Do you still love me tomorrow? Can I invest?
Liang Sheng 2020-11-25 10:28:14

In fact, the share of this project is not much , Because the cake is only this big , More and more people are investing , The cake will only get smaller and smaller ! So why is there still a share after so long publicity ?

1. The producer will release its share periodically , Because we know that we will release shares later , That's why we publicize !

2. Now the market for film investment is not as big as you think , Not so many people are involved in film investment , It belongs to a blue ocean market , Many people don't know that movies can also be invested in ;

3. Most investors are now just on the sidelines , Or the funds are being used . Naturally, a part of it has been set aside .

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The film :《 Do you still love me tomorrow 》

The director : Zhou Nan

actor : Angela Baby 、 Li Hongqi

Production company : Shanghai Chinese film industry

Story synopsis :

If this is a timed love , I'll forget everything at dawn , Do you still love me tomorrow ? A nonexistent IT Men work hard ( Li Hongqi Decoration ), A gorgeous goddess Zhao Ximan ( Angela Baby Decoration ), In the snow fields of Finland , Under the gorgeous Aurora , Two people who can't be together , Started a romantic foreign trip , After a limited period of love . For the secret love of Zhao Manxi , Does Aurora really realize his wish ? All encounters in the world have traces of forgetting , But every little moment is worth remembering .

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