Over 37 million people watch online, Eason Chan's first video tiktok is perfect.
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“ The God of songs ” Eason Chan's first tiktok “Shall we talk” Video Radio live show ends , Get over 3700W Online viewing 、 near 8000W give the thumbs-up !11 month 21 8:00 p.m ,Eason A red sweater is shining , Interact with the fans in the crowd funding studio 、 hug . This live broadcast is also this winter ,Eason The warmest gift to all fans .

 super 3700 Ten thousand people watched online , Eason Chan's first voice tiktok can be broadcast live by radio.

Surprise connection of the mysterious guest Wang Yibo and a hot chat with Eason Chen , One of the biggest surprises of the night , It also shows the attraction and cohesion of the jitter tiktok to different young stars. . Eason Chan 's 50 Singing on behalf of fans 《 Decade 》、96 The old woman sent out the lyrics written by herself 、 Beipiao fans tell the story of their pursuit of star Eason Chen …… Every detail tells the influence and moving of singer Eason Chan to fans . Last , Eason Chan sings new songs 《 It's just for love 》, For this live broadcast to draw a perfect end .

Wang Yibo presents surprise , We had a break dance with the God of songs battle

In the days when Eason Chan was in the tiktok ,Eason Many star friends dengziqi 、 Yang Qianyi 、 Yang Chaoyue and other aid contents have been mounted on the tiktok hot list. , Cause a heated discussion . Which star will be connected to the studio , It was once the biggest unknown . When Wang Yibo's connection was successful , Although it is beyond Eason Expectation , But also very familiar , Because his wife and daughter are fans of Wang Yibo , Also by “ Force ” I watched a lot of variety shows by Wang Yibo .

Eason Frankly speaking, I like Wang Yibo very much 《 For Mommy 》 Other songs , And it's still chasing 《 this ! Is the street dance 》. Talk about dancing , Eason Chan joked :“ I hear you dance very well , Do you have a dance that you can't dance ?” Wang Yibo's modest reply ,“ There are more hip-hop parties , But I haven't been exposed to folk dance at all ”.Eason It's funny “ Dig out ” own 80 Dance fun in the's , To be honest, when I was 12 or 13, break dancing was great ! next , a Eason Break dance with Wang Yibo battle, Surprise the audience , Yell and look forward to the scene battle.

 super 3700 Ten thousand people watched online , Eason Chan's first voice tiktok can be broadcast live by radio.

Wang Yibo said frankly , I began to listen to Eason Chan's songs since I was 11 or 12 years old , The first thing I heard was 《 The red rose 》《 Long time no see 》, Can be regarded as a senior fan , Also invite Eason On 《 Day day up 》 To promote the song .

“ My wife, she's crazy about skateboarding , I think it's more or less because of you ”, Eason Chen used to tease his wife about surfing , Now I like skateboarding , This may be due to watching Wang Yibo's program 《 Summer surf shop 》 After that , And online request to teach skateboard . Idol speak naturally is to give enough row noodles , Wang Yibo responded generously Eason A skateboard . And funny Eason Then reply :“ I'll give you a hug .”

The first fan crowdfunding studio Put on stage “shall we talk” Warm heart radio connection

Tiktok , Eason Chan sent out an invitation to fans for materials in the crowdfunding studio , Arouse the active participation of thousands of netizens . stay 11 month 21 The day and night “Shall we talk” The live room of video radio is also up to expectations , Painting by hand “Shall we talk” radio logo; The handwriting expert collected the fans' hot comments , use 25 The year's album and hand-painted photos of highlight moment were made into a comment wall in the studio .“ It's like a small me debut 25 Miniature exhibition in ”, Eason Chan said . Every detail of this crowdfunding studio shows the fans' interest in Eason Love of .

 super 3700 Ten thousand people watched online , Eason Chan's first voice tiktok can be broadcast live by radio.

Live broadcast ,Eason The connection with several old fans became one of the moving moments of normal live broadcasting . Fans from Northeast China use a northeast Cantonese version 《 The best loser 》 Confession of Eason Chan , Tell me some interesting stories about my pursuit of stars , And to Eason Opening the teaching of Northeast Dialect ; Sing new songs 《 It's just for love 》 Two other fans of , Some unique singing methods not only arouse Eason The memory of recording new songs by yourself , Give Way Eason There was a new song on the scene “ Vocal lessons ”, The Cantonese version of the cover has also been obtained Eason Super high evaluation of ; Beipiao fans share their miss on the way to work at 1:00 a.m Eason Concert experience , And online confession , I hope to have a chance to listen to an offline concert again , Face from “ Workers ” The confession of ,Eason Online Call“ Workers ” The spirit of heart .

Provoke Eason The purpose of moving tears is to 50 It's brought by people's offline watching fans group 《 Decade 》 Chorus , They said :“ you (Eason) Is the singer in my heart forever ”. In addition to the online confession of young fans , There are also granny Chen who is over 90 years old Call,96 The old woman's handwritten calligraphy lyrics Eason so much that one cannot bear to part with it , Carefully put away this heavy love , Receiving such a gift ,Eason Also self mockery that this is to remind themselves not to “ Forget the words ”.

Eason Chan's tiktok live the first show to perfect the ending , Pan entertainment publicity industry iteration continues

The tiktok live show , Singing in Eason Chan 《 It's just for love 》 After the successful end . The live broadcast helped Eason Tiktok fans have established a more close communication channel. .“ Tiktok is a vast space. , I played the tiktok a few days ago. , I learned a lot , The place that attracts me is tiktok. 、 Funny 、 Ghost horse , There are many deep levels 、 Very professional stuff ”, Live , Eason Chan kept sharing the feelings of playing tiktok these days. . Eason Chan's presence and live broadcast created a tiktok for music. , It opened a music feast jointly created by stars and fans .

“ I saw the video of Mr. Pan Changjiang welcoming me , At first I didn't understand what he was doing there ? It turns out that this emoticon bag COS It's very attractive to me !”“ Some children are singing cantonese in Northeast China , It's funny ”...... Tiktok as a new voice , Eason Chan found joy and companionship in the tiktok. , Also let his music find a home . This not only shows that tiktok has a strong tolerance. , More tiktok can make users in different fields. , People from different circles find resonance here , So that their own life cycle can be extended infinitely .

 super 3700 Ten thousand people watched online , Eason Chan's first voice tiktok can be broadcast live by radio.

Eason Chan is shaking tiktok. “ Hi, play ” It presents a new music publicity mode to all people . And based on the TikTok Technology 、 A new way to promote play , Also got, including Cai Xukun 、 More and more star musicians like Lin Junjie . at present , Tiktok has been absorbed, including traffic artists. 、 The powerful 、 Old artists, etc 2500 Many stars and artists settled in , The ecological layout of its stars is improving .

More and more star artists are coming in , It brings tiktok more quality content. , In turn, it promotes more platforms UGC Content output . As one of the most popular expressions in the new media era , Jitter is based on its more innovative tiktok and the diversity of content presented by the star's ecological layout. , It is quietly promoting the iteration of star industry and pan entertainment industry .

Multiple expansion of tiktok music scene , To the music audience 、Z More generations “ play ” A chance to get up . Let more and more music reach the target audience in more diversified ways , It further magnifies the long tail effect of music . future , Music will no longer be a single by “ listen ” To , It's about diversity “ play ” More people hear about it .
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