Taobao shop, why the flow has been declining? Be clear about these 7 key points, no longer confused
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At this time, many shops are on the right track , The overall situation is also on the rise , In this great situation , Once the store traffic fluctuates , A lot of sellers will be nervous about it . The flow is down , The visitor lost , What should we do at this time ?

 Taobao stores , Why traffic has been falling ? Be clear about this 7 The key to the core , No more confusion

One 、 What caused the traffic to drop ?

Need to know , Now Taobao shop drainage is not only a flow entrance , But from the multi-level drainage Promotion . Once there is a drop in store traffic , First of all, we need to know which part of the visitors fluctuate , It's still a matter of market operation , Find the reason to solve the problem .

1、 Fluctuations caused by market competition

When we analyze changes in store traffic , First of all, we should pay attention to the overall trend of the market , Because the flow that our shop gets is from the market this big flow pool gets , Once the market flow pool changes , The flow we share will naturally change with it . We need to focus on a few points :

① Overall market trend : The flow of our products fluctuates , We should pay attention to the comprehensive trend of the market immediately , In particular, there are obvious seasonal changes in categories like clothing , Whether the trend is up or down , It has direct guiding effect on our store drainage operation . for instance , Every year, 3-4 The flow of spring clothes starts to decrease in the month , A lot of them are preparing their summer clothes , If we want to continue to launch spring clothes at this time , It's obviously not in line with the market , No matter how hard we try to push, it's hard to explode , But if you're wearing summer clothes right now , In line with the law of the market , You can spend more effort to promote , There will also be a lot more possibilities of hot money .

② Temporary adjustment of the market : Market demand will always have a temporary impact on the whole industry because of some things , For example, during the epidemic period, masks 、 The demand for disinfection products will lead to a substantial increase in the flow of this part of the product , And when the epidemic is over , The flow will return to its original level .

③ Peer competition : Except for a few very small categories , Most category stores are inseparable from the competition among peers . When we're building a shop , You can't just look at your own land , And have a global perspective , If the rest of your peers are improving and you're staying where you are , The gap is easy to come out of . We should pay attention to the changes of the shops in the same trade , Observe the flow of peers , Whether to do activities , Whether to adjust the price , Has the promotion been adjusted .

2. Fluctuations brought about by store operation

We as sellers , Store data analysis is one of our daily work , Especially like visitors 、 Transformation and other data , It's what we focus on . Once the data changes , Many sellers will adjust , There is nothing wrong with this idea , Most of the time, the flow fluctuation after adjustment is caused by the wrong operation method .

① Title Optimization is frequent : This is fatal for traffic , First of all, let's make it clear that , Once you move the title , Your weight is bound to change , This change doesn't mean that your baby has been downgraded due to changing the title , It's because of the limited number of words in the title , Once you move some of these words ( Especially the deleted words ), There has been a build-up of weights in the previous period of time , The accumulation of these weights will disappear after the change , Therefore, the title of the traffic will inevitably decline . Don't change the title too often , Modify operations frequently in a short period of time , Except that the weight accumulation will disappear , May be caught by the system as a violation , It leads to the right to be demoted .

What we have to do is wait patiently after the modification , Observe the change of search weight data in the week after adjustment , Then decide whether to continue to adjust , Instead of making adjustments every day .

② Baby picture optimization : Besides the title , The optimization of baby pictures will also change the weight, which will cause fluctuations in store traffic . There is a close relationship between the click rate of the main image and the weight of the baby , If the hit rate of the replaced main graph is higher than the original one , That will increase your search weight ; On the contrary, it will definitely reduce , Therefore, when we consider changing the main graph, we must ensure that the click rate of the new main graph is higher than that of the original main graph . Before modifying the main map , We must test the click through rate of the new graph . After mapping , If the new map works well , We need to put the new picture on the second one first ,24 Hours later , And then put it on the first picture as the first picture . You can't just change , Because it is very likely that the system will decide to change baby , So it has an adverse effect . Besides, it's very important that , Don't modify it too often , Because editing a product once , The product will be included again by the system , Frequent modification will result in weight reduction .

③ Mainly push baby adjustment : The main push baby can be seen as a store hit , Its function is to increase the flow and sales volume for the store . However, there will be sellers afraid that their main push baby performance is not ideal , Without data analysis, various optimization modifications . However, the modification of the main tweet baby , It's easy to pull a hair and move the whole body , If the method is wrong, it will only make the store flow fluctuate even more .

3. Fluctuations caused by label confusion

Now Taobao pursues “ One thousand thousand ”, The requirements for labels will also be higher and higher , The more accurate the label is, the more accurate the traffic that can be introduced . If the flow of our store fluctuates in the near future , Think about what we've done to affect store labels , Or the label of our shop itself is confused , It doesn't match the products in the store , It is impossible to introduce accurate traffic , It causes the flow to change from high to low .

Before we go to raise the baby label , Be sure to analyze the existing baby tags of this baby , For new products or products with low sales volume , Personalized tags are almost 0 The situation of , It can only be based on your category 、 attribute 、 Keywords and so on to divide the traffic , So again : The new store must not be careless when doing the foundation , The foundation you have laid determines the quality of your store traffic . Once the labels get confused , The visitors brought to the store are inferior visitors , This kind of visitors not only can't generate traffic value for your store , For a long time , It will also lead to a vicious circle in the store , Let the flow decline more .

4. The fluctuation caused by the change of shop hierarchy

Store level as access to traffic ceiling , The higher the level , The more traffic you can get and the more people you can match , And once the hierarchy changes , Our shop can't stabilize the flow , Up and down, the rankings fluctuate , It will make the quality of store traffic drop greatly .

There is also a situation where the hierarchy goes up but the traffic goes down , This is because your competitors have changed . Taobao for the sake of fairness , It's impossible for a new shop to follow TOP The sellers are competing with each other , So in Taobao's competitive system , Only stores at the same level can compete with each other . If your store is competitive at the original level , The system gives you more matching traffic , But at a higher level , Your opponent becomes stronger , You've lost all of your advantages , So your traffic is likely to decline .

5. Fluctuations caused by shop violations

In many cases , The big flow fluctuation in a short period of time in the shop is caused by the violation of the rules and the reduction of the right , This situation requires us to be careful in our daily operations , Don't break the rules .

Common violations include selling counterfeit goods 、 Being accused of stealing pictures 、 Infringement of intellectual property rights 、 Limit words 、 Dispute refund ( Judge whether the buyer wins ) These situations . This violation , The success that may have been struggling for a long time just falls short . Want to avoid violations , The seller's friend should leave more attention in the daily operation , Check the main picture before you put it on the shelf 、 details 、 title 、 Baby attributes 、 Price etc. , To prevent violations . Once a violation is found , Be sure to make changes right away !

Two 、 What should be paid attention to when the traffic drops :

1. The decline in traffic :

Generally speaking , In the near future, there is no obvious adjustment in the drainage of the shop , If the flow fluctuation does not exceed the daily data 10%, This is normal , Don't worry too much about ; If the flow fluctuation exceeds 10%, Even arrive at 20% Such a warning value , It shows that there is a big problem with the store visitors , The cause needs to be found out and solved .

2. Traffic continues to decline : Once there is a period of continuous decline in traffic , At this time, we should attach great importance to , Avoid large-span fluctuations in store rankings and hierarchies , In order to reduce the weight of the shop .

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