What steps should SEO master?
cool breeze 2020-11-25 16:28:13
There are many SEO Friends who don't know what steps and links .

 do SEO What steps should be mastered ?

They will do it blindly when they receive a task . Of course , They will also have an effect , But they may have to take many detours . today , Uncle Niu Here to share with you what steps and links , master SEO.

First , We need to understand how to do SEO There is no shortcut. , There's no secret to making a website ,SEO Don't be afraid of pain , Be able to stand loneliness , To be able to hold on to , do SEO It's roughly the next six steps .

This is a SEO The important part . First , We need to analyze keyword positioning 、 Keyword index 、 difficulty 、 Expected traffic 、 Attention and website relevance . You also need to fill in the keywords of the website title , And modify the layout and keyword density . Analyze the keywords used by peers and peer websites . These are the analysis and positioning of key words .

 do SEO What steps should be mastered ?

do SEO You have to have an initial HTML Code editing ability , Be able to modify the site structure flexibly , This is conducive to the search engine spider to master the site structure , It's especially good for SEO.

The structure of the website has been analyzed , If it is not good to modify the website design , Such as JS Too much , Use flash Design a website , Realize the tree structure of website , Convenient for search engine crawling and user reading , Optimize website navigation links, etc , Optimize the top and bottom of the site URL, stay URL Add less valuable nofollow Labels etc. .

When we do SEO, We can not only rank the home page . We want to make a good ranking of some columns and important pages in the station , So we should do a good job in column page optimization .

 do SEO What steps should be mastered ?

Generally speaking , Column page optimization and home page optimization , We need to do a good job in keyword density and title display . Good column page is very important , In this way, multiple pages of the website can import traffic , Bring higher weight .

Any search engine crawls from the website's update frequency . If frequent search engine spiders update your site , They'll grab your site more often . If frequent search engine spiders update your site , They won't capture your site so often . meanwhile , Search engines also like to update websites regularly , Therefore, we should reasonably arrange the updating of website content and do a good job of daily updating SEO One of the important skills of .

The other is the layout of links , Target anchor text . Generally speaking , Some mainstream CMS The system supports keyword batch maintenance . You need to use this function to add some keywords as anchor text , So that the entire site can be linked to , So when search engines grab , It can grab more on our website .

 do SEO What steps should be mastered ?

Often analyze some data of search engines on the website , How many pages are included 、 Snapshot update 、 How much anti chain information , Skilled in analyzing website logs and other information , Often use Baidu webmaster tools to analyze the development trend of the website .

In order to improve the website , We need to focus on traffic . Sometimes I will analyze which keywords the website has clicked on , Which keywords we focus on will bring high traffic .

We can use the website display tool in Baidu webmaster tool to check the website traffic , Check and analyze which keywords bring click and which Baidu Index some keywords are false Baidu Index brush , There is a clear direction for the next step of website optimization .

 do SEO What steps should be mastered ?

Do it through the above six steps SEO, We need to keep reviewing , Until we have mastered these steps and links , We can better in the search engine to show that our website has a good ranking , In this way, our website has a lot of traffic .
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