The change of Adil's control right is terminated after two delayed response letters of concern
Chutian 2020-11-25 16:53:47
After two delayed replies to the concerns of Shenzhen Stock Exchange ,11 month 23 Sunday night , Adiel announces termination of the change of control , The controlling shareholder of the company is still Su riming , The actual controllers are still Su riming and di ailing .

10 month 30 Japan , Eddie announced , Su riming, the controlling shareholder of the company, and her acting in concert, Ai Ling di 、 Su Yongming 、 Su Qingxiang plans to sell her listed company 26.79% The right to vote was entrusted to Lin Ming and Qing , At the same time, the listed companies it holds 20.19% The shares were transferred to Lin Mingqing after the sales restriction and pledge freeze were lifted . however , Eddie said , This change in equity will cause the company to change into a non controlling shareholder 、 No actual controller .

After the announcement of the equity transfer by Adiel , Immediately received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange . It is this kind of non controlling shareholder 、 There is no identification of the actual controller , It has become the core issue of the concern letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange , And Eddie's been running 2 Reply to the letter of concern for the second time .

According to the publicity , Before this voting right is entrusted , Su riming 、 Di ailing 、 Su Yongming 、 Su Qingxiang holds the company separately 14.15%、5.85%、5.25%、1.54% Equity of , Hold together 26.79% Equity of , The company identified Su riming as the controlling shareholder , Su riming 、 Ai Ling Di is the actual controller of the company .

According to the plan , After the right to vote is entrusted , The proportion of voting rights held by Lin Ming and Qing is higher than that of Su riming and di ailing . But Adiel said in the announcement that the company “ No controlling shareholder 、 No actual controller ”.

In the letter of concern , Adiel was asked to state that he did not identify Lin Ming Ming Ming as a controlling shareholder 、 The reason and rationality of the actual controller .

meanwhile , There also seems to be obstacles to the transfer of its shares . Su riming and his concerted action man, di ailing 、 Su Yongming 、 Su Qingxiang plans to transfer the shares, part of which is restricted for sale , At present, there is a pledge and has been 100% frozen . Regarding this , The letter of concern also requires the transferor of the above shares to make a supplementary statement on whether a feasible release of the pledge has been made 、 Frozen program , Whether the share transfer is feasible .

Our main business is the production, processing and sales of jewelry ,2015 year 1 Listed in shenzhen stock exchange . After listing , Adil began to expand frequently through external acquisitions .

2017 year , Eddie started with 2.55 Billion yuan to buy a large number of jewelry 51% Equity of . And then , The company purchases assets by issuing shares , Bought century edge 100% equity .2019 year , Adiel also issued shares and paid cash , Respectively by 9 Million dollars 7 Hundred million yuan consideration , Acquired Millennium jewelry and Shumao diamond .

however , The rapid expansion also brought about a series of problems for Adiel . In recent years, the decline trend of Adil business is obvious ,2017 - 2019 year , The operating revenues of Adil are respectively 18.43 One hundred million yuan 、18.77 One hundred million yuan 、19.41 One hundred million yuan , The net profit attributable to the parent is 0.60 One hundred million yuan 、0.28 One hundred million yuan 、-3 One hundred million yuan .2020 First three quarters , Adil achieves operating revenue 8.60 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 46.51%; Net profit 0.27 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 48.61%.

about 2019 A huge loss in , Eddie said , It is mainly caused by the goodwill impairment of the large-scale jewelry acquired in the early stage . in addition , Because of Aidier's violation, Su Jianming 、 Lang Jiaodi 、 Su Huaqing provided guarantee , And up to 9 month 30 The daily illegal guarantee has not been lifted . Adier also existed in Su riming's relative Su Caiqing 、 Su Jinzhu and others have not paid back their loans , Being listed as a defendant by a creditor . among , Company's illegal guarantee , Also because of violating the relevant provisions of information disclosure of listed companies , A few days ago by Fujian Securities Regulatory Bureau out of the warning letter .