Why everyone loves Xiaomi 9
Teacher Ni 2020-11-25 11:06:41

         After continuous development and polishing millet 9, With excellent performance , Highly praised by users , At present, it is in the hot sale of Jingdong , Its price is only 2499 element , Cost performance highlights , Like friends may as well pay attention to .

 millet 9 Octa-core processor There is no reason not to buy at this price

millet 9

         Hardware aspect , millet 9 It's equipped with high-tech Xiao dragon 855 processor , The main memory is 8GB, It provides guarantee for the operation of the system , At the same time, this model is equipped with 128GB Storage space , It provides good storage space for users , It can be stored and stored 3.1 Million photos or 1.3 10000 songs .

         In terms of taking photos , millet 9 Even more 4800 Mega pixels + 1600 Mega pixels +1200 10 megapixel collocation , as well as 2000 Megapixel front-facing camera , It's camera level pixels , It's very eye-catching whether it's selfie or filmed .

         Screen aspect , Present China Mobile phone market in the sale of nearly a number of products , Big screen is the mainstream , millet 9 The main screen has selected AMOLED texture of material , Screen size is 6.39 Inch , A resolution of 2340x1080 Pixels , The pixel density is 403ppi, The visual impact of lighting up the screen is shocking . meanwhile , Proportion of screen 90.7%, In a large screen mobile phone, you can say Xiaomi 9 In terms of screen size and display quality, it shows a good standard .

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