normalization efforts can produce the power of constant drop .

As Ma Yun said , A brief passion is not worth money , Long term passion is what makes money .

author : Su le , front 500 Strong enterprise copywriting and planning , Author of the expletive article , Rich book , Fan Deng studies , Special author of kava wechat , Winner of Qingyun project , One on one writing trainer , Focus on sharing dry goods of writing .

What other good ideas do you have , Welcome to talk with Su le ~

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