Is the warm embrace of film worth investing in? Is there a big profit space? Cost?
Liang Sheng 2020-11-25 17:06:35

Want to know if the warm embrace of this project has investment value , You need to know what kind of projects make money ! Over the years , Movies that make money have similarities ! I'm Liang Sheng from Yingtou 13717615870, Friends who want to participate in film investment , Feel free to contact me , Wechat same number

1.  Subject matter : comedy , military , Movies with policy support

2. super IP The movie , A powerful Director , actor

3. Powerful production company ( Happy with the media , Huayi Brothers , Jingxi culture , Bad monkey pictures , Wanda )

Such as : Eight hundred ( Military themes , Huayi produces , Director Guan Hu )

Xihong city's richest man ( comedy , Happy Mahua products , Yan Fei , Director Peng Damo , Shen Teng starred )

My hometown and I ( comedy , Policy support , All star lineup ,7 Big director ) The tang dynasty

People street investigation ( comedy , Baoqiang Wang , Liu Haoran stars , Director Chen Sicheng , Wanda mainly produces ) The cost of these films is high and low , But it's all about making money

After comparison , You can see 《 Warm embrace 》 This project

1. Comedy , On New Year's day , It's more in line with the atmosphere

2. Huayi produces , A while ago, there was a film 《 Eight hundred 》30 More than a billion box office

3. Shen Teng's box office appeal is good , Although not the first man in this project

4.  For standard 《 The iron fist of shame 》

There are so many similarities between the two films

1. It's also a new director

2. It's also comedy

3. Shen Teng is also not the first star , The happy Mahua team has basically participated in 《 The iron fist of shame 》22 Billion box office

remarks : I'm Liang Sheng, a film investment consultant 13717615870, If you have questions about film investment , I don't know how to invest , Worry about investment risk , Can't find the right investment project , You can contact Liang Sheng , Give you professional answers !

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