How many shares do you have in the movie? When does the share close?
Liang Sheng 2020-11-25 10:28:18

In fact, the share of this project is not much , Because the cake is only this big , More and more people are investing , The cake will only get smaller and smaller ! So it's possible to close at any time ! So why is there still a share after so long publicity ?

1. The producer will release its share periodically , Because we know that we will release shares later , That's why we publicize !

2. Now the market for film investment is not as big as you think , Not so many people are involved in film investment , It belongs to a blue ocean market , Many people don't know that movies can also be invested in ;

3. Most investors are now just on the sidelines , Or the funds are being used . Naturally, a part of it has been set aside .

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The film :《 Give you a little red flower 》

The director : Han Yan

actor : Jackson Yi 、 Liu haocun 、 Zhu Yuanyuan 、 Gao Yalin 、 Xia Yu 、 Yue Yunpeng

Film producer : Yin Lu

Production company : Lianrui film and television ( Shanghai )、 Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd 、 Shanghai Confucian film and TV

The story revolves around two groups of life paths of two anti-cancer families , It tells a warm and realistic story , Think about and face the life proposition that every ordinary person will face . When death can come at any time , The only thing we can do is to cherish love and everything we have now .​

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