What is word software? What is a word document? What can be used for?
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1、 Why Microsoft Word?

Installing an operating system on a computer alone is not enough to increase productivity . Whether it's creating spreadsheets , Presentation , Email or document , You need software to perform any activity you need .Microsoft Word Used to create documents or anything you need to store text .

If you buy the latest version , be Microsoft Office There are several productivity tools to install .PowerPoint Provides a way to create a presentation ,Excel For creating spreadsheets ,Access It's a personal database tool , and Word It's a word processor for storing text content .

You can use Word For any kind of text content stored as a document .Microsoft Office Is one of the most common productivity applications , So you may find it installed on any workstation at your employer's location . In order to use Microsoft Word, You need to understand these features .

2、 Basic navigation

install Word after , If you are using Windows 7, The latest version of the software will be fixed in Windows On the taskbar . You can find Office And all of its applications , And in higher versions of Windows The rest of the applications can be found in . You can double-click the icon on the desktop , You can also click the icon from the taskbar to open Word Applications .

If you have Word The previous version of , You will notice Microsoft Changed desktop icon , But the icon has “ W” The blue of allows you to easily find shortcuts on your computer .

click the icon ( Or double-click the icon , It depends on where you open the software ) after , Will be displayed Word The initial screen of , Let you know that the application is currently loading . When you first open the software ,Word Will take you to the launch view , You can create a new document in it or open an existing document .

word What is software ?word What is the document ? What can be used for ?

For getting used to the old version Word Layout users , This new boot screen is quite different from the old one . The bottom of the image above shows “ lately ” The label shows all the latest documents you have processed .

Microsoft Office One of the new features of is that it can run in the cloud . If you are not logged in Office,Microsoft You will be prompted to log in to the account . If you come from Microsoft Web site to download Office, And it should have one Microsoft account . This account will be used to log in to any of the... You installed on your computer Microsoft Office product .

When you log in Microsoft Office when , Your name will be displayed in Word The upper right corner of the window . It also shows up in any Microsoft Office The upper right corner of the product . Use cloud , You can store documents to OneDrive,OneDrive It's built in in many of its products Microsoft Cloud storage solutions . Use OneDrive, You can back up the files , And it doesn't lose data when the local hard disk crashes . Use Microsoft Office Product time , There should always be at least one backup , Because if the hard drive doesn't work anymore , Files may be lost forever .

In the start screen image , You will notice “ Blank document ” The icon is highlighted . Double clicking on the icon creates a new blank document , And in the Lord Microsoft Word Open it in the user interface . You can also view Word Template provided in . Templates are default documents , Automatically format text and layout , And provide you with a quick way to make specific types of documents . for example , If you want to create a new invoice , Where fields and text are predefined , You can use Word Invoice template for . Double click the template ,Word Will be in your Word Open it in the interface , For you to fill it with your own content .

In most of the examples in this course , Only blank documents are used to display content and display Word How to function . After opening a blank document , Please check at the top of the window Word The menu layout of .

word What is software ?word What is the document ? What can be used for ?

Word The menu of spans the top of the document , So you can easily access the menu items . all Microsoft Office All products use tab systems , Each tab you click displays a set of related menu items in the form of buttons and drop-down controls . You can customize these menu items , But most Word The user keeps the default menu options , So that you can use Microsoft The documentation and tutorials for reference easily find menu items .

You can click “ Tell me how to do it ” part , Then type in the search phrase . This search feature helps you find controls and menu items that may not be found using the menu tab

Some menu items are Word Complex functions of , So you won't be able to use these menu items , Until you can use them , This course will show you how to use Microsoft Word Many basic and advanced features of .

Click the options at the top of the document window to view different buttons and controls .Microsoft Try your best to keep features and related controls in the categories tab . then , Even more of these tabs are classified as subcategories that contain controls . These categories and subcategories make it easier to find the features and controls needed to find documents . If you have any trouble finding features , Please browse these categories or use the search function .

Whenever you want to quickly save a document , You can click on the keyboard Ctrl + S Composite key , But you can also use the... In the upper left corner “ preservation ” Button .

word What is software ?word What is the document ? What can be used for ?

In all Microsoft Office In the product , Some buttons have the same icon , also “ preservation ” Buttons are one of these icons . The Save button is a floppy disk icon , Always in Office The upper left corner of the window . By making all Microsoft Office The icons in the product are consistent , You can quickly switch between them and learn about icons for some of the basic features of the application .

In all Microsoft Office The software product ( Include Word) in ,“ Home page ” Most of the functions in the tab are similar . You can go to Word“ Home page ” Found in the ribbon tab with Excel The same function in . If you decide to use Office Suite The various types of software provided in the , It will be easier . Besides , majority Microsoft Software products are compatible with each other , So you can do it in the spreadsheet ,Word Documentation and PowerPoint Copy and paste objects between presentations .

Microsoft Word You can find it in most offices , And it can be used well for several individual activities . You may be familiar with some basic features , But you have to understand some of the more advanced features , Can we make Word Working for more complex requirements . Once you understand Word The way in which it works and its benefits , You will find Microsoft Word You will be an advantage for a variety of reasons in your personal and career .

word What is software ?word What is the document ? What can be used for ?

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