Entry level wechat powder adding method
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 Entry level wechat powder adding method

1 , QQ Group powder

① Add target customers QQ Group , Each group speaks first , First add as QQ Good friends , then QQ Friends into wechat friends .

② You can also pull wechat group directly and add , for example : To join the Guangzhou mothers group , First of all, you have to do your personal data well , Group verification write :“ Study in groups , The baby just 2 year , I'm from Haizhu District ”. When you are familiar with the group, you can switch to wechat , You can throw a topic out , And said, :“ Let's set up a wechat group to discuss ?”...

③ Self built QQ Group , Publish the QR code to the target population , Then add the target group as wechat friends , It's also a way .

 Entry level wechat powder adding method

2 Wechat group add powder

Wechat group and QQ The groups are very different ,QQ The group has a fixed number , Support keyword search , But wechat group doesn't support , You can only join by friend invitation or scanning QR code , Many new people may have one or two wechat groups , What to do if there isn't so much ? No problem , Share here 2 A way :

① Use images to search for

Open Google or Baidu image search , Search keywords Wechat group , You can find the QR codes of many wechat groups , Scan to add !

② Visit the wechat group Daquan website :www.weixinqun.cc You can find the group QR code you want through this website and join it

3 Social media posts , Let others take the initiative to add you as friends

The way : You have to constantly look for a network of places to find your target customers , And then promote it . for example : Your product positioning is young women , Then you have to find some female users QQ Group 、 Microblogging 、 Blog 、 And the mushroom Street Forum 、 Meili said and other platforms to promote , Send more soft articles ... Post at the same time with their own wechat and wechat QR code ,( The quantity cannot be evaluated , Judging according to promotion quality )

skill : Posts must be authoritative, attractive, valuable and urgent , The key is to grasp the pain point of the target .

4 Q & a platform

Baidu Q & A , Ask and answer , Implant advertising , It's better to ask with a computer , Another computer answers . You can also search for hot questions , Find the answer , Put ads in it . for example : What brand of facial mask is better for moisturizing and moisturizing? ? answer : Brand is not a problem , It's important to fit your skin , Can bring effect to oneself , I use it XXX, You can try ...

skill :① Baidu account nickname “ WeChat ID panzer68”

② Remember the praise. , Remember your reply , Once a day

③ You can go to Taobao to buy one 5 Accounts above level 1

 Entry level wechat powder adding method

5 Adding powder for activities

We can do activities directly on wechat , Let users recommend friends to add us wechat , There are prizes to collect , If the prize is not cheap , There may be a lot of users involved .

Personal micro signal can also do a collection of praise activities to add powder , For example, do a selection of the most cute baby activities , There are prizes , Let the participating baby's mummy pull friend to your wechat to give her baby some praise and so on .

Class WeChat official account, natural search plus powder method ( Yes, but not , Some people don't )

1 Add powder to edge ball : You go to WeChat official account to search for a large root number on micro-blog. , You will find , There's a bunch of homonymous faces , You can't tell who is who , They're all in circles , There are many ways to realize it , There's a guy , Did a copy of the exercise book , There are so many fans right now 20W, You don't have to sell, just pick up ads , Net income in a month 3W. You can do this, too , Whether or not you get the ads , You can drain into your personal micro signals , But now basically all the tuba are made by a bunch of people , If you find out which large Tuba has no official account in the later stage , You don't want to rush for anything ...

2 WeChat official account search test keywords 、 See if there's any “ vacancy ”, such as : luxury goods , Search a lot of them are certified. They are beyond several screens , Then there's basically no drama , We can change the long tail word , Purchasing luxury goods on behalf of others 、 Luxury reproduction 、 Wholesale of luxury goods 、 luxury goods XXX, There is always a word that the search results are not official account numbers. , As long as we find out, there are not many authentication numbers , Then you can register this official account with this word. , After registration, we will do the ranking again :

Official account number, personal suggestion, service number. , That is to say, Taobao costs more than a few yuan , But it's going to get you to the top of the list ( Because at present, the subscription number of such nicknames cannot be associated with microblog authentication , It is also because the service number is more important than the subscription number ). The official account is made. , You just need to change and add a reply , Drain to your personal micro signal . If you have the ability, you can do something about it , More interaction with customers , This can give others a more professional impression , Increase trust , It's also good for rankings ...

Here are some rules that affect WeChat's official account. :

① Number of fans of wechat public account ;

② Wechat public account has passed the authentication ;

③ Service number ranks better than subscription number ;

④ Number of interactions with fans per day ( That is, the quality of fans 、 Activity level 、 Image conversion rate and so on );

⑤ Keyword order ( Compared with keywords searched by users , The more keywords appear at the top of the name , The higher the ranking );

In my opinion, it is not good to take the initiative to add people , People will think that he is one class higher than you , It's best to share pictures and activities with friends .

Give : Free gift to friends , Send it to the circle of friends , Enliven the atmosphere through activities

Send large size : Take the initiative to chat with big people , Gaining recognition , Send something .

Interaction : Almost all know, but they're not going to do it , Praise diligently , Comments don't die , But you can get acquaintances , Don't like it , Compliment your values , By the way , Don't say anything No , There is no learning cost , It's too easy to take this step , So don't make excuses for yourself .

The best private chat actually starts with the interaction of the circle of friends , After getting familiar with the comments , One day you can talk alone , This will soon become an acquaintance .

Don't try to add so much powder , It's all strangers , Who wrote to you , It's better to revitalize some people already in our own circle , Fast is efficiency , Slow is wisdom

Advertising by geographical location : When you send photos to your circle of friends , Select location , Enter the information you want in the search box , Just choose where to create it . Pay attention not to be too long .

Dog drainage ( Take the dog as an example )

Is to go to the same city forum to send a post , That means “ Give the dog away ”, Let the person you want add your wechat

In fact, I think you can understand it as soon as you listen to it ?

Title find a reason to give the dog away , The original is “ Stay abroad for work , Transfer 2 One Teddy a month ago ” You can also think of your own reasons ,

For example, I bought my own dog , My girlfriend is allergic to dogs , Not allowed to be raised , The family is not allowed to support , The dog is too skinny to bite things and keep it .

Content details , Take a picture , The point is that you're really giving dogs away , You're helping the dog pick a reliable owner . And finally, add something to say, and ask you to see him if you have time , In addition, a pile of dog food, dog toys and so on , The more realistic it is, the better .

In addition, if you can specify that only women will be sent , Because the woman is more careful and more caring to take care of your dog yunyun ~~~~

As for the picture of the dog , Universal Baidu .

How does the enhanced version let others add and how to retain people who have added wechat , I found that no dog sent you without deleting you .

The specific way is to make friends , The boss said that the opportunity to go abroad should be postponed , I am very happy , Because I hate dogs , You can spend more time with the dog .

And then you may be asked when to leave , I want a dog or something .

Finally, you wind up your circle of friends and say that your boss has canceled your opportunity to work abroad , Or you can't give up your dog to go abroad , So the dog didn't give it away , Thank you for your attention , We'll see you later .

The little boring enhanced version is enhanced on top of the blog enhanced version ,

It can be said that after not going abroad , I'm very sorry to make everyone happy , But if you really like dogs, you can give them to you for free when they give birth to puppies , Because I don't lack the money to sell dogs ( At least I always feel that people who go abroad are rich ), I want to find a reliable father and mother for the dog son , Let's pay attention to your circle of friends , You'll be informed in the circle of friends when you have a baby ……

Be careful not to write too big a dog when posting , The dog wants it 1 You can't have a dog until you're old , What we post is to send 2 Month old dog , Let them wait another ten months , Usually people like to take advantage of the small will not delete this ~~~ Ten months later ? I must have forgotten

See? ?

Let's make the same analogy again , In fact, we can also see off the dog ,

After adding powder :

When we're done with the powder , Are we in a hurry to sell our products to our customers ? Is it possible to brush advertisements in the circle of friends ?NO, I'm sure you can't do it for a few days , Those people you added are expected to block or black you out . The powder you worked hard to add , So what's the effect ?

This requires us to design our marketing model . My personal understanding includes the following two types :

First , It's our product positioning , I said before. , What products do you make , What kind of traffic will be introduced ! Do Andrology , Color guide , Making facial masks , Attracting female fans . When we get traffic , We have to brand our products .

1. After adding powder , Don't advertise right away , After you add someone else , Let people know you first . Daily interaction with friends , give the thumbs-up , Comment on , Is a must . Our requirements , Every circle of friends sent by customers , All have to be liked , Leaving a message. . Interact with customers , Building feelings . It's like I write a diary every day and send a circle of friends , I like to see who reviews my blog , Who likes it , For these comments , I like people , General consultation , I'm quite enthusiastic . Human nature is greedy , Usually I don't like to ask others for praise , But I hope that every message I send is full of comments . I'm no exception . So satisfy the little greed of human nature , This is the easiest way to strengthen your relationship . On average, our customer service asks for thousands of like messages every day .

2. Screening customers . What is screening customers ? It's just trying to send something that can lead to customer discussion , Something new , See the reply to our circle of friends , Who are the people who interact ? For example, you make fruit , Try to post some fruit topics that can lead to customer interaction , See how many people interact with you , The topic of interaction is very important , We're constantly testing , In fact, the same picture , The difference of words can cause the difference of interactive effect 10 More than times . I will not write the specific cases , Interested in learning , You can add my wechat to see my circle of friends , There are many ready-made cases . We focus on the most active people . Because in the early stage, we have already passed the praise , Comment on , Interact with customers to build a relationship .

3. Experience . After a few days of fermentation , Focus on key target customers , So the next few days will continue to strengthen the relationship with customers , The time is ripe , Then talk to the client , Last time you saw the fruit that my friend circle said , I bought some more today , I'll give you some to try ? But I'm poor , You have to pay for the postage . Acting pathetic , Men are generally very distressed , The act of coquetry will do everything for everyone , And a girl gives you fruit for free , It's just that you pay for the postage , It's a person who feels flattered , Basically, they will agree . Then the customer paid for the postage , We'll send him two to experience . Experience is very important . The first is to talk about the relationship with customers until the time is right , In the proposal to deliver customer experience . second , The fruit must be the best , Have I said , Middle and high end people , It's quality that counts , So the fruit for customers must be the best , Surprise customers . What is surprise , Is to exceed the expectations of customers . For example, Ben only gives mango , As a result, you even sent pitaya , This is a surprise ! As long as your product quality is excellent , After customer experience , To make a deal .

Ps: In micro business 4 people of the same race :

1. Can't think of , I can't imagine that wechat can be used as a tool to make money , I think it can be used to communicate with friends at most .

2. Look down upon , At present, many people on the sidelines have a look , Oh, today who who who brush advertising to do agency purchase , Look at wechat business with discrimination and contempt , I don't think it's going to be a big deal .

3. Make money , When you make money in wechat business , The people next to me feel strange , I can't imagine that making friends every day can make money to support myself .

4. Starting late , A lot of people have been watching until now , This kind of person is to watch others step by step success, their heart itch but always do not pay action , When they finally get out of there , That other person has been ahead of her by countless steps .

Nowadays, wechat businesses are everywhere , All kinds of three no products occupy your whole circle of friends , It is also because the wechat business has led to many pitfall teams promoting powder addition . Now swiping the screen has basically wiped out the circle of friends , It's too low to sell goods on the screen , The way to do business is to get along with people sincerely , With your friends ‘ Relationship ’ Only in this way can we gain trust . Don't let your circle of friends become a MLM site , Sooner or later shield and despise that is sooner or later .

 Entry level wechat powder adding method

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