This weekend, the Chinese Consumer Association has made a move again! Why should we rectify "live delivery with goods"?
Yaohua 2020-11-25 12:09:47
| writing Mr. Chun

The wind is coming , Pigs can fly , But under the wind , Chaos is inevitable . This weekend , The Chinese Consumer Association has made a move again !

There are media reports , The Chinese Consumer Association called on Li Jiaqi, three popular Internet anchors , Li Xueqin and Wang Han , The main problem is the star with goods suspected of fraud , After sales service satisfaction is low 、 Poor experience .

So today's question comes up , What's the fire of live delivery ? Now why should we rectify the chaos of live broadcasting ? Let's briefly analyze !

 This weekend , The Chinese Consumer Association has made a move again ! Why rectify “ Live delivery ”?

All of a sudden, the live delivery of goods was on fire ?

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes , There is Jianghu , Then it must contain all kinds of “ Pyrotechnic gas ”, In my submission , The reason why live delivery can be hot , There are mainly the following points for reference ;

1、 The rise of short video , After the rise of short video , It takes up the entertainment time of users , As the saying goes , a APP It allows users to spend a lot of time on it , Then someone will open up his business value , After all, the Internet is essentially a traffic business .

2、 The flow dividend of traditional e-commerce is declining , Facing the increase of traffic cost and customer acquisition cost , And short video provides a new stage for these businesses .

3、 The rise of the fan economy , You as a fan , Focus on an Internet Celebrity , This online celebrity gives you some information every day , Normal people are more or less subject to fluctuations , The anchor just grasped the psychology of users , Let fans pay for it .

above 3 spot , Promote the rise of live delivery with goods , In addition, this year's epidemic has caused further impact on offline entities , Live with goods to take advantage of the situation to expand .

Why do so many people join in “ Net Red Army ” Well ? Because it's profitable , Let's take a look at Li Jiaqi's younger brother and miss weia, who have become the pronoun of live delivery , And Luo Yonghao , Luo Yonghao was in debt 6 $ , But Luo Yonghao himself revealed that , Because through live delivery , I paid back by myself 4 A billion dollars in debt , Please do your own calculations , The anchor made a lot of money , Businesses also need to make money , Do you really make a lot of money out of these online celebrities ?

 This weekend , The Chinese Consumer Association has made a move again ! Why rectify “ Live delivery ”?

Why do we have to rectify the live broadcast with goods ?

We can see live delivery as a new industry , Any new industry , In his early days, if it wasn't regulated , So it must be “ Savage style ” The growth of , Ultimately, it's the consumer who gets hurt .

The reason why we have to rectify the live broadcast with goods , Because there's so much chaos behind this , Let me give you a few points to see ;

1、2020 How popular is it to bring goods with live broadcast in , How many gray areas need to be improved . Only during the double 11 , The relevant negative information collected by China Consumer Association has 334083 strip . Many users are reflecting , A lot of anchors are suspected of fraud , The key is that consumers can still find a way to complain , Not some time ago, there was a fake bird's nest on the hot search ?

2、 Many businesses invite stars or online celebrities to bring goods , The main purpose is to let the product go , Can there be media reports , When Li Xueqin is broadcasting live on a certain platform ,311 Out of a million people , Only less than 11 Really , The rest of the audience is spent , And the comment area interacts with Li Xueqin “ fans ” The comments , Most of them are painted by machines . To the last , Business is to spend money to buy and shout , We can see the chaos in this industry .

3、 Live experience 「 Peak value 」 What is it? ? The most common is when the price comes out ,「 Lowest price in the whole network 」 Commitment can bring the viewer's mood to its peak . But smart people know , Live broadcast with goods anchor pressure can not do the lowest price of the whole network , But they always talk about this slogan , Finally, it's the consumer who gets hurt .

To put it bluntly , Old people used to buy TV shopping , Now when you switch to the Internet, young people buy it , It's said that old people are easy to be cheated , In fact, the more vain young people , There is often less judgment in the nature of things !

 This weekend , The Chinese Consumer Association has made a move again ! Why rectify “ Live delivery ”?

How long will live delivery last ?

At the end of the day , Live delivery is essentially business , So since it's business , What is the quality of your product , How do you solve the after-sales service for consumers ? These are the essence of the problem .

We can watch the live delivery as a scene , Product experience is fundamental . Don't pay attention to product quality , Only rely on the star net red belt goods fire , Such a company can go far ?

In the past , Everyone said that Xiaomi company likes to do “ Hunger marketing ”, But this live broadcast with goods is even more powerful , They often mean , Hurry to buy , Not today , You can't buy it ! What time is it , Money can't buy what you want ?

Live delivery industry involves many subjects 、 The chain is complicated , Even if the network red experienced, such as Luo Yonghao , It's hard to avoid rollover .

I personally think , The industry will eventually be polarized , Those famous anchors , For example, Luo Yonghao 、 Viya et al , They can really rely on their strong fan base to do a good job of marketing for the enterprise , But more of the so-called Internet Celebrities , In fact, they are all liars , It's not that you cheat me in this society , Do I lie to you ?

At the end : As I said above , Live delivery is a new industry , For now , Live delivery , We are harvesting the ignorant people in all aspects . Now it's a freak 、 Morbid trends .

therefore , Relevant departments have taken great efforts to rectify the industry , That's right. , We as consumers , We should praise !

 This weekend , The Chinese Consumer Association has made a move again ! Why rectify “ Live delivery ”?