How much is the cost threshold of Chinatown investigation 3? How can individuals participate? Is it guaranteed to make money?
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  Chinese name : Chinatown detective 3

type : comedy 、 Reasoning

Production company : Wanda Media Co., Ltd 、 A simultaneous interpreting of Beijing / Qi Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd

The director : Chen Sicheng

The writers : Chen Sicheng

Film producer : Yue Xiang

starring : Baoqiang Wang 、 Liu Haoran 、 Zhang Zifeng 、 My wife and husband, Mu Cong 、 Tonija 、 Yamami nagazawa 、 Dyed grain will be too 、 Naomi Suzuki

Film length :136 minute

Release time :2021.2.12

Production time :2020 year

Since Chen Sicheng's first film 《 Chinatown detective 》 Start , When it comes to Chen Sicheng , The first thought is 《 Chinatown detective 》, Can be said to be 《 Chinatown detective 》 Chen Sicheng's position as a director . And Chen Sicheng also successfully opened the door of Chinese detective suspense film because of this film , The first director's Chinatown also made Chen Sicheng his first pot of gold . 

The advantages of the film :

1. There's the first two hits and box office

Chinatown and Chinatown 2 Accumulated a lot of fans and popularity , The tang dynasty 2 Box office goes to 30 Billion , Chinatown detective 3 Haven't release , Cat's eye wants to see more than 200 More than ten thousand , The number of people who want to see tickets exceeds 100 More than ten thousand , As one can imagine , Beyond the box office 30 There is hope .

2. Good subject matter

It's a comedy , It's a good choice to watch comedy on the first day of the new year , It's suitable for family to watch movies . And this film is about “ Suspense is funny ” The story of , Grounding gas . Adults have a sense of substitution , Children are happy to see it .

2020 year , The third work of Chinatown detective will be released soon , It can be said that this film is much more invested than the previous two Chinatown movies , Not only the cost, but also the manpower , Let's talk about it today 《 Chinatown detective 》 Why does this movie make such a high profit !

Let's start with 《 Chinatown detective 1》, The film's final box office 8.18 Billion , Box office returns 1.5 About times ! The follow-up is iqiyi 、 Letv 、 Mango. TV、 tencent 4 Simultaneous release of platforms .

   《 Chinatown detective 2》 box office 33.97 Billion , Box office returns 2.5 About times ! The movie is in iqiyi 、 Letv 、 Mango. TV、 youku 、 Movie network 、 tencent 6 Simultaneous release of platforms ! 

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