A piece of "wasteland" of ant group detonated the house price in this area of Hangzhou
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 Part of the ant group “ wasteland ”, It has set off the housing prices in this area of Hangzhou

Ant group new site Li futuristic taken

Chinese times (www.chinatimes.net.cn) The reporter Li futuristic Hangzhou report

Although making wealth is stranded , Ants can still make a big difference in Hangzhou property market .

The biggest in human history IPO, Did not survive the autumn of Hangzhou , It withered , Just like the value on the Bank of Qiantang River 27 A hundred million wasteland , The Yellow weeds are fluttering in the autumn wind , It will come to an end in the cycle of four seasons .

The owner of this wasteland is the ant group , At the angle between Zhijiang bridge and Zhipu road , The area is 311 mu . from 2020 year 9 month 21 From the day I was hung up , It is the hottest land in Hangzhou , Not one of them. . The conditions were , Commercial use , It covers the building area 51.95 Square meters , Plot ratio 2.5, Limit height 130 rice , It's commercial land , But there can't be shopping malls , There can't be hotels , There can't be apartments , It can only be used as an office building . The grantee owns all the property and land ,10 No transfer during the year .

The most important thing is ,“ The annual consolidated operating income of the holding company of the bidder or the actual controller of the bidder is not less than 1000 RMB ”.

The meaning can't be more obvious —— It belongs to ants .

go into action without delay , Sit on the floor and raise the price

At that time, the ant group was in the limelight ,8 month 25 The application form submitted to sci tech Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange was accepted , At the same time, we also submitted the application documents to the stock exchange of Hong Kong . With 10 Billion users ,118 Trillions of years of total paid transactions , also 8000 Ten thousand businesses , The ants are out of the way , To raise money 480 Billion , The biggest in the history of human civilization IPO And go , The strongest sound on the market , Three times around the surface .

The happiest of all, of course, are the employees of ants , It is said that , The office buildings of ant group have been boiling for a long time . Some employees said so about Ma Yun ,“ Mr. Ma is carrying out his famous saying ‘ Wealth gathers and people scatter ’ aspect , Not at all vague , The proportion of shares held by the employees within the ants has reached 40%.” Feeling of admiration , shows between the lines .

At that time ,“ Rich making movement ” This old economic term , It was turned out again , The ant group is aptly described .

It's not just the employees of ants who are happy , And the landlord of Hangzhou River .9 month 21 After the wasteland was hung up in Japan , The real estate market in Zhijiang district began to stir up , Hangzhou believes in , This is the ant coming , Ants, those tens of millions 、 Hundreds of millions of employees are coming , Here they are , First, live , And then eat , To consume , A huge consumption scene appears in speculators' minds .

In Jiujiang , Zhongtian Jiuxi , Jiari yunheting , The second-hand houses in Zhijiang district become hot overnight , The homeowner was moved by the wind , They are raising prices , The unit price rose from 45000 to 50000 , The total price has increased 50-100 Ten thousand is not in the minority , The agency was in an uproar .

For a while, the number of visitors soared , Guests come from afar , The intermediary is also very happy . But they told 《 Chinese times 》 The reporter , In fact, the staff of ants don't consult much , Customers are all rushing to invest , Let ants be their tenants , Or the catcher , That's a lot of money .

The most oppressive is Hengda Lanyu crystal Xiyuan, which is only one way away from the new ant site , Because I just handed in the house , I haven't got the real estate certificate yet , Can't trade , We can only hope for “ jiang ” Sigh .

There is only one way between the most proud community and the new ant site , It's called the riverside of Yuzhou , The house was handed in last year , This year, the owners just got their books , Just got a big gift from the ant , They were all elated . That's it , The riverside became 10 Month River's sales crown !

 Part of the ant group “ wasteland ”, It has set off the housing prices in this area of Hangzhou

Second hand house near ant's new site Li futuristic taken

cannot meet the needs of the people , Hanging upside down is hard to solve

Compared with the booming scene of the second-hand housing market , The first-hand room seems a little bit shabby .

First of all , There are few new houses in Zhijiang district , There are only two follow-up housing projects , One is yanheng Xiangsheng coral century , There is also a project of Xiangsheng .

The price of second-hand house can be set as much as you want , The new house can't , In the coral age, it can only be sold 3.8 ten thousand / flat , It's 12000 per square meter lower than the surrounding second-hand houses , And it's still saving agency fees 、 In the case of transaction tax . A second-hand house is hanging upside down like this , To buy is to win ! therefore 6 When the coral age opened in January , The winning rate is only 6.87%.

later 《 Chinese times 》 The reporter saw another kind of desolation in the marketing center of coral century : There are few guests , Because there is no room to sell , You can't buy , Miss sales has a smile that resists people from thousands of miles , Say in a light way , Our winning rate last time was 6.87%, Next time it's not sure how much .

But the agency still advised reporters to , New house is the first choice for investment , When it's time to wager the numbers , How do you know if you don't try ?

 Part of the ant group “ wasteland ”, It has set off the housing prices in this area of Hangzhou

There are few new houses in Zhijiang district Li futuristic taken

The autumn wind is bleak , The wind fades away

10 month 21 Japan , That is, the wasteland is hung up 1 A month later , It was taken by the ant group , Floor price !

But zhijianglou has been on fire for a whole month , All the good things are consumed , There are not so many visitors , Only the high price is left .

11 month 5 Japan , Ants can't beat elephants after all , The most ambitious in human history IPO Cease abruptly , But Zhijiang's house prices are hard to come down again . The owners still think , Even if the listing is not successful , Ants and its employees are still local tyrants , Now that they're all set to come , I'm not afraid of no firewood , So don't cut the price first !

But the market has cooled significantly , The agent said , The period when the volume of business soared , The voice of rising house prices is relatively high , But it didn't really rise to the present , So customers rush to buy , Now it's at such a high price , On the contrary, it scared away some customers who had been following up continuously before , They can't accept , He's gone somewhere else .

Look at that wasteland again , At the turn of late autumn and early winter, it seems more bleak . The reporter sees , There was only one excavator waving its big claws , Dig the next hole , The security guard said , They're leveling the land , When will it start , He didn't know .

The storm is not smooth , There are rumors about it , Some people associate the grounding of zaofu with the refund of land return , A little bit “ Wall down, everyone pushes ” It means , However, the land reserve Trading Center of Hangzhou planning and Resources Bureau clarified the matter , There is no retreat .

Dance pavilions ge tais , Wind blows away by the rain , When will the ants restart , Still unknown !
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