Where can I post articles? Do you make money by writing articles on the headlines today?
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Last week, one of my brothers went to Longhua for a drink , I didn't want to go , But if you don't think about it, you'll lose face , Plus I haven't had a drink for a long time , There is nothing to do today , So I drove over ,1 Hours later, I arrived at Longhua , evening 7 At o'clock , My brother asked me if I had dinner, and I said no , So we went out together , I found a barbecue stand , A couple of Budweiser , They drank a bottle of beer in one breath. It was so cool !

Later, he told me that he made money today 1000 element , I'm curious about how to make money !

So he told me it was by Make money by writing articles Of , Help others write papers to make money , Write headlines and earn subsidies , He said that he received an order to write a paper today ,6000 word ,2 In more than an hour , Make a 1000 Yuan , This income is OK , But you need to have this kind of writing ability .

That means you need some ink in your stomach , Without it, it's hard , For a lot of ordinary people , You asked him to write 500 It's hard for words to come out , Don't say 6000 Word , And it's written out , You have to meet the requirements , Otherwise, there will be no money , But for ordinary people, we can't learn !

That person will be born, right , Not just learning , We can start by writing something simple , There are many we media platforms on the Internet ? image The headline number 、 There was no. 、 The big fish, 、 Penguin 、 Sohu, etc …… We can all go to these self media articles to make money , And the threshold is not high , As long as we write, there will be a recommendation , There's a lot of reading , As for how much depends on your writing pen , The better you write , The more recommended , The same amount of reading, the higher , The higher the corresponding income you get .

Before making money by writing , Let me first share with you some Sites where articles can be published , These websites are all organized by us in time , They are all good platforms , As long as you publish, you can make money .

 Sites where articles can be published ? Today's headlines make money ?

  • Today's headline
  • WeChat public platform
  • Beijing time
  • Baidu hundred
  • A5 Webmaster website column
  • Sohu media platform
  • Sohu blog
  • QQ Space
  • Tencent open platform
  • Netease media open platform
  • Netease cloud reading
  • Entrepreneurial group
  • Stationmaster base
  • Netease blog
  • Sina weibo
  • Sina highlights
  • Sina blog
  • Phoenix we media
  • The big fish, ( youku , potatoes , Ali ,uc)
  • Phoenix blog
  • Billion Europe column
  • A bit of information
  • Titanium media
  • Tiger sniffing net
  • Black horse column
  • New shoots column
  • Express column
  • Cut firewood net column
  • A5 special column
  • Webmaster column
  • Eric's column
  • Yibang power column
  • Value China column
  • Know about columns
  • Alibaba column
  • One o'clock ( A bit of information )
  • Fortune Chinese website column
  • Venture state column
  • Tianya blog
  • Hexun blog
  • TechWeb Blog
  • CICC blog
  • Blog China
  • Enterprise blog network
  • Flying elephant blog
  • Guangming blog
  • Netease,
  • Paidai.com
  • douban
  • Renren station
  • UC Subscription number
  • Sohu ( Sohu News )
  • Simple books
  • lofter
  • Gale ( Phoenix News )
  • Interface
  • Oriental Fortune blog

wait ……

These Sites where articles can be published , There are so many websites that can make money , Write every platform carefully , You can make a lot of money , Among them, in the field of we media , Today's headline is the boss of we media , So it's a must do platform , Let's share it with you Today's headlines make money

Before writing the article , We should first understand the principle of making money by writing articles on the headlines today ?

We all know that knowledge pays , It's been very popular in recent years , We netizens all go online to specific platforms , To acquire relevant knowledge and information , Many businesses sell their own products , They all go to the Internet to advertise , Where there is traffic, go there to advertise , And today's headlines because of the quality of the content , Netizens love to watch , More and more people download today's headlines APP, So its traffic and users are getting bigger and bigger , So more and more advertisers come to advertise headlines , The more advertising the platform makes .

The platform distributes part of the advertising revenue to writers , Zero threshold to join + Advertising is divided into this pattern , Constantly attracting more and more people to , Continue to produce and create more quality content .

The main ways of making headlines are as follows 4 Kind of

  • Headlines
  • Headlines
  • Pay column pay
  • Headline shop

Among these kinds of income , Headline advertising is one of our main sources of income , We can send videos , Send articles to earn advertising expenses , The revenue from advertising is based on the quality of the content you write + The quality and quantity of video is determined , A post will give you some basic recommendations at the beginning , Then you're sending a small amount of your article and distributing it to some people to see their feedback , The system can be based on the reading completion rate 、 residence time 、 give the thumbs-up 、 Forwarding volume 、 Comment on these behavioral data and you can see , How well did you write this article , If you write well, recommend it to more people to see , If you don't write well , You'll be given less or no recommendation .

When we understand how it works , When we write articles , I know how to write it , Of course, we are going to write around these data , The platform will give you more recommendations , You will have more advertising revenue .

I can also share some writing skills for you about writing articles

Choose the field

We're in today's headlines , We don't want to write everything, write today's news , Write about the delicious food tomorrow , Writing history the day after tomorrow doesn't work , Because the headlines are more like vertical areas of content , Not the grocery store , You just have to be an expert in the vertical field , You can write good content , A lot of famous people are famous , It's because he's been writing about a field all his life .

Tracking hot spots

As we media people , It should be time to focus on the hot spots on the Internet every day , We need to learn to find some , Heat of cooking , Write something out , Often written out of the article , The amount of recommendation and reading is very large .

We can borrow some tools to track hot spots :

  • Sina weibo hot search
  • Baidu search billboard
  • hao123 Search Ranking
  • Highlight editor

It shares 3 Website , And a tool , If you can make good use of , You can find a steady stream of hot spots , There is also the inspiration of writing , So you can write good articles that others like .

Frame writing

A lot of people are writing articles , I don't know how to write , How to write , So I can't write the content , Here I'll share a practical writing technique for you , be called “ Frame writing ”.

step 1: First of all, let's outline our writing , Write the title of your writing , The subtitles of the text are listed , In this way, the framework of the article comes out .

step 2: Go to these frameworks to collect material , such as : Today's headlines make money ? How to register a headline number ? The algorithm of today's headlines and so on , We can get to know 、 official account 、 Search engine 、 Simple books 、 Micro-blog and so on. , There is a lot of content produced on these channels every day , We just need to collect this stuff , Then fill in the frames with content , But you can't copy what you've collected , You need to lose weight , Refining Essence and emphasis , You can also add some of your own experience , This is a good article of high quality .

 Sites where articles can be published ? Today's headlines make money ?

step 3: Data feedback , After our article was sent out , We can look at some data , You know whether the article you wrote is good or bad , OK, go ahead , If we don't write well, we should constantly summarize and improve , Until you write a good article .

Writing is an ongoing process , Always remember to read more , Practice more , in the course of time , You are an expert in this field , A good article for you , It's easy to write .


This article shares some websites that can publish articles , The article in it can be targeted to choose some platforms to settle in , To write and publish , Of course, it can be distributed on multiple platforms , Make a lot of money , Finally, I share some tips and techniques of making money by writing articles on the headlines today , Among them, frame writing is a better way to write , It's what I recommend , I'm also using .

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