Do you still use QQ? Popular among young people 20 years ago, it is still a social tool for young people
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Abstract :QQJOY Carnival opens in Shanghai .

 You're still using QQ Do you ?20 It was popular among young people years ago , It's still a social tool for young people

As a model born more than 20 Products of , tencent QQ It's a lot of 90 After the first social tool . From the then popular QQ Show 、 Space stepping on each other , Up to now 00 After the popular centimeter show 、 Warm talk 、 Keep fire 、 Expand column , Around this social media , A lot of popular words have been derived .

11 month 20 Japan ,2020 QQJOY The carnival opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center , This is a QQ The annual interactive exhibition of fashion culture , With “ Before the tide ” The theme of , Connect the secondary meta culture that young people love 、 Trendy goods 、 New generation star performance and so on , Provide a one-stop experience of pop culture .

 You're still using QQ Do you ?20 It was popular among young people years ago , It's still a social tool for young people

In the time scale of China's Internet ,QQ Through the whole industry from scratch to the stage , The user base it serves has also experienced many intergenerational changes . At each stage ,“ Young people ” There are different preferences for . Take the centimeter show as an example , Its predecessor is QQ Show , In those years when the entertainment and social ecology was not rich ,QQ Show is a user in the network world a visualized variable logo , Everyone wants to make their characters cool . This may be the trend enlightenment for many young people . In the centimeter show , Grooming is still one of the most popular features for users , At this exhibition , Cm show has also launched a virtual dress up with participating brands , To meet the needs of users in fashion .

In new media 、 Short video 、 Secondary yuan 、 Under the impact of the collision of fan circle and other cultures , The unique expression of vertical interest circle is becoming the trend of the younger generation . And for this generation of young people , Social culture is one circle after another , For example, language C circle ( Language Cosplay For short , That is to use language for role play )、 Shoe ring 、 Pen circle 、 Skate ring, etc , There are even newer baby circles 、 Valley circle ( millet , by goods Homophony of , Usually refers to the game animation peripheral fans ) And so on .

for example ,QQ The group gathered over a million favorite words C Young people of , They use language C In a way that mimics a character you like , And the main position is the group , Members communicate with each other, understand their roles and evaluate each other's plays 、 Play and social interaction . In the language C In the group , They play 《 A dream of red mansions 》《 Water margin 》, Also play 《 Fairy sword legend 》. language C It satisfies the young people's strong desire to share and “ persona ” demand , Through words C A new interpretation of culture , Young people are recognized by others in certain circles , Get more spiritual satisfaction .

At present , Tide culture has become a common context for more and more young users . In this exhibition ,QQ To the role of the platform to enter the fashion market , It brings together a series of young interest elements . On the one hand, hand in hand with many fashion brands , On the other hand, it also launched a series of self-made products , create IP Closed loop of ecological industry .

 You're still using QQ Do you ?20 It was popular among young people years ago , It's still a social tool for young people

The scene ,QQ The starting line-up 21 Annual limit tide geese 、QQ Chinese food blind box 、 Brother is a goose (GODISQ)、 QQ×KAKAO FRIENDS Wait for the tide to play . actually , In recent years QQ Around the penguin image has launched a number of QQ Doll , And officially launched the sale this year , Sales are booming , There was even a “ goose ” Difficult scenes . Besides ,QQ Also with the Venom、DC Known as IP Launch co branded Dolls . at present , The film has been co branded 、 Comic 、 game 、 Variety show 、 Celebrities, Superstars 、 Sports Events 、 Fashion trends 、 Special planning and other eight series of systematic planning .

This time QQJOY The scene , There's also a lot of skateboarding 、COS Cartoon characters 、 Young people in Hanfu show , They're here for the first time 、 Grab the tide and play the new co branded style 、 Play with the giant egg machine , Users from different circles can gain a sense of cultural identity in an immersive emotional environment .

 You're still using QQ Do you ?20 It was popular among young people years ago , It's still a social tool for young people

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