100 short tiktok templates for shaking text files (1)
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 Tiktok 100 A short video copy template ( One )

Good copywriting has always been there .

Good copywriting has always been there , It's just that you lack the ability to discover and express .

Although copywriting is just the following categories , But we try to be as rich as possible , So that you can use it easily :

1, Suspense : Arouse the curiosity of readers 2, Warning type : Put the scandal in front of you 3, Guided :“ You should do this ” 4. Data expression : It's more persuasive if it's justified 5. Straight forward : A heavy sword has no edge , It's a coincidence .

There are also such classifications 1: Numbers Law 2: Contrast 3: heat morphology 4: doubt Law 5: dialogue Law 6: Be curious Law 7: Common saying Law 8: Lines Law

 Tiktok 100 A short video copy template ( One )

Classification is not distinction , It's to understand .

The following templates for classic copywriting can be selected :

1. The more ostentatious the better , Why? ?

2. Are your colleagues better than you in these three aspects ?

3. What gifts should I give you when I meet my mother-in-law for the first time ?

4. What are the three things you have to face when you first graduate ?

5. future 5 Who will be more and more rich in ?

6. You can never say a word on the table ?

7. and TA Get along with 5 You know what the rules are ?

8. What three things do you have to be generous ?

9. What do friends do when they ask you to borrow money ?

10. Which five people are destined to never make a living ?

11. There are several death points to get along with heterosexual friends ?

12. What three routines are used by people who make a lot of money ?

13. Woman's 4 A card will be happy all his life when playing well

14. middle-aged , Keep these three bottom lines

15. Don't quit these three problems , You'll never be happy

16. To turn over , You have to quit these two ways of thinking

17. Don't quit these two kinds of problems , You will never have a day to come

18. No matter how good the relationship is , Don't owe these two people

19. The boss promoted people without looking hard , Look at which three standards ?

20. Your two hobbies expose your social class

21. Meet these three kinds of people , Not only must pay but also deep

22. What do you do when colleagues are pushing you out ? Teach you five ways

23. You are suitable for being a boss and watching these three points

24. Can be aggrieved by these three kinds of grievances , There is a big break in the morning and evening

25. A person's failure , Start with these three ideas

26. Stick to these three habits every day , Get ahead of the head in the morning and evening

27. No matter how good the relationship is , Don't give people three ideas

28. Four unconscious movements betray your real upbringing

29. Three golden rules for people to do things

30. What are the six taboos in the schoolmate party ?

 Tiktok 100 A short video copy template ( One )

The copybook is for sale only .

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