Tiktok live with 2 months, I feel and think about it.
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Hello Hello everyone , This is Liu Nan , The founder of honey bud and CEO, Recently, there is a new identity —— Anchor with goods .

I started this year 3 Tiktok begins operation month ,9 Starting in January “ A good thing ” Live delivery , So far, we've done four , Total sales 9000 ten thousand , The proportion of our own brands 40%, Supply chain cooperation brand share 30%, Investment promotion brands 30%.

 Tiktok live with live 2 Months , My body feeling and thinking

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The highest selling item in the studio is the selection of mother rabbit head mompick Diapers , Three live broadcast sales exceeded 3000 ten thousand , To achieve this category platform Top1.

More than one million sales items are widely distributed , Covering mother and baby 、 Beauty makeup 、 food 、 Home and clothing , Include hi-genk Perdoli sheep milk , Make up V‘ALAMIO Polypeptide skin care 、 There are marylamb Silk quilt 、 Clothing category P3Y Home clothes . In the brand of investment promotion , Snoopy down jacket sales 8000 single ,All-joint Total sales of Youqi children's thermos cup 15000 single , Korean modern wall breaking machine ROI here we are 1:6.

2 Months of live delivery experience , I have some thoughts to share with you .

 Tiktok live with live 2 Months , My body feeling and thinking


What is the tiktok live broadcast? ?

Tiktok what I want to do live by the sound of a live voice. , This problem , It can be disassembled into the following three problems : Why do we do live , Why do I anchor myself , Tiktok and why do you do what you do on the flick. .

1、 Why do we do live ?

Brand and supply chain are the driving force of honey bud in the future , Including private brands 、 Supply chain customization , As well as the brand service of the integration of product and effect . At present, the sales proportion of the first two on the honeybud platform has exceeded 60%, future , More public channels should be developed .

The long plate and power point of honey bud are always in the supply chain , The short plate is always on the flow . Find a public domain platform with abundant traffic but relatively short supply chain , It is a suitable strategy .

2、 Why should I be the anchor myself ?

CEO There are many advantages to being an anchor yourself :

a. High credibility , Natural trust of users ;

b. Very familiar with the product , The explanation is convincing ;

c. CEO It is the center of all kinds of information , During live broadcast, all kinds of emergency situations can be directly decided , It's very efficient .

This year we produced an exposure 4000 Popular video content . I remember more than that week 20 individual CEO Ask me for advice on how to do it IP And content . In fact, it's good to build a team , It's good to calculate the investment , All of them can be solved by management , The most important , Or from CEO My deep love .

When I started my own business , She is a treasure mother who loves to share , To love and share goods is the original intention of my core .

therefore , Only you really love it , In order to have a relaxed attitude , Ability to do well . My plan is , How many more help to sow , Everybody matrix combat .

3、 Tiktok: what's on the trill? ?

Tiktok DAU The average day is 6 Billion , The most terrible thing is that the user's usage time has been stabilized at 90 minute . Although the traffic is huge , But the overall tiktok penetration is still relatively low. .

This year's overall income has been a tiktok. , at present Ad load stay 10% about , In order not to affect the user experience , Income growth in this area is limited . If nothing else , In my opinion, e-commerce should be the focus of the next year .

According to industry media , Tiktok business year 1500 Billion GMV, Among them, live broadcast accounts for 1000-1200 Billion , video 300 Billion . I predict next year GMV Will be in 2500 Million or so , keep 70-100% The growth rate of .

Tiktok content business logic , For brands, it is a natural combination of product and effect , At present, the supply chain of the tiktok closed loop is still in a very elementary stage. . Large number of e-commerce brand customers top10, The first three should all belong to the category of tmall . But look at the daily sales volume of the tiktok shop. , It's a double heaven . Those with supply chain capabilities , Investment promotion ability , Or the anchor who has his own brand matrix , Choosing tiktok is more suitable. .


Some of my body feelings as an anchor

Let's share some of my body feelings about being an anchor . In fact, the anchor won , It mainly depends on personnel 、 Supply chain 、 And flow .
Li Jiaqi and Weiya , A beauty design , One is a treasure chest , Taobao is a rich business and supply chain foundation , Plus early official traffic guarantees , Benign circle , What makes us “ A brother and a sister ”.

Mr Luo, “ Paying off debts ” The whole net is hot , Set up a seller's device , It also has a strong influence and exposure drive , The ability of the team to attract investment is still strong . In fact, the current tiktok breaks the Taobao link after Taobao live. , More tiktok, the ability to build supply chain and category investment business. , And the anchor who lacks the ability of self built supply chain , The selection is becoming more and more similar , After being instrumentalized, it is difficult for an anchor to become a head anchor .

When I enter tiktok live broadcast , One is relying on our own brand , The second is to quickly transfer personnel from our original category departments , A business team that tiktok live. , To ensure that some brands are not seen in other live studios . I even talked to the team , If the brand has not yet opened a tiktok shop , Tiktok , It's exactly what we should pay attention to .

In the first half of this year, there was a wave of stars with goods premiere , After the brand has invested a high amount of pit fees , Find out ROI Disgraceful , One after another cried bitterly . actually , With 5-10 Ten thousand yuan pit location , In a mixed field, let the star tell the product well in a few minutes and be able to explode , It's hard , It means that there is no room for both stars and brands to do better .

The main voice of the jitter is currently divided into tiktok and exposure. . Goods with goods are suitable for special occasions 、 Big brands 、 At a low price , Not suitable for new brands , Not suitable for single link , The anchor is actually a salesman ; Exposure, such as star Premiere , Brands buy real exposure and mental education , treat as 20 A brand and a spokesperson .
But I just think the opportunity lies in the combination of goods and exposure , That is, the so-called quality and effect integration , Also present “ A good thing ” Desired effect of live broadcasting room .

Combined with us, we have accumulated 9 The users and the live room of the year were well exposed , Recently, we are cooperating with several brands in an integrated framework ,50-100 Ten thousand integrated marketing service fee , According to category 、 Customer price and brand maturity guarantee ROI. such , We can make a more hierarchical arrangement in terms of content planting and live broadcasting , Brand can also play a quarter or half a year between the platforms of integrated marketing .

But the brand customers with the unity of product and effect , It must be consistent with the host's staffing and content , And it's naturally exclusive . This kind of deep cooperation , It's hard to say today A good , Tomorrow I will go back to endorsements A Competing products .

 Tiktok live with live 2 Months , My body feeling and thinking

Despite the opportunities , But tiktok live TV providers , There are still a few problems that I personally think need to be solved .

Private domain of account : Whether it's people set anchor or enterprise blue v, The view of live broadcasting room has little to do with the number of fans , It's more about putting in . I've seen a lot of tmall top3 Brand blue v Self broadcast , After the first broadcast of several thousand views , Daily life is even less than three digits . Whether it's pods 、feed, For accounts , Almost a single customer + Cash on site . and , Tiktok store is hidden behind account number. , It is difficult to establish a private domain system for accounts , Not to mention small shops .

At present, there are almost no tools that can be operated based on users , The only fan group is a complete reward and interaction logic . For example, users who have placed orders , There is no tool to activate and wake up . The essence of e-commerce operation is to obtain users from the front end , Intermediate operation user , Finally, we win by user retention and user life value .

Lack of tools for user operation , As a result, it is difficult for businesses to calculate and put into production , Or ask for a single return , Or reduce the investment after several times , The final result is poor pallet and price . It is said that the government has plans to upgrade this part next year , Wait for .

I tried it in the first half of the year 2 Live broadcast of Kwai Chi , Old fellow iron is a simple and crude method of flow. , Very efficient , Private domain oriented of Kwai Fu products , Also let the user stickiness is extremely high . What surprised me was that , My Kwai pin account has not been broadcast for half a year. , But every week, hundreds of private messages are received asking when the next live broadcast will be held .

Pay attention to the category construction of e-commerce system . Double 11 period , Tiktok rank before 50 In the single item of , Yes 37 It's gold and cell phones , This structure shows that the tiktok is lagging behind in the category construction. . The anchor is high GMV The needs of ,MCN There is a need to sell the pit , Under the common promotion , It is necessary for the platform to have stronger Category Management in the long run .

 Tiktok live with live 2 Months , My body feeling and thinking

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In particular , One is to attach importance to vertical brand businesses , Including tmall Top Vibrato tiktok tiktok ; The other is to attach importance to the development of industrial belt, especially factories and merchants , At that time, pinduoduo's strategy of going to the village to attract investment was still very strong .

Comparison of e-commerce categories and advertisers , It's too complicated . Tmall has 18 First class category ,132 A second class , Thousands of tertiary categories , There are still a large proportion of new additions and adjustments every year . Subdivision of categories , The filling of the sophomore team , It is the only way for comprehensive platform e-commerce .

At present, the limitation of live broadcast is far more than that of Taobao tiktok. , Health care products 、 Cross-border 、 Underwear and other categories cannot be sold , fresh 、 Nourishing food 、 Milk powder and other categories are only available on the white list . Before live broadcast , I want to read hundreds or even thousands of forbidden words . Promotion and publicity 、 Sensitive category 、 Red line of commodity display , The platform needs to be managed by e-commerce thinking , The audit department can stand with the business department , Seeking inclusion and solutions from regulation , One size fits all ban is detrimental to the category construction of e-commerce .

advertisement vs Game between E-commerce .
If advertising logic is dominant , When there is conflict with e-commerce logic , The discourse power of e-commerce is still unknown . In fact, observe the double 11 period , Tiktok Ad load The proportion of Tmall's purchase and jitter to live broadcast tiktok , You can see some wind direction .

As for the e-commerce infrastructure that everyone is talking about , Including goods on the shelves , Audit mechanism , Order system , Customer service system and so on , I think it's all “ Technique ” On the level of , It must be iterative , Of course, the speed of improvement can sometimes be the winner or loser .

Above is my tiktok live broadcast. 2 Some body feelings in the past month , My plan is :

1. Gradually increase the frequency to live once every Saturday .

2. Join hands with industrial belt , Create a blockbuster with source supply chain .

3. Key services 10 Framework brand owners , Help brand owners achieve the unity of quality and efficiency .

4. I hope to keep writing this industry sharing article , Everyone participates in the co construction , It's really beautiful .

author : Liu Nan Founder of honey bud , Deep plough in maternal and infant industry 、 New anchor with goods , Share my e-commerce 、 Thoughts on live broadcast and brand .
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