What kind of KL should we pay attention to?
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 What kind of chicks should we pay attention to KOL?

The title of this article was originally to write what kind of chick should follow KOL.

But think about it , I changed from following to focusing .

Because it seems to me , None of them KOL It is worth our parents to follow .

Different children have different situations , There are different ways to apply it .

A lot of chicks KOL, They have a way of educating their children , We don't deny that .

But what works for them , It may not work for all children , In addition, the vast territory of China should be taken into account , Huge differences between different regions .

We can focus on 、 reference 、 Absorb their experience , But follow , Or to follow blindly without judgment , Even defending idols like pink circle , There is no need .

It is always our own business to educate our children , It's something our parents want to study themselves , After all, children are our own children .

But even if it is, even if it is concerned when we are faced with languages on various platforms 、 mathematics 、 English , Primary school 、 Junior high school 、 high school , Full of beautiful things in eyes 、 full , All kinds of chicken baby leaders , What is worth our attention from time to time , Those are the essence that we absorb , And then once in a while you can , What are the things we want to avoid , It becomes a very complicated problem .

I wrote about it before QQ That group , Parents have limited energy and time , You're here KOL It took quite a long time to watch , More information was received , So it delays the absorption of other information .

If you find someone who doesn't fit in with your child , Or impure purpose , So it's not just about time and money that's delayed .

Although I am running my own official account. , But I feel that I have more parental attributes , So there are some insights in this recent paragraph , I want to share it with my parents and friends .

First ,KOL They are not omnipotent , Pay attention to distinguish some KOL Cross border speech .

For example, a chicken boy leader , He may be very good at English , Also output a lot of high-quality content , It's very inspiring for parents and friends , Won numerous fans .

But suddenly one day , He burst into a conversation about mathematics , The beginning of Mathematics , Then these contents need to be carefully identified 、 absorption .

This point has long been famous in some big V It's obvious .

So I admire some chicken baby leaders , For example, comrade Rui PA , Focus only on what you are good at , I have been writing in this area , Continuous output . Other aspects , Would rather let the better group friends to share .

There is no output for a long time , It's about cutting leeks KOL, Just abandon it mercilessly .

There are some KOL At the beginning, it will output a lot of high-quality content , But when the number of followers comes up , With the flow, you can lie down and collect money .

Then you start to focus on cutting leeks , Making money with traffic .

There's nothing wrong with making money , After all, we should have a good meal .

But there must always be a degree , Ratio of commercial content to original content , This degree reflects what you initially wanted to share ?

Is it that you regard the followers as the partners on the way to Jiwa or the leeks to be cut ?

Do you respect your followers or not ?

If one KOL, He didn't share useful content for a long time , Or the proportion is very small , On the contrary, the proportion of commercialized content is very large .

At this time, parents don't have to be reluctant to go , It's like we have an old hen , The eggs it lays are very delicious , We'll keep it all the time , But when it doesn't lay eggs one day , Are you going to feed it ?

it is to be noted that KOL Professional background and achievements .

A pig can become famous on the Internet .

Behind the Internet , You don't know whether it's a man or a pig .

These two words really tell the essence of flow economy .

There is no denying it , Some of them are experts , It's a real product , Or a strong professional background , Or the chicken boy's achievements .

But behind some accounts , You know he's a real person , Or a team ?

How to judge ?

Some good kids and parents can't hide .

Like Rui's dad's baby , Excellent , Can't hide , I know a lot about Rui's father , So his article is for me , It's very persuasive .

Some of them are excellent KOL, I can't hide it .

For example, I have some mathematical official account. , Continue to share the original mathematical dry goods , Problem solving or some mathematical problems , At first glance, it's professional , It can't be concealed .

There is a little personal experience here .

Account number of general commercial operation , Many of them are not too professional , Because the threshold is too high .

The high threshold here has several meanings , One is too professional, not conducive to powder absorption , Many parents may not understand , One is that commercial accounts pay attention to the cost , Operators themselves do not necessarily understand these contents , You can't do professional creation , It's not cost-effective , It's not good for cutting leeks .

So when we see some KOL Most of the original content shared is extensive , Then think about whether it is necessary to pay attention to it .

Having a professional background doesn't mean you really understand the actual situation .

Of course, having a professional background does not mean that you are versatile in this field , It's the truth .

Such as mathematics , College Mathematics 、 High school math 、 Junior high school mathematics 、 Primary school mathematics , Although there are many consistent content , But because the objects are different , There are many different places .

Tools and ideas that can be used in high school mathematics , Get junior high school use, of course, may not go to the disadvantage , But there's no value other than flaunting skills and a sense of superiority , Because they didn't learn .

It's like a modern man holding it ak47 The infantry phalanx of the Middle Ages , You can do it yourself with a spear ?

For mathematics , Writing answers is not a skill , Rolling with a higher level of tools is not a skill , A Taoist temple in the shell of a lion , Use the tools available to make the topic clear , The thought permeated in it has been explained clearly , It's the ability .

Of course, there is a distinction , It is the difference between problem-solving and mathematics learning .

Some focus on problem solving , Focus on the dissemination of problem-solving methods , Some focus on the analysis of mathematics learning , Focus on the understanding of mathematical knowledge .

We should be alert to those who complicate simple problems KOL.

As a communicator and sharer , It is necessary to make a problem plain , Or should we make a profound statement ?

There should be no doubt about the answer .

But there will be some people , I like to complicate some originally simple problems , Take out the power of micro sculpture , To carve the whole world on one peanut .

It has significance in academic research , But when it comes to spreading and sharing, it's just playing rogue .

Learning is indeed a matter worthy of study , But it's a mystery , Put some very obvious problems in some specious theory of packaging on the tall , We can't run without four words .

Look at different points of view , Don't treat one family As Guiquan .

If you listen to both, you will know , It's dark if you listen .

A lot of times , Parents and friends are like living in a dark forest , I don't know what I care about KOL Comments made , Is the experience introduced right .

This is the time , You can pay more attention to different people , Listen to different opinions and opinions , Multi party comparison , Perhaps there will be more objective and accurate harvest .

Last sentence :

Comrades , There has never been a savior , There is no Immortal Emperor , If you want Jiwa to succeed , It's up to us !

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