Is it difficult to obtain Internet traffic? Are you still worried? The combination of these two methods is more effective
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Into the second half of the Internet , The demographic dividend fades , Compared with the traditional way of getting customers , The Internet has no outstanding advantages , A lot of small brands 、 New brands start to worry , Why is it getting harder and harder to get traffic ?

From the perspective of external environment , Now it's really a lot of difficulties 、 A period of competition and challenge : The giants monopolize 、 Capital occupation 、 Homogenization low threshold industry competition , On the contrary, it is more difficult for Internet enterprises to rise . But when you look at the declining industry , There are also brands emerging , Growing better and better , What's the reason for this ?

1- Attention economy

We need to understand , The essence of flow economy is 「 Attention economy 」. Although the demographic dividend on the Internet is fading 、 Industry competition 、 Traffic channel monopoly and other reasons make it difficult to obtain traffic , But it's not the root cause !

therefore , What's really hard is how to attract users' attention .

And want to attract users' attention , We need to understand the following two questions :

What users like to focus on ?

How to make users pay attention to our brand or product ?

After understanding these two questions , We will have the direction to get traffic .

One 、 What is the “ Focus on ” Well ?

  • When you order takeout , Why do we pay attention to the comments on the beauty group ?
  • When buying a cell phone , Why do we focus on black Technology ?
  • Shopping in winter , Why do we care about thicker clothes ?
  • Want to learn , Why do we focus on knowledge payment ?

Simply speaking ,“ Focus on ” It's our ability to respond to the stimuli of external things , We always tend to be nice to ourselves , And avoid the bad side , The essence of attention is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages , It's ownership “ Focus on ” This ability , So that human beings can survive better , And remain in natural selection .

Two 、 Classification of concerns

I divide attention into two categories : Personal interests and implicit needs

(1) It's about personal interests ( Active attention )

It's easy to understand , It's that people have a clear purpose before they pay attention , such as :

  • A package of food that hasn't been opened for a long time , You will write habitually pay attention to the date of manufacture and shelf life on the package , Make sure you're safe to eat .
  • Make an appointment with a friend , You will pay attention to the evaluation of the hotel 、 variety of dishes 、 Environment makes choice , So that we can have a good party
  • When you date someone else , You will pay special attention to your personal image , Show your style , Make a good impression on the other side .
  • When our operators encounter bottlenecks in the workplace , What courses will you focus on in the field of knowledge payment , Let yourself learn by charging , Growth and progress .

There are many such examples , In fact, we are in a specific scene and environment , Can think about the habitual initiative of self-interest .

(2) feeling of freshness / Hidden needs are stimulated ( Passive attention )

This kind of attention is inspired by freshness and curiosity , Or the attention that external stimulation stimulates the invisible demand , There is no clear purpose , It is also the main content of today's Mufeng .

Why do novelty and curiosity attract people's attention ? It's easy to understand , What people can't dispute is the fact that people can't argue with .

  • Star infidelity will blow up micro blog .
  • The beautiful scenery of tourism makes tourists take photos and stay .
  • Friends in the circle of friends spread a swipe screen H5 Will let us follow suit .
  • ......

It's a natural ability for people to focus on new things , Even instinct , It's just a comparison of the active attention of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages , It's more hidden . And what we have to do , Is to try to dig out the potential ability of users .

But even if it's an instinct to focus on new things , In real life, we will find that even in the face of the same new thing , Some people will be very concerned , Some people are indifferent . For example, tomorrow is the final of the world cup , I believe that many boys, especially sports fans, will pay attention to the discussion , But it doesn't have any effect on the square dancers .

Other people who are also concerned about the world cup , The degree of attention is also different , Two other conclusions can be extended here :

1、 People tend to focus on things related to themselves .

2、 Even the same individuals , There are also differences .

Why do people pay attention to the hidden demand ?

occasionally , Smell the smell of cooking , Or watch a food show , We feel hungry ; When the game is lost , There's always the mood to play again and win back . Every Chinese Valentine's day, I meet my secret lover on the street , Even if you are embarrassed, take a look at it .

The invisible demand is the explicit demand in sleep , When the stimulus of specific external conditions is activated , To keep an eye on things , The moment invisible needs are activated is transformation . No matter what the hidden needs are , As long as the stimulus conditions can form a resonance with the audience , It's easy to transform .

2- Active concerns about cases

Active attention has a certain purpose , Most of the use scenarios of Internet products belong to the category of active attention . Because the purpose of users' active attention is to obtain value , So the products or services we provide should not only meet the needs of users , But also let the user obtain this kind of value better .

Case study : The first page of Tiger Wrestling Sports

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

Many sports enthusiasts will install tiger sport APP. But the latest version App The interface seems to have changed a lot , The home page from the original information page into a recommendation page . If you're a sports fan like me , Will you really look at the contents carefully ?

I am a basketball fan , But he recommended video games to me 、 Contents of science and technology , I believe that most users stay on this page for no more than 2 second , Click directly on what you like NBA、 Football and other sectors . Because we have a clear purpose before we open the app , It belongs to the scene of active attention .

But in terms of product structure , Recommendation pages are really important :

  • Recommendation page can help a small number of users with unclear purpose to find the content of interest .
  • Show the diversity of product content , By video 、 Community 、 Topics and other forms .

From the experience after the update , Recommendation page on the home page is not good , After all, Hupu sports is a vertical platform of sports , It is to provide live broadcast for users 、 Sports information APP The core value function of , Will compete 、 Information page as home page , Or turn the recommendation page into your preferred content , It should better meet the value users need .

Other cases : Cumbersome product use process

OFO The process of unlocking the yellow car 、 The use of online banking and so on . Too cumbersome use process , Will cause the user to choose to give up at a certain stage of use . The user's personal interests are too fragmented , The effect will never be good , Today's era of fragmentation , Try to help users save time , Simplify the operation process is the right way .

3- The case of passive attention

Passive attention has no clear purpose , It usually appears in fragmented scenes , It has great application value in marketing and communication .

Case a 、 Freshness of content

(1) Freshness in the form of content presentation —— Alipay AR Saul Fu

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

Alipay has become an essential interactive project for Spring Festival every year , And Alipay is exploring new ways every year. .

comparison 2017 year , This year's Alipay Ji Fu activities 【 Sweeping character 】 On the basis of , This time, a new trick has been played , Added more interesting 【AR Sweeping gestures 】 Jifu , It's just a comparison of friends “ Five blessings ” gesture ( Reach out and make a five ), You can scan a fuka . To family or friends , Ask them to make gestures in front of the camera , You can get a Fu card .

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

The gesture is very simple , But there are also two new attempts to upgrade : The first is from simple camera scanning to today's AR Interaction , Technical and interesting increased a lot . On the other hand , from 【 Sweeping character 】 Turned into 【 Sweep a friend 】, During the Spring Festival and family 、 More interaction among friends , From the previous self entertainment game to the interaction between family and friends during the Spring Festival , Through the combination of social and entertainment , Created a new scene .

(2) Freshness in content —— Jingdong double 11 subway advertisement

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

Jingdong's "double 11" promotion copy hit the subway , When people watch advertisements , It won't be annoying , Even make you forget it's an advertisement . The content of communication moves from network to reality , And it's as simple as words , Creating freshness through the presentation of content . You don't get tired of looking at them , Instead, you may be immersed in some kind of emotional world .

Case 2 :“ One yuan for painting ” Public welfare action

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

2017 year 8 month 28 Friday night , tencent “ One yuan for painting ” public benefit activities , Zhou Lei, our offline lecturer who runs the show, has also stressed how excellent the planning of this event is , Interested friends can view the article :

《 How to do well in community operation and fission growth ?》

Of course , Today we're just going to talk about one of the reasons it swipes : There are many passive public welfare activities , Why do so many people pay attention to this activity ? Because when you brush your circle of friends, you find that several friends are sharing , It is also a novelty in itself , Because people don't share so much .

There is a common characteristic in the activities like this one which are detonated in the circle of friends : When you find that more than 5 When unrelated friends are sharing the same activity , This activity has been or will be detonated in the market . Of course , If an activity wants to attract more people's attention, it must first find the tipping point , In addition, we have to create the potential energy of transmission . The more people spread, the greater the potential energy of activities , That's why many events are invited during a cold start KOL Reasons for spreading .

4- The practice of combining active attention with passive attention

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

Operation of xiaocaxiu combat camp

The outbreak of tiktok led to the trend of short video. , Remember this year 6 month , Operator campaign phase I · In the practice of operators , About Mr. Bobo “ Amount of rubbing ” In the theme sharing of , Also mentioned about the case of tiktok to get huge traffic benefits. .

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

So Mr. Bobo put forward an idea at the scene , The most intense interest in operators' tiktok is the stage of interest. , We organized a study camp . In the era of scene, many businesses know the importance of user experience , But actively focus on the scene , Users prefer discovery 、 Find fault by comparison . If we just organize a offline activity by tiktok. , The core value of output is not considered , Don't pay attention to the details of the experience , On the contrary, it is not conducive to the spread of brand word-of-mouth .

therefore , We planned a different form of activity from the previous offline Salon , With the current hot short video platform as the theme , Hope to excavate the traffic dividend of short video platform through the strength of the masses , Research and Discussion on how to seize the potential tiktok to seize the flow opportunity , Generating realizable value ——「 break with convention , New heights of flood discharge 」 Operation of xiaocaxiu combat camp .

The purpose of this activity , On the one hand, we can gather like-minded operators , Establish high quality community operation activities , You can explore popular platforms for communication in the community 、 Popular operation routines , Make your own point .

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

On the other hand , We take the form of a party , Get together with the operation partners , Be closer to users , And then brainstorm , Use your imagination , Explore successful operation routine with team power , Will also add a heavy color to their own operation experience . Because it's brainstorming with the operators , So it's very interactive !

The details in the experience process are also the subsidiary value of the brand , They serve together around the core value of products , These subsidiary values can be added to the products , It can also be a subtraction of products . It's like the same offline activity , If the core value is dry goods sharing , So the same brand awareness , Reputation of lecturer 、 Activity theme 、 Site environment 、 Fresh play becomes a bonus , vice versa .

therefore , We chose a caf é with this kind of emotional scene , Prepared a snack tray for everyone , Also prepared a small tiktok gift. ! We have collected operational problems through several activities , Some representative questions are raised , Let's discuss it in groups , Then exchange ideas with other groups . As a promotion expert in the field of traffic , Mr. Bobo will be there , As a host to welcome everyone , At the same time, we are ready to share the theme , In this way, the form of the content will be more abundant !

This new form of activity has been released , It has been sought after by many small partners , It also attracted the arrival of well-known operational experts .

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

Although it is also an offline activity , However, as a long-term operation activities, the operation of small business show , This form is our new attempt , Hope to enhance the sense of participation of students through this kind of party , Let's have a happy and full weekend . Last , The feedback from the partners was also highly praised .

 Difficult to obtain Internet traffic ? Are you still worried ? this 2 The combination of the two methods has better effect

Operation of xiaocaxiu combat camp

The experience of this activity gave us a lot of confidence , It has also accumulated valuable experience for us to explore different forms of activities .

5- Summary

  • Providing users with the value they need directly under the active attention scenario ;
  • Analyze and optimize the main influencing factors in the process of user decision-making ;
  • Continuously tap and enhance the attached value of products or services ;
  • Freshness can stimulate users' attention , In addition to the content itself and the presentation of the content can create a sense of freshness , User behavior consistency can also create a sense of freshness ;
  • Finding reasonable stimulus conditions to stimulate invisible demand is often easier to produce transformation .

Put this to use , I hope you can put your accumulated operational knowledge into practice , Operational dry goods seen , Can practice in their own brand or platform , So what we learn is valuable .