How much is the cost threshold for emergency relief movies? How can individuals participate? Is it guaranteed to make money?
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The first Chinese film on water emergency rescue 《 Emergency rescue 》. Director Lin Chaoxian and Peng Yuyan join hands to incarnate as a type man , They are in the same place “ Water and fire ” In , It's a reflection of the great work 《 Emergency rescue 》 The grand spectacle in , It also explains the four degree cooperation between the two people 、 The cooperation between teachers and friends . Two people who have always insisted on challenging the limit in many cooperation , It's mutual “ Gold partner ”. And in the big work 《 Emergency rescue 》 in , They are going to open up a whole new world again “ Battlefield ”, Lead the audience through all kinds of difficulties . 

The movie 《 Emergency rescue 》 Directed by Lin Chaoxian 、 Liang Fengying is the chief inspector , peng 、 Wang Yanlin 、 Xinzhilei 、 Blue Yingying 、 Wang Yutian 、 Xu Yang 、 Chen Jiale 、 Starring Li mincheng .

The plot , actor , Directors are all top configuration , Now it's all over the place , Just waiting for the cinema to open for this wave of peak , In the hearts of many viewers , Lin Chaoxian's name has long been a customized director of the main theme film , And the audience said :“ Chinese officials have finally found the right way to open up patriotic propaganda .” The film will open in the following theaters to choose the best schedule for release , I hope it's as hot as the first two , As an investor, it is also a huge profit . 

The movie 《 Emergency rescue 》 By restoring the rescue scene , Let the audience understand the rescue team members this special professional group . Through the special invitation to interview with the rescue officers of various places , The audience can get close to the real life of the rescue team . And this group of people , Now it's on our side , Facing the still spreading wildfire , Protecting our safety .

“ Give them to others , Leave the danger of death to yourself ”

  The box office income and attendance rate of a film are inseparable from the initial film layout effect given by the cinema . The arrangement of a film will undoubtedly affect the box office of a movie .

Film publicity plays a very important role in the film . Every film that can get a high box office , We can't do without the success of a publicity team . For investors , With a high box office, it means that the final income will be high , But if you want to reach the high box office, you can't do without publicity .15671063961 

So what movies can confirm this trend ? such as 2019 ) 《 My country and I 》《 Chinese captain 》 《 The devil child of Nezha came into the world 》《 Manslaughter 》《 Leaf asked 4》 These films are undoubtedly topics that can arouse heated discussion among netizens , These films are warmed up by the publicity team in the early stage 、 Word of mouth in the stage of point screen , Discussion heat 、 Heap and ferment . When the movie comes out , In order to attract the audience to come to the cinema to watch !


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