What good drainage method is there?
White ice 2020-11-25 12:47:06
Hello everyone , My name is Xiaoding

I'm a post-90s Internet Entrepreneur , Already working on the Internet 3 year ,

 What good drainage method ?

stay 2020 This is Money is needed everywhere , How can it work without a fixed money making technology , And the most comfortable and convenient is e-commerce , The revenue is good , At this time, someone will ask , Which platform is reliable 、 I prefer pinduoduo store group , It's time-saving, labor-saving and convenient , With the platform, how to do without the flow of people 、 Today I will tell you how to drain with pinduoduo ?

 What good drainage method ?

Pinduoduo is a huge traffic platform , Although the platform has a lot of traffic , But it doesn't mean that the seller traffic is also big , There are a lot of businesses are fighting for the flow of their own shops , Especially small and medium-sized businesses , A little bit of traffic is particularly valuable , There are several drainage methods , Take a small book and remember it !

 What good drainage method ?

1, Popular drainage

For businesses , There has to be a blockbuster , Pop up can bring objective flow to the store , And then drive the sales of stores , So we need to find some popular products from the market . This is the premise of making a blockbuster , And when we're choosing a blockbuster , You can look at the products that other businesses sell well , Analyze their advantages , Find your own shortcomings and shortcomings and correct them in time . Then proceed from the reality of the store , Build your own pop up

2, Shop drainage optimization

First of all, the main graph optimization is more important , Here are two ways to optimize the master graph ,1, The main picture should show the advantages of the commodity itself ,2, Be concise and beautiful , Consumedly square square , If it's full of text or pictures , It's especially easy for buyers to lose interest in reading , I won't click in . After optimization , That's the title , The most important thing to optimize the title is to pay attention to high click rate , You can refer to those high ranking competitors , High click rate words , Then replace the words with low click through rates . in addition , Old customer marketing to improve conversion , Because the repurchase rate of regular customers is generally very high , You can set up some coupons or gifts for regular customers to improve the conversion rate .

 What good drainage method ?

3, Promote drainage

If the goods are not promoted , No matter how good it is, it's hard to have traffic , There are many ways to promote it , For example, rush to buy in time , Nine dollars and nine special packages , Big brand clearing warehouse, killing second , They are good drainage channels , Activities like time limited seconds can be attended many times in a row , Quickly improve sales ranking , meanwhile , And there's a faster and simpler way , Like sharing to wechat ,qq, Wait for social platforms to promote , Let the people around you help to share , It's also an effective way .

Have you mastered the above drainage methods ? If your shop has no traffic, is it because you don't use these methods ? Hurry up , Grasp these drainage methods !

That's what Xiaoding wants to share today , If you have any suggestions, please leave a message below or send me a private message
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