Play Kwai live PK match, Jingdong household appliances * fast to create "the king of the king of the people".
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2020 year , Live e-commerce as a new way of shopping ushered in a comprehensive outbreak . Under the wind , How to give more creative forms to live E-commerce 、 Marketing may bring more brand , It has become a brand-new proposition left by the times to major brands . To coincide with 11.11 E-commerce marketing war , Jingdong home appliances joint Kwai magnet engine “ Surprise attacks ” studio , With “ Jingdong appliance store PK " ” In the form of a perfect answer sheet .

Red net and the past 、 Stars occupy the studio C Bits have different forms , This live broadcast PK The protagonist of the competition is the owner of Jingdong appliance store , They were selected from tens of thousands of offline shop owners “ Vegetarian ”. In Kwai's national level public domain traffic import and high value private domain flow boosted. ,“ Jingdong appliance store PK " ” Get 100 million exposure , Live with goods sales is as high as 10 million . The event not only gave birth to the first exclusive shop owner who sold more than one million live broadcast , It has also become the latest model for online and offline integration of e-commerce platforms .

 Play live PK

For the first time “ Talent show" + Vegetarian ” organize a team PK, Promote the competition system and release the commercial potential of live broadcasting

as everyone knows ,11.11 It is one of the most important marketing nodes in e-commerce industry . In order to win the first one after the completion of Omni channel strategic layout 11.11, Jingdong appliance expands Omni channel delivery mode based on live broadcast . Because the Kwai Fu magnetic engine is a new possibility of long term marketing from public domain to private sector. , Jingdong appliances choose high-quality talent resources from Kwai master magnetic star to broadcast live. , At the same time, introduce exclusive store owners to participate “ Jingdong appliance store PK " ”, First attempt “ personal PK " + The team PK " ” Promotion competition system , Fully release the commercial potential of nationwide live broadcasting .

11 month 1 Japan -11 month 12 Live broadcast for individuals PK " , The contestants are the owners of Jingdong electric appliance stores with live broadcasting ability . Before the game , The fast Kwai magnet engine and Jingdong are fully prepared. , On the one hand, encourage more shopkeepers to accelerate the Kwai live broadcast. , On the one hand, strengthen shopkeepers to master more online marketing skills . During the game , Kwai Kee shop owner delivers daily live goods in accordance with the competition system. , You have the opportunity to get flow rewards and cash rewards .11 month 8 Japan , Through multi-dimensional selection 6 Famous places of interest , Enjoy more opportunities to master Kwai Mai and fast fans. . Form of promotion , Virtually enhance the enthusiasm of shop owners to expand online marketing business .

 Play live PK

 Play live PK

11 month 9 Live broadcast for the team PK " , The contestants won for the individual competition 6 Famous shop owners and 2 Kwai Kong Master , With 3 Famous shop owner 1 In the form of famous person's tutor PK. Competition day , Ten million fans on the Internet @ White Xiaobai and @ Zhou Zhouzhen is lovely Share the same frame with the shopkeeper , The on-the-spot bargaining caused fans to watch , Fully stimulate the old fellow's desire for shopping. . Da Ren's high-value private traffic instantly transforms into purchasing power , Increase traffic and sales volume for Jingdong shopkeeper . On the day of the event , Store owner's live cumulative audience 180 ten thousand , The total transaction volume of live delivery is as high as 200 ten thousand , It has become an excellent case of transformation from sinking market channel to online integration .

 Play live PK

By creating “ Exposure + drainage + conversion ” The complete closed loop of , On the one hand, the Kwai Fu engine will expand the new sales channel. , Fully ignite the new engine of online and offline integration of Jingdong household appliances , Help the shopkeeper to show and release the powerful carrying capacity ; On the other hand , Activities to create a family matrix of Jingdong home appliances in the Kwai Tai platform , Just like a marketing force with infinite energy , It also has a profound reference significance for other categories and industries .

Live broadcast of economic innovation and upgrading , The Kwai magnet engine helps build brand and build a good ecosystem.

“ Everything can be bought ” The era of the coming , Live e-commerce approved “ people - cargo - site ” Deep union of , Gradually change the pattern of e-commerce , The cooperation between Kwai Chi magnetic engine and Jingdong appliance is the best embodiment. . A good ecological cycle built by the Kwai Chi magnetic engine , Jingdong gets through the new mode of online and offline sales , It opened up a new sales channel for Jingdong shopkeepers ; Jingdong shopkeepers experience new forms of selling goods , Keep pace with the times, step into a new era of live broadcasting with goods ; High quality and inexpensive Kwai old fellow buys cheap and good quality products. ; And the Kwai can set up an electronic commerce live order through innovative cooperation mode. , So as to maximize the flow value and reserve value .

Xing Jinchang, owner of Jingdong's home appliance store with more than one million goods, is Kwai Tai. :“ I never thought that I would become a live carrier with millions of goods ‘ online celebrity ’…… Our Jingdong household appliances owners have realized the growth of goods from zero to one on the Kwai Tai platform. .” Short video + Live broadcast under the new air outlet , Something beyond expectations is happening at any time , With the continuous development of Kwai's magnetic engine business service tools ,“ From zero to one ” More and more cases of growth ,“ From ten to ten thousand ” It's possible , It's like 《2020 Kwai Yue electricity supplier ecological Report 》 The theme of , everyone 、 Every brand can be here “ Embrace more possibilities ”.
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