Build a small program mall, do not know how to promote drainage? It is very important to do these five points well!
There has to be a shop 2020-11-25 09:47:38

Whether it's a big Internet company 、 Brand dealer , Or small and micro businesses , Have built their own small app Mall , But how to run the app mall well , And into a profit model , Let a lot of businesses headache , I don't know where to start .

Actually , Before that , You have to share a lot of knowledge about the operation of applets . There are still people who say : These methods all understand , But still can't play .

ad locum , If there is a store, I would like to share some suggestions with you :

One 、 Wechat group was established first

No matter where you go shopping , As a consumer , Will be guided to add groups , If Jiaqun can give you a red pomelo for free .

The crowd is like a reservoir , The purpose of building a group is , Is to be able to accumulate more fans faster .

Through the maintenance of the community , Ensure the activity and loyalty of group members , And that brings more transformation , At the same time, more fans will come in .

Every morning, in the middle of the day , We can share some common sense regularly , Send a red envelope, draw a Popularity Award, free of charge xx, Good morning, 、 Good night greetings and so on , Will let fans feel the temperature , It won't be a cold group .

Can be combined with applets , Regularly send a small program to kill activities 、 Group activities, etc , Stimulate fans to buy and actively spread .

Of course, how does this group do , It also needs to be determined according to its own business , Keep trying , Find a methodology that suits you .

Two 、 Offline traffic is coming in

Businesses with physical stores , You can take advantage of the store , Paste offline materials with group QR code or small program code on the cash register , When the customer checks out , The cashier can just say : You can get it for free xx Oh , And every day, the second kill will push in the group . in addition , Place an order in the applet , full 29 You can send it home by parcel mail .

3、 ... and 、 Use online promotion channels

The most direct promotion channel : WeChat friends 、 Wechat group 、 Circle of friends , Good communication materials , Share it , Always find the target user .

For the management of the circle of friends , Don't just advertise , It can be combined with life scenes , Create a reality 、 Have temperature 、 People with character , Make people interested in you , Take the initiative to contact you .

If conditions permit , You can recruit one who can understand PS Art of , Make posters regularly 、 Do some simple copywriting , Hairpin 、 Active lower group , You can also find some other suitable channels for promotion , It's also effective to stick to it .

Four 、 Marketing activities cannot be separated from

A small program mall with high conversion rate , Friendly interface of the mall 、 Interesting product copywriting 、 Reasonable price setting , Are the most basic factors to promote the transaction .

If you plan some more attractive activities , It can promote the innovation and transformation effect .

Businesses can create a unique sense of shop ritual , For example, on Saturdays new , On the sixth of every month , Every night at six seconds and so on , How to make it , Make decisions based on business models and user profiles .

Of course , For the business operation , There has to be a marketing tool provided by the store , Like coupons 、 seckill 、 Assemble 、 distribution 、 live broadcast 、 Membership card 、 Stored value and so on can be combined with the current marketing objectives , Develop the right marketing campaign .

For activities , And you can't think of it as one , Otherwise, users will become numb , In the user's mind , The value of goods will also decrease .

5、 ... and 、 Shopping malls and categories should be optimized

The market is changing. 、 People's needs are changing , We found that , Every once in a while there will be new popular products , Businesses can also expand their product categories , The interface of the mall , There should also be innovation in details , Let users feel your change , Not like it “ Dead water ” equally .

About the operation of the app Mall , It's a whole system , It's also a meticulous job , And stick to it for a long time , In order to have a better effect . Is not to say that , Do an activity , What will happen . So keep your mind normal , Do a good job in products and services , In the age of social networking , Word of mouth is also a marketing force .

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