I have successfully challenged to earn 500000 yuan in sideline business this year. How do I do it
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A lot of people ask me what I do as a sideline , In order not to waste everyone's time , I'm here to list a few issues that you are concerned about .


I'm not going around in circles , In big words .


1, What kind of sideline do you do ?

I am doing knowledge pay online course . That is to put those thousands of Yuan training courses on the market , Recording through your own Instructor , Sort it out , Sell it at a low price .( Own your own copyright )

2, What courses are there ?

Covering the market 90% The above online earning tutorial 、 Brick moving project 、 Self media operation 、 Tiktok course 、 Drainage methods and so on . Update daily . If you have good resources to cooperate , You can also open the window .

3, Is it easy to sell ?

Tell me about my starting process , You judge :

My initial resource was from wechat 1000 Multiple friends . Some of my friends are freelance ( No serious work ).2.18 I made a circle of friends on the 7th , Start promoting what I'm going to do ,20 When no. , Yes 5 Individuals joined my team .


2 month 26 Number , A person who has no intersection at all , Seeing the circle of friends turning around 980 Give me yuan , To be my agent , It's for him 80% share in the benefit or profit , I didn't complete the process at that time , So confiscates .

I realized , There is a lot to be done about it . Go to the office right away . To 3.10 Number , Rented an office , Ready to bulk copy .

3 month 25 Number , In the form of free courses , The team has split to 99 people . The daily income is in 400-600 The appearance of , There has been a steady improvement . It is expected to reach at the end of the month 1000 about .


4, I don't have the experience to do ?

I summed up my starting experience , I think it's important that , Just chatting . Get your first few seed users done . If you don't know how to talk, it's hard to do it .

Other resources about the course 、 Tips for finding users , Angkor can share with you , These are not the main problems .

5, How much money can I make ?

Angkor's own goal is to 3000 block , According to the current market feedback , It's bound to be overfulfilled .

How much can you make , I think it's either hundreds of dollars a day , Or you can't make a dime .

Angkor is very direct . What can be done persistently , You can make hundreds of dollars in any project , It's just the difficulty . I can't hold on to it , You can't make money on any project .

6, Is there a charge to follow you ?

Three ways


Payment model , You go to the website and set up an agent , Now it is 980 permanent , The whole station resources can not only be seen for free , We can also directly promote sub Commission 80%( Recommend a member to open VIP have to 292 element )


Partner Model : It has an independent platform , We will help you build your own platform ( The name and contact information inside logo It's all for you ) In this way, you can promote your platform and get revenue , All the profits belong to me , No draw .


7, Other questions : I can collect resources and sell them myself , What's the advantage of following you ?


I built my own platform , With locked users 、 collection 、 distribution 、 Withdraw these functions , Far higher than your circle of friends .


From the products and services we provide , Include :

1. Platform construction and development ( Including websites + official account ) And later platform operation and maintenance . The source code of platform structure is written by our own technical team , It's not a set of template secondary development . In the later stage, we are also constantly upgrading , At that time, we will update the partners free of charge .


2. Platform course content output , The courses on the partner platform will keep up with our platform , We have a dedicated team of lecturers responsible for recording and uploading courses , It's all our own copyright , And there's no watermark in the course , Safe to use


3. Drainage promotion technology sharing , After becoming a partner, we will promote the current practical drainage technology ( community 、 Tiktok 、 Zhihu and other channels ) And matching drainage software to share with you free of charge


4. We've hired someone with 8 Years of Internet practical experience to do our after-sales , After sales guidance will be provided throughout the whole process


I personally think , Knowledge payment is a blue ocean market at present , Big demand, little competition . There are too many people looking for a sideline job now .


If you've finished watching , Congratulations, you have the best quality to do the Internet : Patience, !

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