Hot spots will switch tomorrow, pay attention to these directions! (additional shares)
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1、 The bond default storm shakes the top .

11 month 21 Japan , Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee 、 Vice premier of the state council 、 Liu He, director of the financial stability and Development Commission of the State Council, presided over the 43rd meeting of the financial committee , Research and standardize the development of bond market 、 Maintaining the stability of the bond market . Relevant responsible comrades from the member units of the financial commission attended the meeting .

Even the Finance Committee has a special meeting to study this matter , The meaning is also obvious , It is to stabilize the market .

In the short run , Market sentiment has stabilized for the time being , At least it won't get worse .

How to solve the problem , The Yongmei incident is Wind vane , You can stare at .

2、 Friday , Brilliance group To declare bankruptcy ; In the evening , The CSRC publishes information , The decision is right Brilliance group File a case 、 Yes China merchants securities At the same time that synchronous verification is started , The Shanghai Stock Exchange is also interested in China merchants securities Issued a regulatory warning letter .

the other day Haitong securities Because of Yongmei , It's been a drag brokers stocks ; This time the impact will diminish .

but I don't rule out that there will be more brokers The possibility of being investigated .

 The hotspot will switch again tomorrow , Focus on these directions !( carried )

3、 The Securities Regulatory Commission issued a statement on Guolian securities Take warning measures , After the check , It is found that the following problems exist in the process of planning major assets reorganization : First, regulatory policies have not been effectively assessed , Inadequate preparation for restructuring options ; Second, the impact on the securities market has not been carefully assessed .

This is obviously aimed at more than a month ago “ Guolian securities And Sinolink securities ” Merger storm .

Insider trading has always been a problem , The SFC did not mention .

in other words , Guolian securities And Sinolink securities Merger storm , The final penalty is a warning letter , The intensity is obviously lower than expected , This pair Guolian securities Actually, it's good .

Besides ,11 month 21 morning 6 spot , FTSE Russell published the quarterly review results of the global stock index series on its official website , Only one new one is included this time A A share of stock is Guolian securities . Hong Kong 、A stocks 、 Overseas listing ADS total 23 Only shares are included in , Among them are new energy vehicles, new cutting edge companies, ideal cars . this , nothing A Shares are taken out .

Guolian securities Included in the FTSE Russell index , It's good for it, too .

4、 Maotai has done a lot ! This is the consistent response of the market to the direct marketing channel of Maotai recently . And what's the situation with large volume ,11 month 20 On the afternoon of Sunday , Guizhou Moutai Revealed the details , Fourth quarter direct sales channel plan sales 4160 Tons of flying Moutai wine , This amount directly accounts for Guizhou Moutai Previously announced 2020 It's planned for the whole year 12%, This volume may also directly exceed the total direct sales of Maotai in the first three quarters .

lately Liquor and Spirits Skyrocketing , The main stir fry is the third and fourth line Liquor and Spirits To make up for ; in addition , beer 、 Red wine goes up with it , On Thursday and Friday, it's going crazy again Yellow Wine , It's really a chicken and a dog .

Maotai is good again , Tomorrow, we'll see if the funds will flow back Liquor and Spirits Faucet .

 The hotspot will switch again tomorrow , Focus on these directions !( carried )

5、 China made transport -20 A new type of domestic heavy transport aircraft is installed WS-20 aircraft engine Achieve first flight .

If you carry 20 Make sure it's changed 4 Hair WS20, So you could say ,WS20 The engine is at the end of its development , At most, there are minor modifications , It will soon enter the stage of small batch production , This pair of luck 20 The manufacturer of China Aviation Aircraft It's also significant .

Focus on : Engine power China Aviation Aircraft Aeronautical Technology Flight control Gangyan Gaona Tunan shares ST Fushan iron and Steel Co etc. .

6、 In recent days, , The federal communications commission (FCC) The official vote decided that 5.9GHz Frequency band (5.850-5.925GHz) Allocate to Wi-Fi and C-V2X Use , This marks a formal announcement by the United States to give up DSRC And turn to C-V2X, At the same time, it also means that our country mainly promotes C-V2X It will become a widely accepted industry fact standard all over the world .

With C-V2X The deployment work is landing , First of all, it will bring chip 、 module 、 Terminal equipment 、 Management platform 、 Massive demand for security authentication and so on , At the same time, transportation information manufacturers with strong implementation ability will also benefit directly . And after the infrastructure work is completed , Platform operation is expected to derive greater value , Focus on the whole industry chain :

(1) chip module : Gaohong Co., Ltd Gao Xinxing Mobile communications ;

(2) Terminal equipment : Wanji technology Jinyi Technology Hua Ming intelligence Dessicaway Neusoft group ;

(3) Management platform : Neusoft group Kechuang in da Four dimensional innovation ;

(4) Safety certification : Geer software Digital authentication Weishitong ;

(5) Traffic information project implementer : Qianfang technology .

 The hotspot will switch again tomorrow , Focus on these directions !( carried )

About the future market , The current market , It's been said repeatedly recently , Index range oscillations , Hot spots rotate quickly . The strongest on Friday was new energy vehicles , The hot spots may have to switch again tomorrow .

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