"Top 10 children's books of the year" in 2020 Shenzhen Reading Month
igerisw 2020-11-25 12:59:50

China Youth Daily client Shenzhen news ( China Youth Daily · China Youth Network The reporter Liu Fang ) Based on content orientation , Take children's love as the standard , With expert selection as the leading factor , Assisted by public voting , The development of the country as a weathervane ,2020 Shenzhen Reading Month “ Top ten children's books of the year ” The selection lasted half a year ,10 This excellent children's book was finally awarded .

These ten children's books are :《 Travel through time and space with hamsters 》《 Raindrop necklace 》《 Jiang Er GUI's poems 》《 Build a porcelain kiln for you 》, Picture book 《 In the mountains 》《 A big river 》《 Dad , Why? ?》, Knowledge books 《 use 200 Ten thousand years of mosquito fighting 》《 Read economics 》《 Five thousand year old Liangzhu Kingdom 》. The Organizing Committee of Reading Month introduces , The whole selection process runs through the same innovative spirit as Shenzhen , Mainly reflected in the rules 、 Interaction and public welfare . For example, we broke the group boundaries this year , shortlisted 30 Every book is voted by all the judges . In addition, it pays great attention to the interaction with children , Ask the city for " Read little angels ", Let the children speak for the children . Public welfare aspect , This year, 9 At the beginning of , The organizer and the famous brand are cooperating to launch public welfare projects " Lighten up ", Hold a sharing meeting of famous children's literature writers , Give Way " Top ten children's books of the year " Into the mountains , Lighting up children's reading dream in mountain areas .

11 Experts and judges are from the publishing industry 、 Educational research circles 、 Reading Promotion 、 The library world 、 The press , Represents different perspectives and attitudes , They are :6 An out of town judge —— Senior publisher 、 Writer Haifei , Zhang guiyong, deputy editor of China Education Daily , Wang Lin, an expert in children's reading , Chinese fairy tale writer 、 Painter Zhou Yiwen , Doctor of astrophysics 、 Sun Zhengfan, a popular science writer , National famous super grade teachers 、 Zhou Yimin, a famous child reading promoter ;5 Local judges —— Li Qingsong, deputy director of Shenzhen care office , Yuan Xiaofeng, one of the top ten figures in promoting reading in China , Principal of Blackstar primary school 、 Xiong Youping, an excellent campus reading promoter in Guangdong Province , Picture book translation 、 Book critic Zhao Yichao ,《 mangrove 》 Chen Shige, editor in chief of the magazine .

Haifei, chairman of the final evaluation committee, said :“‘ Top ten children's books of the year ’ The selection is open and dynamic 、 Professional and grounded , It is very suitable for the urban temperament of Shenzhen . I want to mention in particular 《 Jiang Er GUI's poems 》, There are few poems these years , There are fewer Winners ,13 A 12-year-old can write such a wonderful work , Amazing .”

Office director of Shenzhen Reading Month organizing committee , Secretary of the Party committee of Shenzhen publishing group 、 Chairman Yin Changlong said ,“ Top ten books of the year ” Select excellent children's books published in Chinese world every year , Has become an authoritative profession 、 Good quality 、 Chinese Book brand with strong credibility . This year's 10 This book is from all over the country 70 Children's Publishing House of Yu's 1200 Among other kinds of children's books , It reflects the national author circle 、 Educational research circles 、 Reading Promotion 、 Library industry 50 The reading taste and professional level of experts and judges .

Except for the announcement “ Top ten children's books of the year ” book , Qin Wenjun, a famous writer of children's literature, won “ Annual tribute to the author ”, Li Zhiyi got “ Annual tribute to translators ”, CITIC publishing group got “ Annual tribute to publishing house ”.( Editor of cultural supplement department )

source : China Youth Daily client