If you are dismissed during the probation period, can you really only accept it?
The sound of Baozheng in dream 2020-11-25 14:04:36

Two days ago, I chatted with my friends , Hearing such a story : induction 2 More than a month A, Work conscientiously and actively , Looking forward to becoming a regular and getting a raise , But when I was about to become a regular , By HR Tell her to fire her , The reason is that the ability doesn't match . No compensation , There's nothing I'm sorry about , It's just a cold sentence : Don't come tomorrow .

Small A labour for , Niho company “ quit ” The decision has been made . Finally, she can only sigh in the circle of friends : Bad luck , Too sad !

 The probation period was dismissed , Can you really only recognize the planting ?

In all kinds of workplace , Probably a lot of people have had similar experiences . Work hard 、 In good condition , He was dismissed without reason during the probation period ; It's clearly the victim , But the enterprise tells you with confidence : There will be no compensation .
You bet , The enterprise has the right to dismiss employees during the probation period . that , Can the staff only recognize it ?
Of course not. . For the purpose of protecting workers ,《 Labor contract law 》 To dismiss the employee during the probation period , There are clear rules .
First , Laws and regulations : The enterprise cancels the labor contract during the probation period , The reason should be explained to the laborer . secondly , If the enterprise wants to pay no compensation, it will dismiss you , You have to prove that you don't meet the employment requirements . In other words, we have to show clear evidence .

But in fact , It's hard to come up with evidence , Because it is necessary for the enterprise to make clear what the employment conditions are , And then we should make clear the assessment basis and assessment methods , And the implementation of specific assessment behavior . It's like the performance appraisal is not up to standard 、 There are problems with attendance , Can't be used as evidence . Not to mention a word “ The leader doesn't think you are suitable ”.

 The probation period was dismissed , Can you really only recognize the planting ?

therefore , Companies have no rights at all , If you don't pay compensation, you will be dismissed during the probation period . Even if it's only one day's work , As long as it's a dismissal , You have to pay for it . that , How to determine the amount of compensation ?

Laws and regulations : Economic compensation according to the number of years that laborer works in this unit , The standard of paying one month's salary every year to the laborer . More than six months and less than one year , By the year ; Less than six months , An economic compensation of half a month's salary to the laborer .

in other words , Dismissal of employees during probation period , Need to give half a month's salary compensation . therefore , If you are dismissed during probation period , Make sure you get the compensation you deserve .
If the enterprise refuses to compensate for other reasons , Then employees can go to the arbitration committee to apply for arbitration , Labor arbitration is free , The process is not cumbersome , And the arbitration will be successful .

therefore , I was dismissed during probation , Don't think it's bad luck again , To fight for rights and interests reasonably and legally is enough .

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