The first Songyuan live e-commerce competition officially launched
Old horse and pony 2020-11-25 16:53:50
< br > sponsored by the Publicity Department of Songyuan municipal Party committee and 11 municipal departments, the" happy Songyuan, Jidi Youpin "live e-commerce competition of" cultivating Songyuan local online celebrities and gathering Songyuan famous and special products ", was officially launched on November 20 and began to accept entries.

It is reported that since this year, the popularity of online live broadcasting with goods has continued to rise across the country, becoming a new engine for the development of e-commerce. Our city takes advantage of the situation and makes good use of the situation to build a live e-commerce ecosystem. In particular, we set up a platform of wanghongjidi building to help the economic development of live e-commerce, and achieved good results. According to the person in charge of the competition organizing committee, this live e-commerce competition is held not only for the development of Songyuan's online Red economy, the exploration of live e-commerce talents and the cultivation of Songyuan's local online celebrities, but also for the publicity and endorsement of Songyuan's characteristic agricultural and sideline products, so as to improve the popularity of agricultural and sideline products in the hearts of netizens nationwide. It is not only a professional live e-commerce competition, but also a grand gathering of e-commerce exchange and cooperation.

The live e-commerce competition is mainly combined with the most popular short video live platform at present. The main content of the competition is short video of products sold by competitors and live broadcast with goods on the platform. Through short video shooting and online live delivery, the contestants can fully understand the professional skills required in the process of online live sales. At the same time, the skills of short video shooting and online live delivery of goods are assessed.

As of December 3, participants are not limited to experience and occupation. Anyone over 18 years old who can have good interaction on the Internet and is willing to carry out live online sales (with goods) can sign up. Kwai tiktok can be registered by shaking links, quick hands, WeChat friends circle, WeChat official account and other media links, or to the 10 floor of Songyuan red net building (site registration: 13154389231). After passing the examination, professional pre competition training will be conducted to help the players quickly adapt to the competition rhythm and improve their competition ability. The live e-commerce competition will officially begin on December 4 after the general meeting of the municipal Internet Industry Association.

There are new team, talent group and other groups in the competition. Winners can get up to 20000 yuan in cash. They also have the opportunity to participate in the award ceremony held on December 22 and the annual Songyuan online Red economy festival to exchange with other major online celebrities.
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