(latest method in 2020) what is the tone when the phone is pulled black? How to get through the black call
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  Nowadays, there are many marketing harassment calls , Most of the time, in order to avoid being bothered again, we directly add the other party's number to the blacklist , But also It may be that people who are familiar with it later don't want to answer the phone for various reasons , You can also blacklist numbers , Then how do we know if the other party is pulling themselves black ? If the phone number is pulled black , What tone will the caller hear ? Let me give you a brief introduction :

If the phone number is pulled black , What tone will the caller hear ?

1. The other party is in the call prompt or arrears or empty number 、 We can't get through for the moment 、 Call medium ;

2. People who hack you can use software , You can set your own prompt sound , Of course, this is relatively complicated , Most people don't know how to set ;

3. If in the past phone call, if only passed 2 Seconds said that shut down is really shut down , If it's over 6 Seconds or more is black .

4. After being intercepted, the other party will hear “ The number you dialed is in a call , Please dial... Later ”

That's about if the phone number is hacked , What tone will the caller hear General situation , Here's how to deal with the black call :

Method One

This method may be one of the commonly used , It is to call the number of the other party from time to time every day , For days in a row , If you can't get through every time , Or a vacant number , Or shut down and so on , It's black . If you still don't believe it, you can use different phone calls to see if it's the same situation , If other calls can be made, it means that your call has been blackmailed .

Method 2 :

Today's mobile phones are all smart phones , To verify that the phone call is being hacked And the way to get through to each other is It's simpler . You can To the major application markets Download one called Cloud dial Telephone Software for , The software has the virtual number pull black strong connection function , And then call each other over the Internet , If we get through, we'll prove that we're black .

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