The "window period" for teachers' basic wage adjustment has come. Will the salary increase this year?
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Time passed quickly , It's in a flash 2020 End of the year . Because of the impact of the epidemic , This year, economic development is limited , All walks of life are trying to overcome difficulties , Strive for an early break from the current predicament .

At present , China is the only country in the world to get out of the epidemic situation , With the strong recovery of the economy in the second half of the year , The state has also adjusted the policy of economic development in time : Mainly domestic circulation , The international cycle is complementary to “ Double cycle ” Economic development model .

Promoting the consumption of residents is often one of the important means to develop economy , The premise of improving consumption capacity is to improve the disposable income of residents . according to 2015 Issued by the State Council in 《 Implementation plan for adjusting the basic wage standard of staff of public institutions 》:

To implement 《 Personnel management regulations of public institutions 》 requirement , Establish a normal adjustment mechanism for the basic salary of the staff of the public institutions , In principle, the basic wage standard will be adjusted once a year or every two years in principle , Recently, it is adjusted every two years .

 The basic salary of teachers is adjusted “ Window period ” Arrived , Will wages grow this year ?

2016 Years and 2018 Year of 7 The basic wage standard has been adjusted once in each month , So theoretically 2020 Year of 7 The month has reached the window period of adjustment of basic wage of public institutions . Education is a public institution , Teachers are of course the subject of basic wage adjustment personnel , So many teachers are concerned about why there is no basic wage adjustment news until the end of the year ?

Well known reasons , This year's situation is a bit special . An unexpected outbreak at the beginning of the year disrupted almost all work plans , And it has a great impact on the national economic development , It's been a tough year for all walks of life . The government is also assessing the damage to economic development caused by the epidemic , Forecast the development trend of epidemic situation at the end of the year and next spring , Some adjustments will be made to many policies , Therefore, it is understandable that there is no news about the adjustment of the basic wage standard of public institution personnel at present .

 The basic salary of teachers is adjusted “ Window period ” Arrived , Will wages grow this year ?

The composition of teachers' basic salary is divided into post salary and salary grade salary . There are 13 levels of posts ,1~4 Grade corresponding to senior professional title ,5~7 Grade corresponding to the title of deputy senior high school ,8~10 Level corresponding to intermediate title , and 11~13 Corresponding to junior title , Different levels of post wage standards are different , The minimum post wage of 13 levels is 1675 element , But the first level is as high as 6665 element , There's a big difference , But it is very difficult for ordinary teachers to obtain high professional titles , As a result, secondary high school teachers become the ultimate professional title pursuit of the vast majority of primary and secondary school teachers .

 The basic salary of teachers is adjusted “ Window period ” Arrived , Will wages grow this year ?

Salary scale is related to working years , As long as the annual assessment is qualified or above , It can be adjusted up one level every year .

This year, due to a rare outbreak in a century , The global economy has suffered huge losses , Our country is no exception , Now, in the post epidemic situation , Will the basic wage standard of public institution staff be adjusted ? This is also a question in the minds of many teachers . Let's see 《 programme 》 Establishing the normal mechanism of basic wage standard adjustment : In case of financial crisis 、 Special circumstances such as major natural disasters , Basic wage standard postponed adjustment .

 The basic salary of teachers is adjusted “ Window period ” Arrived , Will wages grow this year ?

The novel coronavirus pneumonia that swept the world is of course a major natural disaster. , So the Ministry of human resources and social security 、 The Ministry of finance can completely postpone adjusting the basic wage standard according to the regulations. , in other words It is entirely possible that the basic wage standard will not be adjusted at the end of this year and at the beginning of next year .

But at present, the epidemic prevention and control in China has been developing well , There has been a significant recovery in economic development . There are indications that , We are in the post epidemic phase of revitalization , In order to resume production more quickly , Revitalizing the economy , The state put forward “ Double cycle ” New policy of economic development , Among them, stimulating residents' consumption is one of the important ways to promote internal circulation .

Look at it this way , If the novel coronavirus pneumonia is effectively curbed in the world at the end of the year and early next year , The government's pressure on epidemic prevention and control has been significantly reduced , In order to improve the consumption ability of residents , It is expected to adjust the basic wage standard of public institution staff in the short term .

So how much adjustment can be made in the near future ? According to the previous adjustment of teachers' basic wage standards , If you adjust it again , The growth rate of basic wage is monthly 400-500 Yuan between .

 The basic salary of teachers is adjusted “ Window period ” Arrived , Will wages grow this year ?

Adjustment of basic wage standard “ Window period ” It's almost there , But because of the special situation this year , Whether to adjust or not is still unknown . But whatever the outcome , We should have a sense of home and country , Urgent need of the country , Worry about the government , Overcome all difficulties , Unite as one to stop the epidemic .

Do you think , The basic salary standard of teachers should be adjusted on time , Or postpone adjustment? ?
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