Traditional business model of mother and baby stores are facing various difficulties, which has a complete online and offline operation plan
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The customer base of the maternal and infant industry is very clear , And the market user base is huge , Plus the liberalization of the two child policy , It is an industry with broad market and bright development prospects .

However, the traditional business model of mother and baby stores is facing many pain points , such as :

1、 The operating rent of offline mother and baby shop 、 Labor costs are rising , And the format is in a situation where supply exceeds demand , Plus the impact of e-commerce , High profits are gone ;

2、 The service content can't keep up with , backward 、 The monotonous way of selling makes the market terminal dull 、 Serious unsalable products ;

3、 Lack of practical brand franchise , The brand of pregnant mother and baby is disorderly 、 Uneven quality 、 Security performance is not guaranteed 、 The variety is not complete 、 Poor after-sales service and other disadvantages , It's not good for brand building ;

4、 The geographical environment of shopping is limited , Most of the traditional maternal and infant products are sold in large markets 、 Shopping Mall , It's not convenient for consumers .

at present 80 after 90 Since then, it has become the mainstream of maternal, infant and child products , As a new generation of parents , Great changes have taken place in its consumption behavior . So , For the mother and baby businesses , If only limited to the traditional offline store operation , It's hard to make a sales breakthrough , The urgent need to do is to get through the online and offline services , Let online convenience and offline real experience merge , Data exchange 、 Cooperate with logistics 、 Close the deal .

Small program as the best medium to enable offline stores to open online , Mother and baby businesses also need to have their own small programs :

1、 More convenient and comprehensive display of maternal and infant business information , Create professional and high-end brand image ;

2、 Increased the coverage of maternal and infant stores , Make the scope of store service further expand ;

3、 Through big data system , Accurate positioning of potential customers , Precision marketing , Increase the turnover rate ;

4、 Strengthen the communication between the mother store and its customers , Improve service quality , Enhance customer loyalty to the brand .

Combination of mother and baby store and small program , Let maternal and infant products radiate strong vitality . Mother and baby merchants pass “ There has to be a shop ” Can quickly build focus on the brand app , Strengthen online and offline services , Do a good job in customer management .

Next , Let's talk about the operation strategy of the baby store :

1、 La Xin

1> Turn on “ Nearby applets ”, Covering users of five kilometers around , Get free traffic .

2> Offering benefits to attract customers to the store , If you enter the store, you can get it free of charge XX product .

3> Plan time limited seconds , To market price transparent hot products to drain , It can also drive the sales of other products in the store .

4> Do a good job in guiding customers into the store and placing orders in the small program . For example, you can get a new gift bag by entering the small program .

Of course, there are many ways to bring new ideas , Businesses combine the product characteristics and user portraits to plan the corresponding means of innovation .

2、 Content operation

The customer groups in the maternal and infant industry pay more attention to the growth and health of their children , The common problems in infant growth are integrated and analyzed in detail , You can output value to mothers through small program content boards and official account numbers. , You can also interact with your mom .

3、 Retain

The official account is related to the small program. , Keep users connected . Simple content marketing can be done through official account. , Can gather more fans , After that, the operation of the association is connected with the official account. , In order to better realize the transformation of fan economy .

Through the measures of special benefits or the preferential treatment of members' recharge , To attract more customers to become members , Lock in customers .

It can also be done through the distribution model , Attract existing loyal old customers and bring you more new customers , amount to “ Introduction ” In the form of , It's easier to form strong social ties .

4、 Community operation

Mother and baby businesses can segment customer groups and establish wechat groups , For example, the mother to be circle 、 Novice mother circle, etc , Users exchange parenting experience in the circle , Because mothers have a common topic, it ensures the community's activity .

Group administrators can also guide topics naturally , Share goods or activities , Persisting in group operation for a long time , Promoting fission with word of mouth , It will gather a large number of accurate customers .

5、 Online marketing

In terms of APP marketing , Have a store to provide a powerful marketing tool , Merchants can quickly set up coupons 、 Assemble 、 Second kill and other activities , Using the social relationship chain of fans , Realize the user fission to the store , Effectively improve the sharing rate and conversion rate .

For the operation of mother and baby shop , It can show all kinds of products to users through online stores , And the source of raw materials and brand development information , Usually offline , It is impossible for businesses to show too much product information to customers . Customers will learn more about brand information and products through the app , Then go to the offline store to experience it in person . This will connect online and offline services , Can effectively improve brand awareness and product sales .

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