Where is the reliable tiktok operation of franchise chain?
Jutui Yida 2020-11-25 15:12:06

Join the chain How about the store adopt Tiktok Account operation Drainage ?

1、 The routine is to make good content , Through wechat circle of friends 、 US group review 、 Tiktok 、 Share with Kwai , Attract customers to forward and share .

2、 When sharing , You can reach the surrounding area of your store according to the geographical location 10 km , No matter how high the flow, the channel is useless , It's useful to accurately match the traffic of your target users .

3、 Tiktok wants to get traffic quickly. , The best way is not to make your own number , But use POI Functional drainage , utilize POI Function to the surrounding 10 Crowd promotion of KM 【POI Its full name is Point Of Interest( Point of interest ), adopt LBS Location Technology , Enables users to post videos to hang up the store POI】

Here, tiktok, a giant tiktok, has organized several successful cases of chain store's jitter operation.

1、 A video of milk tea , Offline stores are popular , The number of franchise stores increased rapidly to 400 home

2018 At the beginning of year , A sudden red explosion on tiktok can be used as a precursor to milk tea. . Customers who buy milk tea , You can write your own inscription on the waist of the cup , After the milk tea is ready , The shop assistant can intelligently identify this problem through camera scanning , Then print the answer on the milk tea cover . When the customer gets the milk tea and opens the lid , The answer that belongs to oneself then appears in front of you .

The tiktok is transmitted through the jitter. , A short video , Reap tens of millions of playback , Hundreds of thousands of praise , At that time , Qiu Han, co-founder of milk tea, and her partners have not yet run a physical store , When you see the answer to the trembling sound, the tiktok is hot. , Quick decision to open shop . Now the answer is milk tea 400 Franchise stores , The numbers are still skyrocketing .

2、 The parenting video is available 521.3 Thousands of fans , Stores are widely used to drain content , Expand enrollment

Win in the starting point of early childhood education park to share a lot of nursery rhymes 、 festival , Finger games with children's daily life as the theme , Parents can play with their children , You can also teach children to perform in kindergarten 683 Summary video of parenting methods , To obtain the 521.3 Thousands of fans , Be praised 1869.7 ten thousand . Different video content is associated with different store addresses , Use content to drain stores , Expand enrollment .

3、 Catering stores ( Nine pots and one hall 、 Local chicken 、 Your frog sister )

Fix a character on the screen

Nine pots and one hall 、 Local chicken 、 Your frog sister, these three sizes , It's the same character , Keep the whole tone of the account consistent .

There's memory

Show characteristics , Let people remember you , The protagonist of Jiuguo Yitang , Every time I was in the video, I would laugh , Users only need to hear it again , You will think of nine pots and one hall , Fans call her sister Hei hei .

Make good use of social hot spots

In order to tide over the difficult period of the epidemic , Local chicken employees voluntarily reduce their salaries , Sign a petition , The chairman of the old chicken tore it off the spot after he got the petition , The scene was shot to the tiktok. , The number of related topics broadcast reached 1300 More than ten thousand . And this video also breaks through the tiktok platform. , Broadcast by several mainstream media . This epidemic , The operation of the local chicken has won countless favors for the brand .

The above is the content of the tiktok media's operation by the service of many lines joining the chain store. , For your reference only , Of course, we also welcome the deep-seated exchanges . At present, many of the tiktok accounts that are well done in China are not made by themselves. , They are all delivered to the professional voice company of the company, such as tiktok. . If you are interested, you can baidu search giant push media .

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