Don't know how to run short video? These are the basic skills you need to know
Borges 2020-11-25 16:53:53
Don't know how to run short video ? These are the basic skills you need to know , The short video industry is now the peak of traffic , Just a short video platform has 6 Billion users , According to the data, the user data of a certain tone has reached 10 Billion , Daily life is as high as 5 Billion , See this data , You can imagine how large this number is , Now doing short video is also a trend .

 Don't know how to run short video ? These are the basic skills you need to know

Basic operation skills of short video :

The first point : Time

When you put out the video , The first thing to think about is who your audience is , When do these people have time to watch videos , How long does it take to push your video out . for example , The average office worker is usually at noon 12 Point to the afternoon 2 spot Available , Most people's leisure time is usually in the afternoon 18:00 To 21:00, This is their rest Time . It's also easier to get traffic when publishing content at these points in time .

Second point : copy

Watching a video attracts you in addition to the video image , What attracts us most is copywriting , You should also pay attention to the copywriting of videos when you publish videos , If there is a well written and resonant copy , With a nice background music , Most of you will like , The copy should be concise and clear , Arouse people's curiosity , You can use that rhetorical sentence .

 Don't know how to run short video ? These are the basic skills you need to know

The third point : Topic and place

The topic mainly depends on the relevance of what you publish and the hot topic recently . If it's relevant , It can also increase the exposure of the video . I generally recommend that you bring your location with you , This is good for recommending users in the same city to see your content .

Fourth, : Make a person ip

For short video , You want to draw attention to , It's about building your own individual ip, You can start with personal information , Like your picture and your signature , Name and so on , These are the things that embody your personal characteristics , It's also easier for users to remember your features .

Five o'clock : Interact with fans

Frequent interaction helps to increase the activity of fans . We can often reply to high-quality comments from fans in the comments section , Increase fan activity . Because a lot of users like to read reviews , To find resonance and solutions , Many fans also pay attention to bloggers because of their comments , So comment interaction is very important .

 Don't know how to run short video ? These are the basic skills you need to know

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