How can businesses and talent make money through the selection alliance? How to achieve a win-win situation? Curl tail culture
Curly tail 2020-11-25 17:06:36

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I believe many merchants and experts who do live delivery have heard about the platform of selection alliance , But the end of the book culture feels that , What we are most concerned about is how to make money through the platform of selection alliance , It is said that this is a win-win platform for businessmen and talents , What can we do to achieve a win-win situation ?

How to make money through selected Alliance ?

The merchant carries goods on the tiktok. , These problems are commonly encountered : Few fans , There's not much traffic , High viscosity ; Few popular videos , Even if there are a few , The conversion rate of commodities is also very low , Sales are not going at all ; The operation of tiktok needs to continuously output high-quality short videos , In order to maintain the order quantity , But it takes a lot more energy to make quality video , Businesses have limited energy , Especially small and medium-sized businesses , If there's no team , It's hard to take care of it at the same time .

After joining the selection League , All these problems can be solved .

Businesses only need to enter the selection alliance backstage , Put the product on the shelf to the commodity warehouse , According to the cost , Set the right Commission . Then there will be a host of goods to help businesses with the goods , Making product promotion videos is also the responsibility of the talent . The merchant is responsible for the delivery and after-sales , You can have more energy to do other things , And the number of qualified people and fans will not be very low , Users will also trust them more , The exposure and sales of the products naturally went up .

The product is sold , Businesses will be profitable ! The product was not sold , But there's exposure and promotion , It's not a loss ! And this promotion cost can save more money for the promotion of other e-commerce platforms .

How to make money through selection Alliance ?

When the talent meets the conditions for opening the window of goods , You can start to take the goods . Experts first select their favorite products from the selected alliance product library , Join the window . I feel satisfied after the trial , You can make short video sharing , Then add a link to the product when you post the video .

How much commission each product can earn is clearly written , After an order is generated , The income goes into the account of the talent , The platform will settle accounts on schedule to the bank card reserved by talent .

How to achieve win-win situation ?

In general , This is the model of the selection alliance : Businesses only need to provide goods and commission , And handle the order background , It doesn't take a lot of time to make videos , Operation account number ; The talent just needs to promote the product , There is no need to manage other aspects .

Both sides have their own strengths 、 each takes what he needs . And the select alliance has launched a series of exclusive programs , Businesses put these plans to good use , Can improve the efficiency of cooperation with the talent before , Maximize the benefits of flow realization .

Jitter select alliance tiktok's win-win platform , The earlier you join, the greater the chance , Those who have ideas should act quickly !

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