Low price is the only "destination" of e-commerce live broadcasting? Here's a new way to play
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There was Viva 、 Li Jiaqi , Then there was Liu Tao 、 Wang Han 、 Chen he and other stars joined , Live delivery “ This fire ” This year it's getting hotter and hotter . Data display of Ministry of Commerce , First half of this year , National e-commerce live super 1000 Wan chang , The number of active anchors exceeds 40 ten thousand , More than 500 Billion .

however , With all kinds of returns 、 Brush the list, etc “ Rollover ” More events , The increasingly homogenized live content also makes consumers tired of star live delivery , There is a lot of questioning .

“ Lowest price in the whole network ”“ Last XXX Pieces of ”“ Three, two, one , Link up ”…… In bursts of “ sound of hawking ” in ,“ The soup does not change the dressing ” The live broadcast with goods will finally usher in the waves and sands 、 The market choice of survival of the fittest . How can e-commerce live broadcasting industry break the inherent “ tricks ”, Open up and develop a new ecology ? A lot of questions need to be thought about in advance .

Live broadcast of e-commerce “ The starting point ” Only selling goods ?

On this front line 、 Multi subject 、 Super Shopping Festival with wide coverage , This year, “ double 11” period , Each e-commerce platform has made 18 kinds of martial arts , The differentiated competition makes this battlefield without gunpowder smoke look good .

Different from simple “ TV shopping ” live broadcast , This year, “ double 11”, A number of e-commerce companies have created a shopping festival party , Bring the brand closer through live broadcasting 、 merchants 、 The distance between the platform and the consumer , Let's get everyone “ Balance payer ” True realization “ Watch, play and buy ”.

 Live broadcast of e-commerce “ End ” Only low price ? New ways to play

It's made by Jingdong live broadcast “ JD.COM 11.11 Live super night ”, In the interactive play method has done a lot of careful design . stay 4000 Multiple stage lights create a super burning atmosphere , Consumers in Jingdong 、 Iqiyi 、 Jiangsu Satellite TV jointly created “ The first studio ” Enjoy the performance , For the stars who support themselves “ hit Call” Help out ; meanwhile , In the interactive link, you can jump to what you are interested in in in real time “ The second studio ”, Rush to buy special items in time .

data display , Jingdong has watched more than 2.2 Million people ,11 month 11 Day before 6 Second, Jingdong live broadcast brings more than 100 million goods .

Content , It's becoming an e-commerce live broadcast “ Pan-entertainment ” Of “ Touchstone ”. Whether it's this year “618” period , Jingdong live broadcast held “ Hard core Qianlang concert ”、 on-line “ Strawberry Music Festival ”, It's still recent “ JD.COM 11.11 Live super night ”, In order to let e-commerce live “ The starting point ” It's not just selling goods , Jingdong is taking a key step .

Live broadcast of e-commerce “ End ” Only low price ?

“ All the anchors are complaining about themselves and businesses battle What happened in the process of low price ‘ Ninety-eight is difficult ’, butch , It's boring !” Netizen Xiao Chen watched a certain platform “ double 11” After the live broadcast with the goods , This string of words was typed on the social platform .

once , as “ At a low price ”“ Preferential ” TV shopping is all the rage , After that, false propaganda 、 Exaggerated product efficacy and other reasons are gradually abandoned by the majority of consumers . Except for the low price , As “ After wave ” Whether there should be some new pursuits of e-commerce live broadcasting in China ?

Zhang Guowei, head of content ecology at Jingdong retail group, said , Compare with “ Promotion field ”, Jingdong is more willing to position e-commerce live as a brand-new “ Marketing field ”.

“ This year is the first year of the outbreak of e-commerce live broadcasting , More platforms just regard live broadcasting as a tool for carrying goods . however , If e-commerce live broadcast is only used as a promotion field , It will only bring bubbles , Not long .” He said , Jingdong hopes to create through live broadcast “ Marketing field ”, To brand and business to provide users pull new 、 Promoting activity 、 Retain 、 The full link service to promote the transaction .

“ In this channel , You can take the goods , It can be used for clearance , You can also launch new products , You can even do reverse customization based on user needs .” Zhang Guowei said .

Except for via 、 Li Jiaqi , Who still has a studio ?

With a cell phone 、 A self timer , Farmers can show their own fresh fruits in the greenhouses , Small business owners can introduce product performance in their own plant . If we say that the live broadcast of e-commerce last year was still the head of the Internet Celebrities “ feast ”, So this year “ double 11” During this period, stars flooded into the field of live delivery 、 Brand Manager 、 Government officials and other more diverse main force carrying goods .

Data display of Ministry of Commerce ,2020 In the first half of , National live e-commerce supermarket 1000 Wan chang , The number of active anchors exceeds 40 ten thousand .

In addition to constantly creating a new content e-commerce live mode with Pan entertainment as the incision , Jingdong live broadcasting is also being constructed through more diversified forms of live broadcasting 、 Improve their own content ecological pattern , More and more people are having their own Jingdong studio .

Backed by strong supply chain resources , This year, “ double 11” period , Jingdong live broadcast created “ Brand President + Platform executives ”“ Brand President + Industry experts ”“ Brand President + Brand President ”“ Brand President + star ” Of “ President +” Live mode .

“ The executives at home 、 Boss , Know your product best , We think he can speak better .” Zhang Guowei said , Jingdong hopes to convey the brand's temperature through the president's live broadcast 、 The emotion of the product , Help businesses to get closer to consumers .

Besides , Jingdong continues to make efforts in urban live broadcasting and industrial live broadcasting , The power of live broadcasting with goods is constantly bursting in the online and offline linkage .

data display ,“ double 11” period , Jingdong live broadcasting industrial belt “ City live Festival ” Help the whole country 7 A large area 16 Cities 83 All kinds of commodities are added to the shopping festival . By 11 month 10 Noon 12 spot , The live coverage of offline stores exceeds 150 Cities , near 10000 Home shop opens smoothly .

Jingdong live said , Facing domestic products “ The upside ” The trend of , In the future, we will focus on creating more cultural live shows , To open up a new road for the national tide culture .

 Live broadcast of e-commerce “ End ” Only low price ? New ways to play

According to introducing ,“ double 11” period , Shan Jixiang, the sixth president of the Palace Museum, went into Jingdong studio , Nearly 100 masters of intangible cultural heritage are also speaking for domestic products in Jingdong live broadcasting room , Among them are bronze sculptures 、 Lu embroidery 、 Get married 、 Ru porcelain firing 、 Zhangqiu iron pot and other intangible cultural heritage inheritance skills , To present a new national tide for users “ Take the goods ” Show .

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