US Security Consultant: even if the US government is changed, Trump's ban on wechat and tiktok will still be implemented
People in Beijing 2020-11-25 11:06:32
According to Bloomberg 22 Daily news , U.S. national security adviser O'Brien said , He expected president trump to target wechat and TikTok The ban “ Final ” You will be successful .

8 month 6 Japan , Trump signed executive orders , Will be in 45 No American company or individual is allowed to contact with TikTok Parent company byte jitter and wechat parent company Tencent conduct transactions , The relevant injunction was temporarily extended or suspended by the US court .

“ We're looking at —— These court cases are under trial , So the federal government will wait , Let our courts tell us , For those bans , What we can or can't do ,” O'Brien said at an event in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam ,“ I think the president's ban on these apps will eventually be enforced . In my submission , Even if the government changes , These bans will also be enforced .”

O'Brien said , The U.S. government is also looking at other popular Chinese app operators with operations in the U.S . According to the calculation of many American media , Biden is expected to 1 month 20 Japan became the new president of the United States . He has promised , Will evaluate TikTok Application security risks .

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin 13 Said Monday , China has always opposed the US's generalized concept of national security 、 Abuse the power of the State 、 Unreasonable crackdown on foreign enterprises . We hope that the US side will earnestly respect the market economy and the principle of fair competition , Abide by international economic and trade rules , To provide openness for enterprises from all over the world to invest and operate in the United States 、 fair 、 justice 、 Non-discriminatory business environment .
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