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Peng you 2020-11-25 16:41:01
1. If the result is not what you want Just before the dust settles .

2. Don't complain when you are in trouble , Since we can't change the past , So try to change the future .

3. Don't forget to promise yourself what to do , Don't forget where you are going .

4. May you do everything out of nature, not on purpose May your soul be clear and clear with kindness forever .

5. You are the twilight after dusk , It's the bright hope under the moon .

6. You have to believe that it's not the alarm clock that wakes you up every day , It's your dream .

7. Want to win , Don't be afraid to lose , A strong man is to treat others “ envious, jealous and hateful ” Time for , It's all about improving yourself .

8. Life is always moving forward , All the past that you think you can't live with , At the end of the day .

9. The world is never fair , You have to work hard , In exchange for equal treatment

10. The way up , It's not crowded . It's crowded because , Most people choose comfort !

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11. There is only one chance to live , Don't let it regret .

12. Don't just fail for one time , Just give up what you decided to achieve .

13. Look ahead , As long as we continue , The harvest season is ahead .

14. Don't deny yourself , Life is clear , Good luck on the way .

15. Cultivate yourself , It's more important than pandering to people everywhere .

16. The tenacity and self-discipline behind delicacy , It's the best view in the world .

17. Don't spend the best time , Waste in idle waiting and indecision .

18. The real greatness of a man is that he can realize his smallness .

19. Life is far more aggrieved than imagined ; however 、 You are much stronger than you think .

20. It's getting dark , Who can hold the sun from going down ? You have to lie down , children , Not afraid of , It's dark and bright at the end of the day .

21. The world of adults 、 There is no eternal backing ; Your strongest supporter It's your effort and independence .

22. The fairest thing is time 、 Time is the most eccentric ; Everyone has the same 24 Hours 、 In the end, I live in a different way !

23. Being superior to some other man , Is not high , The true nobility is to be superior to one's former self .

24. Laziness is the greatest enemy of your life , It is better to be rich by diligence than by chance .

25. People who fear their own suffering , Already suffering from my own fear .

26. Even if actions lead to mistakes , But it also brings learning and growth , Inaction is stagnation and atrophy .

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