How to split the contents of cells in Excel
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Excel In the same cell , How to split it into separate cells ? Are you still copying one content after another ? This method doesn't work , I want to share with you an efficient method , Batch operation of cell splitting , Office must learn efficient skills ! Let's share Excel Techniques for sorting cell contents .

1、 First select the cells you want to column , Click the column under the data .

excel How to split the contents of a cell

2、 Default separator , Click next , The data here is separated by commas , Click other , Enter the corresponding symbol , Click Next , Enter the select target area , That is to store the split content . Finally, click finish .

excel How to split the contents of a cell

3、 It can also split the data of two columns in batch , Operation method and steps 2 The tutorial is the same .

excel How to split the contents of a cell

That's through the disaggregation function , Split cell data into other cells . Have you learned this skill ? The technique you did in half an hour , The other guy's in two minutes , It is suggested to collect and study ~