The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace is to make him work hard to earn money
erjpo 2020-11-25 14:44:01

 The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace , It's making him work overtime to make money

Under what circumstances , No matter how much money the unit gives you , You don't want to go on ?

That's what you usually do at work , No matter what decision you make , Whatever you did, right or wrong , There are always people who are against you , There is no unity of opinion .

This unit , I think I'll give you more money , You don't want to work here either .

So you know , Are there two kinds of employees that can't be used in the workplace , And even if you're hired , Is it also the easiest to be eliminated ?

The first kind of people who can't use it are , In normal work , Employees who have not made mistakes , The other is , Employees who often make mistakes , These two kinds of people are definitely not allowed to be employed .

Because I didn't make a mistake , It means he doesn't do things , If you don't do something, you won't make mistakes .

And often make mistakes , That means he did something , But often make mistakes , It shows that the understanding is too low , Don't talk about what leaders say , Go to your heart , So I can't use .

And the most likely to be eliminated in the workplace , It's the people who seem to work overtime the most to make money .


When I was young , Don't try your best to make the easiest money

“ No one came to the electronics factory , It's to realize the dream , It's about making money , So I have to sharpen the edges , Rub away the language , I stand like iron beside the assembly line , Hands flying , How many days , How many nights , I just stood up and fell asleep ”.

This is written by a Foxconn employee himself , Of course , It's not the company forcing him to work overtime , I applied to work overtime on my own initiative , So it's hard for us to understand .

In normal work , The last thing we want to hear is “ Work overtime ” But you know , Some people work overtime , Even willing to spend money to invite leaders to dinner ?

 The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace , It's making him work overtime to make money

I saw a piece of news on the Internet yesterday , Many Foxconn employees , Every day on the assembly line for more than ten hours , Some people even stay up late and work overtime , I can't stand it , Just roll up and walk into .

But nonetheless , There are still many people willing to work overtime , Even for overtime , He also took out his own pocket to lead a meal .

The reason is that overtime pay is high , Overtime pay is normal 1.5 times , The basic salary is actually very low , Want to get a high salary , It all depends on overtime .

Overtime pay , It's usually two or three times as much as basic work , So it's better to earn overtime .

Take my example , My cousin , At present, I also work in an electronic factory in Shenzhen , The basic work is about 2000 yuan .

But every month he , You can get six or seven thousand yuan , Why is it so much higher than the basic wage ?

It's because you work overtime every day , So he was willing to work overtime , Although the money , All of them worked hard to work overtime , But I don't recommend , In youth , Take all the time to make the easiest money to make .

Because of your time every day , It's all spent here , Although the current salary is higher , But in the long run , It's all about trading time for money , For your future career , It doesn't help at all .

And when you , When you can't work overtime , You can only be ruthlessly eliminated , Because you only know how to make easy money , So you can never make money in the future .

 The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace , It's making him work overtime to make money


The main business is just to survive

Sideline work is for life

Actually “ life ” and “ Existence ” There is only one word difference , But the meaning is , But it's a thousand miles away .

What most of us do , Basically, it's just enough to survive , It's not about life , Because every day from nine to five , Except for car loans, home loans and other expenses .

A month's hard earned salary , There's not much left , All year round , Less empty handed , So just rely on the main business , You'll never live up to , The life you want .

Every day I only know my work , No plans for the future , As you get older , This situation will not get better , It's just going to make things worse , Because it's just the main business , You're sad about your ideal life , At most, it's just enough for a family to survive .

So while you're young , Don't spend all your time and energy , All into the main business , It's about setting aside a part of the time , Invest in yourself , Or learn a new skill , New technology .

 The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace , It's making him work overtime to make money

Take me for example , At the beginning of this year , Because of the impact of the epidemic , Our company is no exception , It's also faced with , No business , The employees are not in class , layoffs , Pay cuts and so on .

This is the time , Many of my colleagues around me , The child is still young , Or you need to pay back the car loan every month , They have no jobs , That means , They come from any source of income .

At this time, they can only , At one time, I went to the construction site to do some odd jobs .

And my months , What to do or what to do , Because I have other income , I can write , Although I didn't earn much at that time , But at least it will guarantee my life , I won't because there is no class , And life is seriously affected .

As early as a few years ago , I realized that early on , No matter how busy , Be sure to set aside some time , To invest in yourself , Because the main business of most people is , It's just time for money .

So I suggest , No matter how busy , Set aside some time to invest and manage yourself , Because you have the main business to guarantee your life , You're going to learn a new skill , New technology , You won't be in a hurry to succeed , Can learn slowly .

Because you still have a stable source of income , There's no problem with life , So you can choose one of the best skills , The most accumulated industry , Invest in business for a long time .

 The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace , It's making him work overtime to make money


The most hidden way to destroy a person in the workplace

It's making him work overtime to make money

Actually , What makes a person grow fastest , It's not office time , It's off hours , It is said that “ Do not work overtime , You can grow fast ”.

What is growth ? So-called “ grow up ” It's learning new things , New skills , Or constantly subvert your past perceptions , So-called “ grow up ” It's to keep finding out that you used to be “ silly B” The process of .

Why is off-duty time the most valuable ?

Because no matter how much you work overtime , Your work content is basically relatively fixed , Win or lose, how can you work overtime , You are at best , A little more pay , And the skill of doing one thing over and over again .

But if you don't work overtime , You use these off hours , To study or learn , You'll be able to open up new skills .

And if you spend most of your time every day , Take it and work overtime , Well, in addition to higher wages , For your growth , And career , It doesn't help .

Because everyone , I want to be in the workplace , There is a place , Has your unique effective value , You need to run on this track for decades , It's possible to do this .

And at this point , You're almost with the outside world , It's isolated from the world .

With the influx of young people into the industry , Especially in this era of rapid change , You're on the verge of elimination at any time , On enthusiasm , Drive , It's less paid , So you're no match for young people at this time .

So they fall into the repetitive labor of low value , Too busy to study , Too busy to have time to grow , So after work , It's the time that you add the most value , You can grow fast without working overtime .