What is the cost of the movie? How to invest? With which company?
Wang Shijie 2020-11-25 16:03:01

Suggestions for investment :

1 First of all, the film project we know should be put on record by the State Administration of radio, film and television 、 License to shoot , Explain the authenticity of the film project .

2 Second, through the record to understand the producer , Learn about the company that produces it .

3 Third, participate in film and television investment , A paper contract must be signed directly with the producer ( Only paper contract can protect the rights and interests of investors in law )

4 Make sure that the investment funds go to the corporate account of the producer company ( The capital flow of the corporate account is regulated by the three parties of the bank )

Generally, we only need to protect the above points , Then there's no problem with the movie project you're investing in . So we investors must ensure the safety and regularity of our investment before investing .


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