How much is your social network worth
Stillness Speaks 2020-11-25 10:03:18
The excitement of the double 11 has just passed , Suddenly, I found that sharing cash on social network APP Suddenly more . Share it , Spreading fission , The best thing to do before is sunset , With a knife , 700 million users . see , A few days ago, I chased the cat factory. It was a chop . Before that, the Internet was dominated by discounts , Now everyone is so familiar , It's good to divide RMB directly ~ As a result, the previous bargaining has now become a new user withdrawal .

I don't know who started to lead , Short video 、 shopping 、 Sing a song App A swarm of people began to promote cash . Among them, there are big Internet companies , There are also upstarts in the Internet . Clock in, save money and withdraw cash 、 Share with friends to save money to withdraw , Friends are new users ? Direct withdrawal ! It's like downloading a APP It's not about function , It's entrepreneurship !

Cash withdrawal can't be calculated , Cash withdrawal , The matter of common prosperity , Can it be considered as new ?

I don't know , But like feelings , What's the matter? Talk about money , The nature has changed . You said love at first sight , He doesn't believe the police . I used to help bargain , Help is love , No help is duty . Now, we need to withdraw cash , next APP And share it out , There are red envelopes . It's not for you to pretend APP, This is the way to get rich , Besides, it depends on our relationship , It's not worth five dollars 、 Eight yuan ? The world is full of love , The matter of benefiting all living beings , I'll pinch my fingers —— It's the relationship that blocks the circle of friends , It's not worth it 5 Yuan .

Internet age , Modern people who don't have the address book of person number 180 . Such a big network , All kinds of social software bring forth new things , Satisfy the expansion of the column 、 Cross correlation 、 Disarticulation 、 All the need to go to jail , But we used to talk about affection , It's never been like this . These people don't talk about martial arts APP Once on the stage , All of a sudden, it gave us a ruler to measure social networks . This man , What's the status in your heart ; It's worth a few dollars in other people's eyes ? This is a simple cash withdrawal , It's all clear .

overnight , Good friends in the circle of friends , It's time to mark the price ! The relationship develops according to this trend , Price transparency is not a dream .

Think of this , I'll get back to you :

“ I'm sorry , You see, it's going to be the end of the day , There are only a dozen traffic left G、 Broadband WIFI The signal has only four bars , This APP I don't pretend to be . etc. 2020 Two months later , I'll play again .”
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